My Very Ugly Twin 10/7/19

Hey all so this email may be a little short because i dont have a whole lot of time to email and I have no idea if I will have time later today after transfers!

So, I am leaving the area! I am so sad to leave but also am really excited to see where I am going and who I will be with!! General Conference was amazing!! I watched all 5 session in spanish and understood a lot, but I am really excited to reread them in english!! I brought 9 questions with me and they were all answered more than once! My companion was really excited because she got  pop tarts! Not much in the way of teaching this week but we did contact a lot of people! I found a really ugly grasshoper thing and they are like me!! When they jump or move they fall over and try to do it again and the same thing happens, and I decided that they are my very ugly twin!! I also found this tree that I love so much!!! Also this week read Helaman 5! I love this chapter so much!! I promise that if you build you foundation on Christ that you will be able to make it through whatever trial you are going through and that you will not fall! I love you so much and I hope that you all enjoyed General Conference and if you didnt watch it you totally should because it was amazing!!!!
         Hermana Wagner

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