Rain, Rain go Away!!!!! 9/16/19

Hey all!!! So this week has been pretty slow! I am not able to walk a whole lot and so a lot of my time is spent sitting in the house, or in a members house, either talking or reading the scriptures!!  We had exchanges with the sister training leaders and it was so much fun!! I get lost so easily……. for those of you who dont know I once got lost at the zoo on a date…… Anyways so needless to say, we got lost!!! We just happened to get lost right as it started to pour!!! When it rains here the streets turn into rivers! We walked through some water that was up to our knees but we also found 4 knew people to teach! One of them was for my area and the other 3 were for the sister training leaders, but it was a really good experience!! We laughed a lot and we were able to help people. We helped people get taxis, cross the street, and in the end I gave my umbrella away. We saw a mother with her two kids who where like 5, 6, or 7 and as soon as I saw them I had the prompting to give them my umbrella. I asked her if they would like my umbrella and she said kindly said no because then we will get wet. I laughed and should her my dress and explained that I was already soaked and did not need the umbrella, she and her kids began to laugh and they accepted my umbrella. My companion and I walked away and then I had the prompting that I we needed to return and to contact this family, I tried to push of the feeling saying that we didn´t have time. Then I felt like I got hit by a 2 by 4, because I then had the thought “Who are you a missionary for? Your time is the Lords time, not your own” So we turned around and contacted that family and got their address and their number. It was a really humbling experience, because sometimes we are so focuse on the appointments that we have and the things that we need to do, that we push of the promptings of the spirit and we often miss the opportunity to help others, and to touch the lives of those around us!! Also ignore the mess in the backround of the picture, we had four of us in the house and we had just gotten home and laid things out to dry!!  Also I put in a random picture of a squirel because they are so cute and awful at the same time!! That about sums up my week!! I hope that you are all doing great! I love you all so much!

A talk that I read this week that I absolutley love was “Believe, Love, do” By elder uchtdorf I love this talk so much and I invite you all to read it!! It reminded me that in all of our situations and trials there is always hope and we can always find joy!! Love you all so much!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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