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Even Supermom

I don’t quite know the reason why, but lately I have been thinking alot about our impressions of people and how we percieve them and they percieve us. Maybe it was that a good blog friend called me SuperMom. πŸ˜‰ Maybe it was the fact that I ran into a gal who attends church with me and she mentioned that I made it look so “easy”. Easy? She must sit WAY in the back where she does not have a clear view of me as I struggle with my 2-year old trying to keep him from running off, let alone quiet.

It seems interesting that from a small window at church people gain their perspectives of our lives. So, where is this going? Well I was thinking of the dangers of impressions and pedastals. See, there are so many families that seem so “perfect”. I mean at church the kids never seem to fight – and even their toddlers seem to sit so quietly through sacrament meeting. Surely I must be doing something wrong if I have constant issues with behaviour in all my kids. Logically I know that they are not perfect, which is a huge relief to me. Then I realize that people think some of those perfect thoughts about my family which becomes quite scary. After all if we are expected to “have it together” than it makes it scarier on the many moments when we are hanging by a thread – if they find out have imperfect we really are, will we fall off that pedestal that we’ve been placed on and will they hate us?

So, a lot of these thoughts and other similar once were rambling through my head as I drove to a nearby town to run some errands. Jacob and James were in the car with me and I plopped in a Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band CD to listen too. All of a sudden we got to one of my favorite songs. With the thoughts that had been knocking about my head I listened to it completely differently and found it very reassuring.

The song is called “Even Superman” and the chorus goes as follows:

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

As I listened to the song I felt relief that even as “Supermom” πŸ˜‰ I can have moments where everything is falling apart. I thought of those rough moments in life where the wind has been knocked out of me and I have had no choice but to fall to my knees begging for help from my Heavenly Father. And I was greatful that even the best of the best of us still has weaknesses.

Then after all that I had a thought that I should blog about it. Mainly because nearly all of my blog friends are women, and as women we often feel like we need to live up to certain expectations. Our kids need to be well behaved, good in school, sweet, loving, caring and nearly perfect, our homes needs to be spic and span, our gardens pristine, dinner made on time – and a healthy nutritional one at that, be stellar wives, supermoms, and look good on top of that – oh, and not to mention any moms who work need to do everything twice as good because they are gone part of the day. πŸ˜‰ So, I wanted to share this with all of the moms and women who are trying so hard to be it all and to remember to cut themselves some slack

‘Cause even Superman has kryptonite
And though he tries with all his might
Even Superman falls to his knees
Begging please, please, please, please
Begging please, please, please, please

*if you want to listen to this very cool song, go to the website linked above and go to the Jukebox. The song, “Even Superman”, is the second song on the Album, “Dream Big”. These guys are AWESOME!!


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I am sitting with Emily watching Sesame street. We have reached a sad point in society where Sesame Street has to parent America’s children by having Cookie Monster teach them about the importance of fruit. They had a whole little skit with Cookie Monster being interviewed because he ate a bowl of fruit rather than a cookie. Of course, he did eat the cookie in the end for dessert. I wondered why this whole thing bugged me, and then I realized what bugged me was it feels like people need a scape goat for the obesity problem and Cookie Monster and other things are it.

Can’t you hear it now, “I’m sueing cookie monster because all he ever ate were cookies, and that’s all I eat now!” Ok, maybe that won’t actually happen, but it seems to me that rather than blaming everyone and everything else for their problems people just need to take a good look at themselves. If my children are overweight because they are overeating or eating only junk food, it’s not anyone’s fault but mine. My kids love Cookie Monster, and they don’t eat 200 cookies in one sitting because we TEACH them.

Ok, I’ll quit rambling (venting, or whatever), πŸ™‚ I just miss the good ol’ Cookie Monster . . . I guess to me it’s the same as trying to turn Christmas into the nameless holiday, and producing Candy Corn in weird colors for every other holiday (see Sariah’s post), their messing with tradition.

I’m waiting for a character to be created name ‘Nobody’ than we can just keep blaming everything on him . . . heh πŸ™‚


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“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”

I attended my little writing group last night and the topic of the evening was Fear. Yup, Fear with a capitol “F”. Fear of writing, fear of spiders, fear of anything. Though of course being a writing class it was mainly focused around the penmenship fear. We have an assignment, and I will do it eventually but in pursuing the assignment, my mind has been consumed with Fear. Not being afraid mind you, thinking about fear. My fears, their fears, just different kinds of fear.

I have come to the realization that the reason why I like to blog so much is that I get to hide behind my computer. I can’t see you, you can’t see me. I don’t have to face you after something I have written is read and watch the shuffle of toes while you try to find a way to tactfully tell me it was terrible and try to hide my dissapointment. Or I don’t have to try to hide my pleasure and surprise if you genuinely love it and think it is the best thing ever since sliced strawberry pie, because I wouldn’t want to seem arrogant or egotistical. My heart still pounds though every time I hit that “publish post” button and I silently curse myself for subjecting my blog friends to further torture, and it pounds when I read the comments, no matter if it is loved or hated. But if I had to be in the same room as you read it or I read it to you my heart would likely beat itself out of my body in a frenzy waiting for the starving wolves to pounce.

Logically I know that you, my friends, and my family are not starving wolves. But convincing my heart of that is an entirely different matter. I still don’t know if I will hit the publish button on this post or not. Because this would be displaying not just to strangers how I quake in the recesses of my mind, but to my acquaintances and friends. I don’t know why it is so hard to showcase one’s fears and imperfections. Maybe it is a fear of falling from grace. Launching one’s self off a pedestal with such fervor it leaves a crator in the floor below. That fear is tangible, real, I can almost taste it. That feeling of one wrong move and the world could crash around me in a pile of rubble up to my ears. I know it(most likely) won’t happen, but the fear (of the possiblilty) is there.

But, nothing is ever learned and accomplished unless you push that button, read that poem, write that book. So, I adopt the quote shared with us last night:

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Susan Jeffers, PhD


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I think I am an oddity. I friend brought her two boys over to my house today and we let the kids play. It was one of her first times to visit and for her boys to play.

“You have swords?” she asked rather surprised as her two boys and my two girls galloped through the house waving the plastic swords in the air.

“Why of course!” I replied. I was used to this kind of response when moms of boys come to play. They always seem so surprised that my girls play swords, match box cars, and tools. We have suits of armor, cow boy hats, and Indian head bands.

I have grown accustomed to hearing, “Wow! I wouldn’t expect you to have _______ with mostly girls!” And I think but these are the fun toys. As a child I would always choose the toy gun over the doll, or the sword over the barbie. How else will you play pirates, or Robin hood, and is it possible to play space and Star Wars with out light sabers? (which they are getting for their birthdays this year.)

So, I might be an oddity, but I bet my girls have more fun! πŸ™‚


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Random Musings

Sorry guys, it must be in the air . . .

I had a friend one time who could never be serious. She was constantly telling one joke after another and always laughing. Most of the time it was great, but sometimes it was hard to handle. I finally asked her why she never had a serious conversation and felt like she had to laugh about everything. “Because,” she told me, “I’m afraid of being laughed at. If I am laughing too then it is not as bad, but if I am trying to be serious and they are laughing at me it hurts to much.”

I found her response interesting and a little sad but over the years I have thought a lot about it. And I have come to see some of that in myself. I’m working on it, letting my more serious and emotional side out a bit more. Not that we shouldn’t be fun loving and tell humorous stories and jokes, or be able to laugh at ourselves, but I believe that there should be a balance, in all things. We miss out on so many things because of fears we have. I have a fear of sharing my inner self with people and letting my emotions (other than happiness) show. That is one reason I love to play the piano so much, I can share it with out my feelings being on the surface.

Anyway, I am trying to confront my fears and overcome “psychological bogeymen” (as my big sis. would call them, hee hee). So, I am letting go a bit, and I want to thank you for not laughing. See, I was terrified to start a blog, for fear of being laughed at I suppose. Which is rather silly because I love it and I love writing and after all, isn’t that what matters?

(ok, I’m done rambling and will return to goofy J self come morning . . . oh, and did any of that even make sense to anyone but me? Well, even if not I understood and musing does seem to clear the cobwebs and bring new resolve and understanding . . .)


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We live in walking distance to the new elementary school. Often the girls and I will walk in the morning. I’ll load up Emily in Jacob in the bike trailer/jogger bundle them up and close them in and off we go. Yesterday it was cold and slippery and I thought my hands were going to freeze to the bar. We walked to the end of the street where the crossing gaurd was waiting.
“I have to go to the police station after this,” she says.
“What happened?”
Apparantly she was standing in the middle of the road letting a boy cross. There was a car behing her, right up to her rear. As soon as the boy hit the middle of the road and was crossing to the other side she zipped around the crossing gaurd and took off.
Maybe now they will finally do something about that intersection. I hope if they don’t, nothing worse will happen. The cars on the one road just zoom through and the city says “We can’t put a crosswalk there.” They have decided that stop signs aren’t neccessary either. They might, might, put in a sign that says 20 mph when children are present. But it is December and nothing has happened. My kids walk through there every day, lots of kids do. I hope nothing drastic has to happen before they do something. In the meantime I am grateful for our dedicated crossing gaurd that is out there every morning freezing helping our kids cross safely.


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Christmas Time

I love the Christmas season. Our tree full of memories glowing softly in the front room with my husband’s village and train beneath it. The train chugging along softly past the glowing houses. The piano adorned with my village and the miniature people building snowmen, caroling, and ice skating. My Mother-in-law’s beautiful oil winter scene and my father’s water color winter roads hang on the wall for background. Our stockings hang from the fireplace mantel in expectation of things to come. A wreath created from tree cuttings hangs on the wall above the fireplace reminding us of the never ending love of Christ. An angel sits below it surrounded by whimsical snowmen. Lights weave in and out illuminating the wreath and scene below it. Displayed across our entertainment center is our nativity. The crΓ¨che houses Mary and Joseph watching over Baby Jesus as the shepherds and wisemen look on in wonder. Lights threaded through the figurines radiate its warmth and lift our eyes to the angel above heralding the coming of the Savior. The house smells of pine and cinnamon and baking.

The children seem to be infused of excitement and their peels of laughter bounce of the walls in a cacophony of sound. Our home is infused with memories and love. We gather in the evening to read our scriptures and Christmas stories by the tree. Stories of the true meaning of Christmas; of giving service and love. The children hang on every word and no one wants this magical time to end.

There is a special spirit at Christmas, or maybe the spirit is just stronger because we are celebrating the birth of His Son. Everything so warm and wrapped in love, it is just a little easier to be patient and kind, and we seem to say please and thank you even more. It’s not that much different from the rest of the year but there is simply an extra measure of love.

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There are moments in life when you feel like you just hit the jackpot. No matter how trivial it might seem to others you feel like you are holding a bar of gold. I felt that way when I got married, and when I held each of my kids for the first time. I felt that way when I got to hold Jacob for the first time after his heart surgery. It’s not always a huge moment that creates that special jackpot feeling though. This summer I found the most incredible deal at a garage sale and got that instant jackpot feeling. Now, where is this jackpot story leading you might ask?

Well, today is gold rush day. I went on a simple outing to Walmart in search for hamster bedding and pull-ups and I hit the jackpot. I was passing the cheap-o dump bin for DVDs and out of the corner of my eye I saw it, a bar of gold! A collection of 60 cartoons, not just any cartoons, but old, really old classics! We’re talking a two disk double sided collection of: Popeye, Superman, Felix the Cat, Woody Wood Pecker, Little LuLu, Mighty Mouse, Mutt and Jeff (I’m so excited to watch those Fourth Fret), Baby Huey, Little Audrey, Betty Boop, Casper, and some miscellaneous ones like The Big Bad Wolf and Humpty Dumpty. It even came with a bonus CD with 49 kids songs on it! The whole works cost me a whoppin’ $5.50. They are not restored and little lines and squiggles dance along the screen from time to time, but that makes is so much more authentic and fun.

So here I am in the middle of a gold rush with my 3 year old and baby watching Popeye. Can life possibly get any better than this? Well, yeah, when I have all the kids home from school then that will be the top!! Life is Great!!! πŸ™‚


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Bread, Underwear, and Cracked Eyelids

I baked bread today and was immediately transplanted back to my childhood. Isn’t it funny how little things will trigger a flood of memories? I grew up on a little farm in Pennsylvania. I remember waking up early in the morning to do the chores. It was so cold in the fall and winter, I slept in my jeans sometimes because I didn’t want to put my cold clothes on before heading out into the snow. There was nothing better after smashing the ice out of the water bucket for the chickens then coming into the glowing warm kitchen and being greeted with the sound of the bread mixer and the smell of hot fresh homemade bread. Yummmm. I love eating fresh baked bread; I always have to make at least one or two extra loaves or it will be devoured in less than two days and we’ll have nothing left for sandwiches.

Ok, side note, I was just watching Amazing Race and one of the families who was afraid of being the last team to arrive was putting on all their clothes in case it wasn’t an elimination round. They saw another family arrive behind them and took of running with their underwear on over their pants and I was just laughing so hard because I found it extremely funny . . . I personally would be mortified to realize that all the world would see me in my underwear, even if I was fully dressed underneath, but I suppose that is why I will never participate in reality TV. At least they were clean . . . hee, hee, hee (sorry, I couldn’t resist)

Dorothy informed me the other day with all the knowledge of a 5 year old, and we all know that even at this age they know everything, that Jacob’s eyelids were cracking. I raised my eyebrows at her amused and asked, “And what tells you that they are cracking?”
“Oh, the lines all over his eyelids (veins of course) mean that they are cracking.” She said this all very seriously and I was trying my hardest not to crack up laughing. Then she adds as if to seal any question or doubt with utmost authority, “Elizabeth told me.”


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