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The Realistic Mommy Blog

So far in the New Year…. (to be read with much humor – this is not a whiny post, I promise)

Dog ran off and taken by the pound
Crock pot broke
Car battery died
Watches broke
Glasses broke
Picture broke
Poor cat carted around in a pillow case
Cat food dumped everywhere
Snow day after snow day after snow day after snow day after… (is
the month of January included in winter vacations out here?)
Regular sugar spilled
Power breakers shut off
Laundry soap spilled (while being played in with match box cars)
Heater turned off
Refrigerator and Freezer shut off
5 lbs of powder sugar dumped ALL over my kitchen and spread through
the entire main floor of my house
The other car battery died
Husband working late more nights than I can count
World wars 3,4,5,and 6 have all started and ended in our house –
actually some of them are ongoing
Temper tantrums galore
Sleds shattered
Dog destroyed the cover to the grill (why did we pay to get him back?)
Poo spots, pee spots (ah the joy of potty training)
Food on the floor, on the walls, and yes, even on the ceiling
Upstairs Bathroom flooded (we were catching water below in the garage)


to top it off

NO INTERNET OR PHONE (our phone is through our internet) FOR OVER 5 DAYS!!! And when they did fix it it’s been either stinkin’ slow or disconnects every few minutes.

I wonder if I read this post backwards if it will all come back or fix itself. In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful new theme song I have come up with for my boys…

Just two good old boys, never meanin’ no harm….
Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with their ma
Since the day they was born.

Straightenin’ the curves, flattenin’ the hills….
Someday the mountain might get ’em but their ma never will.

Makin’ their way, the only way they know how…
That’s just a little bit more than their ma will allow.

Just two good ol’ boys, wouldn’t change if they could,
Fightin’ the system like a two-year-old Robin Hood…

*inspired by a wonderful article about mormon mommy bloggers and their shiny picture perfect lives oh, and of course the ever so fabulous Dukes of Hazzard


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Giving Scrooge a Kick in the Pants

Yesterday was a HORRIBLE day. The dog escaped (again) and I had to run all over the neighborhood – finally my neighbor trapped him in her backyard (thank you, thank you, thank you, neighbor), the kids were all little monsters (with the exception of Robert – he’s not old enough for monster status yet). We had temper tantrums, pee spots, poo spots, talking back, fighting, the disapearance of treats being saved for giving away and stockings, and more.

By the end I was the re-incarnation of Scrooge. Christmas be hanged, bah-humbug. I was ready to call the whole thing off, throw out the tree, lights and all, and smash the next radio that played a Christmas song. Consequently I had gone the entire day without even turning on the Christmas lights and my one attempt at listening to Christmas music only seemed to enhance how horrible everyone was acting (me included) and I wanted to hurl, so I promptly turned it off again. It had never felt so non-Christmassy, ever, EVER.

Well, we were planning on either going to the Zoo to see the lights (our pass gets us in to see the lights free – yay!) or doing more caroling, but by the time Paul came home all I wanted to do was go to bed. But, despite the rotten day and my rotten attitude we managed to pull together and stumble out the door to head out to the Zoo. It was late and we knew we wouldn’t have much time, but we knew, for whatever reason we needed to go.

Dot suggested we turn off the radio and sing our own Christmas songs and that maybe it would help bring the Spirit of Christmas back. I kinda mumbled at first, but pretty soon the car was full of singing as we bounced along to the zoo.

From the parking lot to the entrance you cross over the road on a bridge beneath a canopy of lights, with the excitement of the children catching on I found my horrible rotten day melting away. For whatever reason, we needed that family moment and we had a lot of fun.

Our favorite was the light display timed to flash along with the music. The kids were fascinated by it. Rosey cheeked from the cold, we were swept along by the lights and joy as we reveled once again in the magic of Christmas and the feeling of family. We even stopped in on the elephants and in the building that housed the birds – which were AMAZING! I was most intrigued with the ginormous bats – they were HUGE! And some of the birds were so colorful – brilliant amazing colors, purple, yellow, orange, blue, green – so many colors!

Too soon we found out the zoo was closing and we made our way toward the entrance. It was 9:30 and the kids were tired, Jacob especially was beginning to wane. Finally he plunked on the edge of a bench. “I’m too tired,” he said looking at me.

I looked to the side where the girls were running ahead and saw a lane brilliantly lit with red and white lights. A sign to the side read, “Candy Cane Lane.”

“Don’t you want to go down Candy Cane Lane?” I asked in hopes of distracting him and aiming him back toward the entrance so we could get back to the car and head home without too much of a fight.

He hopped onto his feet and began patting his legs. “Wake up! Wake up! Please, wake up!” Then he dart off to Candy Cane lane, leaving me chuckling behind him.

When we got home, Paul tucked the kids into bed while I promptly turned on the Christmas lights and filled the home with Christmas music. The horrible day didn’t seem so horrible anymore, and I was thankful for family who can come out shining even at the end of rough day. I sure do love them.


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Robert’s Baby Blessing

Robert’s baby blessing was yesterday. Paul’s parents came out for a visit and it was so much fun to see them. We snapped a bunch of photos before they had to fly back yesterday evening.

Get ready for incredible blinding cuteness…














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Fall Fun!

Saturday took us on our traditional fall fun day full of wagon rides, corn and hay mazes, pumpkin pickin’, and more! Feast your eyes on our crazy collages! It was an amazing day!

We started off checking to see how tall we were this fall…

Pumpkin Fun 1

And then we had to check out the goat and the alpaca

Pumpkin Fun 2

The boys were in jaw dropping awe over the old west actors and their shoot-out.

Pumpkin Fun 3

My family of pumpkins!

Pumpkin Fun 4

A trek through the corn maze.

Pumpkin Fun 5

A ride on a mini train.

Pumpkin Fun 6

Checkin out the humongous tractor!

Pumpkin Fun 7

An awesome wagon ride pulled by horses. I had a hard time getting James to quit yee-hawing and jerking his invisible reins about to get the picture!

Pumpkin Fun 8

And we wrapped all up by playing amongst the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Fun 9



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A bunch of random stuff that I started to blog about but kept getting interrupted.

Wow! How’s that for a long blog title? lol!

Kids started school a few weeks ago now – the girls started on Tuesday August 24, Jacob’s first day of Kindergarten was the 27th.

My Middle schooler! She has to get up at the break of dawn to catch that bus. 😀

First day of school for Jacob! And 3rd for the girls. James has fun waving them off on the bus every morning.

The schools are awesome here and Dot gets to start playing an instrument in 5th grade rather than waiting until 6th. The way they do it is really neat – she will go into school 45 minutes early two days a week depending on what instrument she plays. That leaves it completely open for any other activities she wants to participate in – like choir – which coincidentally meets during the lunch recess hour every Thursday, so she is going to do that too. She decided she wanted to play the trumpet. Let me just say I LOVE Craigs List – we found a trumpet – rather old and worn, but still has a decent tone and all the valves work great, etc, for $25! WOOHOO!


Elizabeth gets to start an instrument this year too (I can’t believe I have a middle schooler!) and has chosen the flute. Again, Craigs list blessed us and we found a nice flute for her for $65 . She loves middle school by the way and is excited for all of her classes.


I don’t know if it is just me, but these schools out here work the kids a lot harder than in Oregon – which isn’t a bad thing – I like that they are pushing the kids to stretch themselves. It keeps me busier too – helping them do well on their homework 😀 Anyway, I think the schools out here will be REALLY good for them.


James is one funny hammy kid to hang out with – it’s been rather fun being able to spend more one on one time with him with Jacob in school in the AM. James just cracks me up. He is still the little acrobat/monkey as ever. My favorite antics of his are the superman – he will flying leap off of anything – even the couch to the hardwood floor in a belly flop – while singing the superman theme and his wheel barrow. He is only two but he can do the perfect wheel barrow! It is hillarious. All you have to do is grab his feet and he takes off on his hands – he is quick too. I have never seen someone that young master it before – goodness, my older kids have hard time with it still sometimes!


Emily had a surprise guest to her Birthday party in July… He was quite the hit. I found him in the middle of the street outside our house and decided to rescue him. After some good fun we released him in our backyard.



We went to an awesome museum a while back here in Cincy that is called The Museum of Natural History – they had a complete cave replica and other awesome stuff. Here are a few photos. I was amazed and the kids LOVED it.

Museum of Natural History 1

Museum of Natural History 2


I finally got a few interior house photos taken – just of the main floor. I’ll try to get the basement and upstairs done sometime soonish.

Interior House Main Floor


Spitfire and Murdoch are not getting along at all – any suggestions on dog/cat peace treaties? It all started when upon their first meeting Spitfire jumped on Murdoch’s back, claws extended and spitting. Yeah, I wouldn’t be too impressed if I was Murdoch either.


Oh, I finally heard from the agent who requested my full manuscript back in Feb/March. She declined because it wasn’t enough in her line of interest, but she did give me some great feedback and compliments, and that was awesome! The search continues…

I think that covers the random tidbits from the last few months. 😀


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Introducing Robert


7 lbs 13 oz. 21 1/2 inches long. Born at 7:32 Friday, September 3rd and adorable as all get out!

We had joked a few weeks before that it would be perfect if he were born the Friday before labor day because Paul had Monday off. Well, in all honesty the idea wasn’t mine – my friend Emily (due just two days after me) divulged her plan to have a Labor Day weekend baby whilst we were visiting teaching one night. It sounded good – We never thought it would actually happen! He had been breech for a long time and was not wanting to turn. So, we scheduled to do a version on Friday morning – hoping they would be able to turn him and avoid a c-section.

Paul gave me a blessing the night before and the baby was blessed that he would turn. I went to bed shortly after and it felt like he was having party in there! He was kicking and moving so much I could hardly sleep.

Friday morning I woke bright and early – well early at least, and headed up to the hospital – I had to be there by 7. My hope was that if they got him to turn we’d induce – not give him the chance to turn back again, and it just felt like the right thing to do.

So, I got to the hospital and they got me prepped. Our midwife went to check the baby’s position and mentioned she thought he had already turned. She did an ultrasound to make sure, and yup, smart kid had turned on his own during the night. Smart guy, no wonder it felt like he was having a party in there. So, they decided to go ahead and induce and I was very happy. It felt like he was ready to come, and I was SO ready for him to be here.

We started things slow and when the contractions were finally picking up around 4:30 they went ahead and broke my water and that’s when things really got moving. After 5 babies born all naturally, and having to do this one so completely different, I decided to be a wimp and have an epidural. I must say it was the right decision this time and it was wonderful (though I wouldn’t change any of my previous births at all). Little guy was born 3 hours later. It was a wonderful experience.

So we began our family with a horrible hospital experience when Liz was born and ended it with a wonderful hospital experience when Robert was born. Seems fitting. 😀 Anyway, we are so happy to have him here – and I’m happy to not be pregnant anymore :-D. There have been so many wonderful blessings and miracles around this birth, we are truly blessed.

I had to stay a minimum of 24 hours in the hospital – there are some required tests here in Ohio that have to be done at 24 hours of age, but I convinced them to spring me after the required 24 hours – yay for kid number 6 and being an experienced mom!


Paul brought the kids up on Saturday and they were all so enthralled with the baby.



We’ve already had some priceless comments from them on the new little tyke.


James was just taken with him and kept saying, “Baby” over and over again. Then that night Paul was helping him say his prayers and said, “Please bless Robert.” James looked up at him and said, “Who?”



Jacob proclaimed, shortly after meeting his new baby brother, “But he doesn’t do anything!”



Dorothy, after seeing pictures of him just after he was born (but after they had already put him in a onesie) asked in no small amount of awe, “We’re born with our clothes on?”


Emily didn’t say much – I think she was absolutely speechless and in love with him on sight.


Elizabeth couldn’t quit talking about how adorable he was. I happen to agree. 😀

So, welcome aboard, Robert! We’re a nutty bunch, but something tells me you’ll fit in just fine…



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Exterior House Photos

The long awaited for house photos – and tire swing photos too! Exterior only right now – I’m waiting on the interior ones until things inside are a little more orderly and you can see the interior through the boxes 😉

Ohio Backyard Collage 2






I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! We celebrated by driving up to Dayton to hang with a good highschool/college friend, Bonnie, and meet her family. We had a ton of fun and met another wonderful family too. On the way home we watched fireworks popping up all over the place and finally pulled into a parking lot to watch the display happening all around us.

This evening we set off our own fireworks (it was too late when we got home last night, so we did them early tonight because kids were tired) and beat the heat with popsicles.


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Hello, Blog. My name is GoofyJ. Remember me?

Wow. That is really all I can say. Just wow. Time has flown and dragged by at the same time. And now, here I sit in a home, my home, in Cinci, Ohio. Weird. Oh and I only have two months until baby comes? How did that happen? Double weird.

Where do I start?

Maybe I’ll just fling up some photo collages of our journey since right before Paul left – some of you might have seen the pics on Facebook, simply scroll faster if you want to get through them quicker. Though if you go too fast you might miss any witty reparte in between them… well, no promises. 😀

We’ll start with the loading the truck collage. We loaded the truck the day before Mother’s Day. That is my awesome bro with the ductaped pants – they kept splitting further… and further… and we just kept adding to the tape so he wouldn’t be indecent. 😀

Moving Collage

After the truck was loaded, we realized there was a lot of stuff we wanted to take that didn’t fit. Then when the car behind it was pulling heavy we had to empty it – so that meant all of our musical instruments had to stay behind. It was the deciding factor on driving out a second truck.

Sunday, Paul tried to leave me a Mother’s Day present…

Saram Wrap 1 Collage

Saram wrapped kids. Unfortunately, they escaped.. and then they revolted and tried to keep dad from leaving.

Saram Wrap 2 Collage

He escaped too, and left the next day.

Then came the fun. And all the hard work. I worked on packing odds and ends, painting the inside of the house, mowing lawns with grass up to my chest in some places, chasing five kids, growing a baby, going on last ditch outing with friends, and keeping from going completely insane. The worst part of it all was how much I missed having my hubby with me. I love that man!

We had fun too in the midst of all the work. I would have like to do more, but we at least made it to the beach one last time, and to Mt. St. Helens.

Goodbye Northwest Beach

My brother and his family came with us on the beach trip, the Mt. St. Helens trip I did solo.


I was proud of myself with two things on the St. Helens trip- 1. I didn’t go completely insane and 2. I managed to stay awake on the way home (though I had to chug a giant Dr. Pepper in order to do so – yuck. At least it tastes a little better than the other colas, and without the caffeine we wouldn’t have made it.)

In the midst of everything else we also threw an early b-day party for Em…
Em B-day Party

We had to have the cake on the floor because our table was already with hubby in Ohio.

And had Jacob’s preschool Graduation

Jacob Preschool Grad Collage

Is he just stinkin’ cute or what? 😀 Then we were on the road. My bro from Oregon helped us drive – he drove the truck while hubby and I enjoyed the un-air conditioned van. Our first stop was Utah to visit my big sis. Heidi and Paul’s big bro. Mark. Of course we were exhausted and dead in the brain when we stopped by Mark’s place so I didn’t get the camera out. SHOOT. At least I remembered at Heidi’s – it was a close call though – it didn’t come out until right before we left. (My feet were looking slightly pudgy)

Utah Collage

Then on to Colorado to visit my next big sis. Lisa. We went to the most amazing park while we were there. We got to see my parents too. I am shooting myself in the foot for not taking more pics. Grrrr. (My ankles were feeling left out and decided to join my feet in pudgyness)

Colorado Collage

Then we crashed at my big bro. Kimball’s place in Arkansas. By now, my ankles resembled tree trunks and I began to hang out in the truck with my bro. I’d like to say it was sibling bonding, but it really was the AC – just kidding. 😀 It was definitely both.

Arkansas Collage

Finally in Ohio – I don’t have more pics yet – but they will be coming…

Ohio Backyard Collage

for now enjoy our back yard and a really cool park. The deer in the pics is in our neighbor’s yard. We saw it three days in a row this week. The first day it was two yards down (when I took the pics) the second it was in our next door neighbor’s yard, and the third it was in our yard. If we see it again, I think I will name it. 😀 We have millions of lightning bugs – my absolute favorite – there’s just something magical about them. And I have been able to see and catch a photo of the Red Cardinal – my favorite childhood bird, which I completely forgot lived out here. Also in our back yard and neighbor’s back yards we frequently sight bunnies hopping around. 😀

Cool Ohio Park Collage

A wonderful end to a long and fun few months! I am hoping to have lots of adventures to tell. For now – I am off to bed. Because even if I don’t post this until later – it is 1:00 in the AM right now.


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As Time Goes Spiraling Past

Wow. So much has been happening. It seems time just keeps speeding up and moving along. Leaving me lurching along behind.

Jacob turned five and had a marvelous birthday, I had an amazing day out at the beach with Betsy (without kids! woot!). Spring break came and went with a mixture of sun, rain, and fun. Then, Easter sped along in its wake and we made our annual visit to the hospital.

Now, today, we are facing one more major change as time spirals past. Paul got a job. A great job, one that we are thrilled and excited about. So, we are on the move. Ohio, here we come! Crazy thing is, we’ll only be about 5 hours away from where I grew up and all those crazy stories of mine about my farm days took place.

We are excited. Way excited. We are nervous and scared too. And I will miss so many of our wonderful friends that we’ll leave behind, but excited for the new ones we’ll make. We’ll have to find a new cardiologist, and a new midwife or something for me. We’ll be moving the family out in June – right at the start of my last tri-mester. Most of May and June I will be flying solo with the kids, while Paul heads back to Ohio to get started. So many changes, both exciting and scary. But we know it is right. It feels good. It feels like the answers to questions we have been searching for for a few years now. Most of all we feel peace about it.

This really is going to be our year after all. New job, new home (hopefully a house of our own), new baby.

Now, I just need to start packing. YIKES!


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Dancing the Night Away

“Mom, Mom! We want to go!” the girls burst in the door after school and thrust three pink sheets of paper in my face. I gathered the papers and noticed each one advertised a community daddy daughter dance for Valentine’s Day. My first response was, “Of course! What fun!” but then I noticed the price per person – a whopping $23 a piece. There was no way we could send three girls and their dad to the dance at that price, so I conjured up a quick plan.

I explained it was more than we could afford for all of them, but (and I had to sneak it in there as quickly as possible to hold of the moans of dissapointment) how about if we had our own Valentine’s Dance on the Monday after Valentine’s Day? It would give us the day to clean, decorate, and make refreshments. They readily agreed and the plan was put in motion.

Sunday afternoon we took turns writing on giant hearts what we loved about each member of the family and about our family in general. 49 hearts later they were plastered all over our dining area wall (where we would have the dance.) Monday we cleaned and scrubbed, baked and decorated. Everyone pitched in and waited with anticipation for Daddy to get home from work.

For dinner we mingled finger foods in with the refreshments in true dance fashion and even pulled out the glass punch bowl for authenticity. We put lamps near the kitchen and turned out the overhead lights so even the lighting would be perfect and turned on the music.

It was a blast and the kids decided we needed to make it a tradition – have a family dance yearly at Valentine’s Day – we’ll see how they feel about that when they’re teenagers, heh. But for the time being it was wonderful and created lasting memories of special times with Daddy and Mommy.

Valentine 2

Valentine 1

And, I just had to put this photo in because of Jacob’s and Em’s faces – I thought it was just classic!

Valentine Dance Em and Jacob Faces


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