Hola Hola! 1/13/20

Hey all! So this week has gone by like a whirlwind!! I can’t believe that it is already P-Day again! This week has been amazing! Marco has his baptismal interview and we are finishing the program for his baptism! He is so excited and his countenance has changed completely. He smiles, laughs, spends time with his family, and is always asking us questions with a real intention to understand and listen to the council to give. He will be baptized this Saturday and we are so excited!

     We visited a family this week who has been less active for 2 years and we took the time to talk to them and see how we could help. Turns out that they just stopped going to church because the kids didn’t want to get up in the morning. We invited them to come to church again and they all seemed really excited. When we got to the chapel they said that they felt so much peace and that they really enjoyed being there again!!
     Another one of the people that we are teaching is named Lourdes Flores and we have been inviting her to come to church for over 3 weeks now, but every week something happens to keep her from going. On Saturday in the evening we called her to remind her about going to church on Sunday and she confirmed that she would be going. When we called her on Sunday she was so angry and upset about some things that happened with her brother. We quietly listened over the phone and then gently told her that we felt that going to church would help her to feel and find peace. She decided to go with us and the talks were literally for her!! She told us after words that she had really enjoyed the 1st hour of church and that the talks that the people gave helped her so much and that she looks forward to going to church again this sunday! I am so grateful for the opportunity that we had to help her to find peace during this trial!
     So today we went hiking up a hill to see the sunrise at 5:30 in the morning! It was so pretty and it was a lot of fun hiking up there. Funny story is that there are a lot of stray dogs here and one of them decided that he wanted to eat my glasses. So they are now a little beat up and bruised 😂😂😂 But, I can still use them and they don’t look that bad.
        Also our president felt that we needed to have our Zone Conference early so we had it this past thursday. It was awesome and an amazing opportunity to receive revelation and to talk to some of the other sister and elders. My companion and I participated in an activity where they tied a string around my left ankle and her right ankle. They then had us put our backs together. They then put a blown up balloon in between our backs. Our goal was to make it to one side of the room to the other without dropping the balloon and to put the balloon in the little basket, three times. Well we thought that it would be so easy!, and boy were we wrong!! I am taller and bigger than her, and at one point it felt like I was dragging her across the room. We started tripping and I lost one of my shoes. I took of my other shoe and we started working together and doing what we could to be coordinated. Although we did not win, it a really interesting experience. The same thing happens in life with companions, roommates, friends, church leaders, parents, and spouses. We are stumbling along the path solely focused on getting to the end of our objective. But when we slow down and take the opportunity to try to understand them and work together, you begin to remember that we are all part of the same team. Our goal, is to return to live with our Heavenly Father. All paths are different, some seem more rocky than others. Some may lose their way and lose the shoes (footsteps / Path) that Christ has prepared for us. I encourage you all to remember that we are all beloved Sons and Daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves us. Help others to find their path, find a way to work WITH them, and not do all of the work on your own.
With lots of love,
                           Hermana Wagner

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