Hola! 1/20/20

Hey all!! This week has been so good!! Marco got baptized on saturday and received the Holy Ghost yesterday! He was so happy and although he was not smiling in the pictures he was smiling a whole lot after the pictures. His mother was so happy and kept on telling us how this was a miracle, and how she had been praying for this moment for about 7 months now. My companion and I did a musical number for marcos baptism and it was so powerful! It was so much fun because it was a song that I love to play and it is called “Oh My Soul Hungered” we were able to find the words in spanish so my companion sung the song in spanish as I played the piano.

     Yesterday we had 5 people that came to church with us and that was probably one of the biggest miracles that we have seen during this week! There people that came to church were Osvaldo, Luis, luisa, sara, and mateo!! We were so excited to see them all and they all loved being their and are excited to come next week as well! We have been visiting a family who is less active and they have been coming to church with us but this sunday the mom was not able to come to church so all of the kids came to church without their mom! It was so cool to see these kids take the initiative and come to church because they wanted to and not because their mom made them.
      We put dates for baptism this week! One of them is named  Karla and Virginia! they were both pretty excited and it was the first lesson that we had with Karla and it was the first time that we had met her mother Virginia. It was such a cool experience because the spirit was so strong and they were both really happy and excited.
     We are also teaching Rodolfo and 2 of his kids Denise and Cesar. We had a really good lesson with Denise and Cesar. We were talking to them about what it is that we believe, and we asked them what they felt like they needed. Cesar who has 10 years started to get tears in his eyes and told us that he needed and missed going to church. It was so sweet! This little noy expressed to us his love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ and then asked his mom if he could go with us on sunday. His mother told him no, but told us that she would take them one these sundays and they were so excited! This lesson that this little boy taught us was so powerful. He taught us that no matter what happens in life that we need to continue to remember the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and the love that we have for him. As this little boy said “We love god because he loved us first.” I invite you all during this week to look for the blessing in yourlife and the little ways that Heavenly Father shows his love for you. Every morning when you wake up, ask yourself “How will I show my love for my Heavenly Father today?”Love you all and I hope that things have been going well for all of you!!
Lots of love,
                     Hermana Wagner
1.) the four sister missionarys on a bus
2.) Marco at before his baptism
3.) Brother Sergio and his grandson Donava

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