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New Title – same me!

So, I’ve slowly been revamping my blog (very slowly). The other day I made a comment that the cakes I made for the Young Women’s camp funraiser – a cake auction – were fun and flawed. And someone said – that would make a GREAT blog title. And I agreed. So, I decided to change my title. I needed something new and fresh.

The idea behind it then is this – I am horribly flawed (aren’t we all) but I try to have fun and be a fun person – well, at least I hope I am – just smile and nod and placate my ego and say, GoofyJ, you are a fun person… ah thanks you guys.Β  πŸ˜€

And, just because I know you will ask….

I give you my fun and flawed cakes….



(Excuse the ickiness of the photos- I was in a hurry at the time)


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We’ve been busy…

First, Jacob had a birthday! He turned 6 last month and we celebrated with a construction party. I had fun doing a crazy cake, but I think my cake decorating skills detiorate with each additional kid πŸ˜€


We had two camp outs in the basement – one for the girls and one for the boys (so cool that our smaller tent fits in the basement!)



I took the kids to Krohn Conservatory during spring break – It’s hard to take good focused close-ups of plants – or anything! – when trying to keep track of six kids πŸ˜€ So, I put up very few plant photos – I’ll get better ones when Paul is with me πŸ™‚


Spring is finally springing! And its so exciting to discover what’s been planted in our yard. The kids fully enjoyed a gorgeous day last week. And we got our lilac bush planted!



Plus, Paul went on an adventure to see how big our yard really was and how far into the woods it goes – then he gave me a tour – it’s hugely awesome! We are excited to clear debris out and make more portions of our woods available to the kids. There are some really cool domed clearings where the trees have grown over making a natural little home. It’s beautiful! We’ll take photos of that stuff as we get back in there and get things cleared up – there are a lot of beer cans, broken bottles, tires – even an old swingset back there. So, we have lots of work to do!

Finally, Robert is 7 months old! He’s been eating solids and rolling and for the past month or so he’s been doing the army crawl – and getting faster by the second! The last couple days he decide to get on his hands and knees and will sit and rock back and forth – taking one crawl forward before flopping down and commando crawling where he wants to go.


Today he even pulled himself up to a shakey stand – always hanging onto my hands of course!

*for whatever reason the pictures don’t show up sometimes – if you still want to see them, you should be able to if you click on the white non-picture


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About James

The classic James face – thumb(s) of approval and either a “yeah mom” nod or a very cheesy smile. πŸ™‚




Two buddies, waiting for the bus




Dad was lying across the bed, his chin resting on my body pillow, while he watched James play with cars on my nightstand. A milky white plastic ice cream bucket laid on its side on the edge of the bed, evidence of James’ recent bout with the tummy bug. I sat beside it, one leg tucked under me, the other dangling down to the floor while I fed Robert.

“Vrooom.” James scooted a car across my nightstand, onto the bed and into the bucket.

Paul reached out, snagged the lip of the bucket and flipped the opening toward him, secretly depositing the car behind the body pillow before returning the bucket to its original position.

James giggled and grabbed another car. Once again it vroomed across the nightstand, onto the bed and into the bucket. Paul gave the speedy flip, this time tipping his head back to dodge the flying car. He laughed and put the bucket back as James grinned and grabbed another car.

They went through about five or six cars, James giggling all the while. Pretty soon James was out of cars.

“What now?” Paul asked.

James didn’t say a word. He simply rolled himself onto the bed by the bucket, trying to fit his shoulder or any part of him inside it, a silly grin plastered on his face.

I almost dropped the baby I was laughing so hard.


Speaking of James… He had a birthday recently… well, okay, it’s been an entire month, but with a birthday so soon after Christmas I am still caught up in the fun, tumult and chaos of winter vacations and Christmas recovery. He’s 3! And such a cute sweet three at that. πŸ™‚ His birthday snuck up on me as it usually does and I found myself on that wonderful Monday trying to decide what exactly we were going to do for a party. James has had a thing for super heroes lately. He sings the the Superman and Spiderman (the Amazing Spiderman cartoons) songs. If any of his clothes with the super man logo or spiderman are on them he HAS to wear them. We frequently find he and his brother dressed up in spiderman or batman costumes racing around the house and being absolutely cute and adorable. So, what else could I do than a superhero party?

First thing we needed was a telephone booth – I built one from cardboard boxes – and some super heroes…

James Birthday 1

Then we needed a super villain – Dad filled the part nicely. In fact, he was so villainous that he bombed our basement! Luckily I had 5 superheroes on hand (and an adorable baby observing) to disarm all the bombs before the basement blew up.

James Birthday 2

Our heroes only thwarted the villain momentarily though, because before long he was back… and this time with kryptonite! Luckily I had a pair of tongues handy and a lead lined boxed for kryptonite disposal.

James Birthday 3

Our main mini-hero almost bought it, though in the end he was victorious!

Finally the heroes discovered the villain’s only weakness – toilet paper! They got out their webslinger and froze him just long enough to push him in a chair and wrap him up with toilet paper. He was totally defenseless (and the silly string smelled really bad).

James Birthday 4

Take that super-villain! Bring it on!

And any party wouldn’t be complete with out the cake and funny birthday faces…

James Birthday 5

We sure love our silly, hammy, smiley boy! πŸ˜€


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Hello, Blog. My name is GoofyJ. Remember me?

Wow. That is really all I can say. Just wow. Time has flown and dragged by at the same time. And now, here I sit in a home, my home, in Cinci, Ohio. Weird. Oh and I only have two months until baby comes? How did that happen? Double weird.

Where do I start?

Maybe I’ll just fling up some photo collages of our journey since right before Paul left – some of you might have seen the pics on Facebook, simply scroll faster if you want to get through them quicker. Though if you go too fast you might miss any witty reparte in between them… well, no promises. πŸ˜€

We’ll start with the loading the truck collage. We loaded the truck the day before Mother’s Day. That is my awesome bro with the ductaped pants – they kept splitting further… and further… and we just kept adding to the tape so he wouldn’t be indecent. πŸ˜€

Moving Collage

After the truck was loaded, we realized there was a lot of stuff we wanted to take that didn’t fit. Then when the car behind it was pulling heavy we had to empty it – so that meant all of our musical instruments had to stay behind. It was the deciding factor on driving out a second truck.

Sunday, Paul tried to leave me a Mother’s Day present…

Saram Wrap 1 Collage

Saram wrapped kids. Unfortunately, they escaped.. and then they revolted and tried to keep dad from leaving.

Saram Wrap 2 Collage

He escaped too, and left the next day.

Then came the fun. And all the hard work. I worked on packing odds and ends, painting the inside of the house, mowing lawns with grass up to my chest in some places, chasing five kids, growing a baby, going on last ditch outing with friends, and keeping from going completely insane. The worst part of it all was how much I missed having my hubby with me. I love that man!

We had fun too in the midst of all the work. I would have like to do more, but we at least made it to the beach one last time, and to Mt. St. Helens.

Goodbye Northwest Beach

My brother and his family came with us on the beach trip, the Mt. St. Helens trip I did solo.


I was proud of myself with two things on the St. Helens trip- 1. I didn’t go completely insane and 2. I managed to stay awake on the way home (though I had to chug a giant Dr. Pepper in order to do so – yuck. At least it tastes a little better than the other colas, and without the caffeine we wouldn’t have made it.)

In the midst of everything else we also threw an early b-day party for Em…
Em B-day Party

We had to have the cake on the floor because our table was already with hubby in Ohio.

And had Jacob’s preschool Graduation

Jacob Preschool Grad Collage

Is he just stinkin’ cute or what? πŸ˜€ Then we were on the road. My bro from Oregon helped us drive – he drove the truck while hubby and I enjoyed the un-air conditioned van. Our first stop was Utah to visit my big sis. Heidi and Paul’s big bro. Mark. Of course we were exhausted and dead in the brain when we stopped by Mark’s place so I didn’t get the camera out. SHOOT. At least I remembered at Heidi’s – it was a close call though – it didn’t come out until right before we left. (My feet were looking slightly pudgy)

Utah Collage

Then on to Colorado to visit my next big sis. Lisa. We went to the most amazing park while we were there. We got to see my parents too. I am shooting myself in the foot for not taking more pics. Grrrr. (My ankles were feeling left out and decided to join my feet in pudgyness)

Colorado Collage

Then we crashed at my big bro. Kimball’s place in Arkansas. By now, my ankles resembled tree trunks and I began to hang out in the truck with my bro. I’d like to say it was sibling bonding, but it really was the AC – just kidding. πŸ˜€ It was definitely both.

Arkansas Collage

Finally in Ohio – I don’t have more pics yet – but they will be coming…

Ohio Backyard Collage

for now enjoy our back yard and a really cool park. The deer in the pics is in our neighbor’s yard. We saw it three days in a row this week. The first day it was two yards down (when I took the pics) the second it was in our next door neighbor’s yard, and the third it was in our yard. If we see it again, I think I will name it. πŸ˜€ We have millions of lightning bugs – my absolute favorite – there’s just something magical about them. And I have been able to see and catch a photo of the Red Cardinal – my favorite childhood bird, which I completely forgot lived out here. Also in our back yard and neighbor’s back yards we frequently sight bunnies hopping around. πŸ˜€

Cool Ohio Park Collage

A wonderful end to a long and fun few months! I am hoping to have lots of adventures to tell. For now – I am off to bed. Because even if I don’t post this until later – it is 1:00 in the AM right now.


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A Quick peek at Paul’s birthday (back in January)

I am that lame! I didn’t realize, I never posted any of the adorable photos from Paul’s birthday. His birthday was on a Sunday, so we went to the zoo on the Saturday before as a special outing.

Jan 2009 Zoo 1

Jan 2009 Zoo 2

Then we celebrated on Sunday.

Paul's Birthday 2009 1

Paul had just returned from his week-long trip to Mexico. He was only teasing when he told me he was expecting a Mayan Temple cake – but I decided to quickly see what I could do. It was all very spur of the moment – so it doesn’t look very good, but it was fun to see his face! We called it Cakenizta. πŸ™‚ My brother’s birthday is a few days after my husband’s (and both are named Paul) so we had a joint celebration.

Paul's Birthday 2009 2


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A Puppy for a Day

We had Jacob’s birthday party finally – it was post-poned when both boys ended up with RSV (at least we caught it before it got bad enough to send them to the ER or hospital – I thought it was a bad cold and ear infection for Jacob, so I took him in – ended up in both boys with RSV – I was never so grateful for an ear infection before).

We decided that a puppy party was in order due to Jacob’s love of all things doggy. I had this brilliant idea to make giant cardboard doghouses – the trick was where to find giant cardboard boxes. I now have a favorite appliance store! We got a washer box, a dryer box – and two refrigerator boxes! The smaller boxes were turned into doghouses – the refrigerator boxes were turned into a castle (pics to come). I made a puppy cake, puppy ears, and painted the kids faces (those who wanted it). Oh, and I picked up some cheap dogbowls at the dollar store and served their cake and icecream in dog bowls!

Jacob Birthday 2

We made dog collars out of giant beads – and I had to laugh as Jacob’s was most collar like, being all plain brown wood beads. For the dog tags I had cut little circles out of an old pie tin and wrote their names on them – those hung in the center of their collars.

Jacob Birthday 1

We played find the bone where I hid a bunch of poster-board cut-out white bones and the kids “sniffed” them out. Other than that, I just let the kids play and pretend they were dogs. The party was a hit! And the boxes provided lasting entertainment for days. πŸ˜€

One last photo collage – On Jacob’s actual birthday we had a mini family party with cupcakes for the birthday boy. I had to post a few of those adorable photos too. πŸ™‚

Jacob Birthday 3


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Happy Birthday to the Little Guy!

Traduccion al Espanol

James is one today, my how the year has flown by. It hardly seems possible that he is one already. I spent the early part of the day preparing his cake and decorating the family room, making it as non-Christmasy as possible to focus on his special day. The kids were excited and eager to help.

James cracked us up with his constant “Hi”s and clapping as we sung to him and sat him down beside his little pile of treasure. He opened Grandma E’s Birthday card first and was completely enthralled by it. He wouldn’t let it go, being much more interested in it than any of the presents to be opened. We finally had to hide it so we could get on with the evening. πŸ™‚

James' 1st Birthday Presents Collage

He was amazed at the Jack-in-the-Box, but not too sure about the big stuffed bear. We warmed up to it eventually, but he was giving it almost the same look as he gave Santa on Christmas Eve. It was quite hillarious.

One-year-olds experiencing cake and icecream for the first time crack me up. I love the looks of excitement and the silly faces they make as they eat the cold treat. James gave us this look of sheer joy and amazement, “This is all for me!” and proceeded to feast away while the rest of the family giggled and laughed away as they watched him.

James' 1st Birthday Cake Collage


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We Finally had the Party

One problem with having such a full and fun summer is that summer birthday parties just don’t happen.Β  Emily turned six this year andΒ by tradition she should have had a friend birthday party.Β  There just wasn’t an available Saturday to have it.Β  So, this last Saturday – after two soccer gamesΒ – Emily finally had her friend birthday party.Β  She chose a jungle theme and I had quite the fun time coming up with ideas.Β  We did a couple of jungle related crafts, but the big thing of the party was the jungle safari.

Friday while the boys were napping I used my limited artistic skills to draw and paint giant jungle animals on cardboard – I ended up doing six of them and completing the project late late Friday night.Β  I also created, on the computer, passports for each kid.Β  I featured three continents – Asia, Africa, and South America – one per page. Searching through clipart and images on the internet I put stamps and poster images of some of the different countries on the continents to make the passports look for authentic – with a faded map of each continent as a background.Β  Then on each page I put a picture of two animals that would be found in that continent – girraffe & zebra for Africa, Elephant & Tiger for Asia, Monkey & Parrot for South America.Β  Beside each animal was an empty box.Β 

The time came in the party when I explained to the children that we were going to go on a safari. I had to take a few moments and describe to them what a safari was. Paul had taken the carboard paintings out into the yard during the beginning of the party and had hid them all over the yard and in the trees.Β 

I led them through the jungle vines (streamers) and out into the jungle where they would hunt for and spot the different jungle animals. Everytime they found one they were to come running to me and tell me and I would give them a sticker to put into their passport that matched the animal they found.
Safari 9

Safari 6

Safari 2

Safari 4

Safari 3

Safari 1

Safari 7

Safari 8

Safari 5
We also played the Ostrich Relay – you put a giant ostrich egg (white balloon) between your legs and run/waddle with it. It was hillarious! Especially because the wind kept catching the balloons and blowing them away – they kept popping too! πŸ™‚
Ostrich Relay 2

Ostrich relay 1
Β I squeezed in decorating a jungle cake for Emily in between her soccer game and her sisters’ game – good thing I baked the cake the night before. πŸ™‚Β 
Jungle Cake 2

Jungle Cake 1

Jungle cake with candles

Blow Emmy, Blow!
We had a ton of fun – the safari was such a huge hit. I think I might hang onto those cardboard animals and play safari again with the kids sometime. πŸ™‚


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The Party

We had a mini party for Dot’s 8th birthday on Tuesday, and today we had the big shindig.Β 

Every time I look at this photo I bust up laughing at the look on her face – it was taken on Tuesday.

Β Commet

Today we did a sort of carnival theme with lots of crazy and fun games. We started off with a dress up relay. We had two teams and they took turns running to the duffle bag putting on all their clothes and clown faces, and posing for a picture.

The Birthday Girl…. er clown
Dress up Relay 2

One of the fabulous friends

Dress-up Relay

Every cool carnival needs a parade. So we had them put on their faces, grab an instrument and march up and down the sidewalk in front of the house.


Then a balloon sit, bubbles, and musical chairs were in order.


Musical Chairs

We wrapped things up with a carnival cake – it’s not quite the “coolest cake in the world” – Sariah has that title, but is was pretty cool. πŸ™‚

Carnival Cake

Blow Dot, Blow!

A mouth full of birthday cake πŸ™‚

Big Bite


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Par-ty, Par-ty, Par-tee!

When Elizabeth and Dorothy were little we began a tradition. They are only a year apart and we decided that trying to plan a big party every year for both of them was going to be way to much, so we decided that even years, starting at 4, were friend parties. The odd years are family parties and birthday trips.

So, yesterday I murdered another cake – I had to throw the first one away and start fresh, baking a whole new cake. Even then it didn’t go right and I had to prop it up in the back and only decorate the front. My theory on this, because in the past I have done much harder cakes with few or no problems, is that making crazy cakes with a new baby is HARD – can’t create and hold baby at the same time…. Anyway, here is a photo of the ‘good’ side of the cake. Elizabteh wanted a purse cake, all pink and girly.

Purse Cake

We had fun playing some cool little partying games, and then the best part for Lizard came.

What can it be?

Finally we had the blowing of the candles – boy that is a lot of candles! I don’t think I will let her grow up anymore, the candles alone might burn down the house. πŸ˜‰

Dainty Blow

Birthday Bite

Things got pretty funny during cake eating. Earlier at dinner Jacob had his face in his plate licking up ketchup or whatever was on there. Paul, very nonchalantly, reached over and gently pushed his face entirely into the plate. The result was an adorable squeal from Jacob, red nose and forhead and mauch laughter. Dad decided that the birthday girl needed the same loving caring treatment.

Squish - Lizard meets the cake face up

Cake Face!

What a hoot! And here is Jacob once again, daring to lick his plate, or the food on his plate as the case may be. He frequently has dillusions of being a dog, which is adorably hillarious.

Jacob eats doggy style

We are all excited for Elizabeth’s birthday trip on Saturday. Rain or shine we are headed to the coast – specifically to Tillamook Cheese Factory. Mmmmmmmm πŸ™‚


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