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Aaaaaahhhh – or in other words – one week to go

Well, I have been silent for quite some time, but with good reason. This move is happening SO fast. I am currently sitting in a house of chaos taking a short break from kids, packing, housework, packing, and… did I mention packing?

We’ve made excellent progress, however I feel a bit overwhelmed knowing we are loading the moving truck on Saturday. YIKES!! I’m sure we will have everything ready – I just hope it all fits 😀

Paul is going to take everything with him to Ohio and I will stay with the kids for the next month and a half – we will leave after they get done with school in June. I can do this. (I hope, heh)

I’m excited for our new adventure to begin – though a little nervous too.

In the midst of all our crazy packing, I had a 5-day vacation to Utah where I spent two days driving (with friends, not kids so it was FUN!) one day with my big sister, and two days at an amazing writing conference (more to come on that later when I’m not supposed to be packing 😉 ). I also got to spend Saturday in a nearby town at a one day writing festival/conference where I was able to listen to and meet a favorite author of mine – Ursula K. LeGuin – it was awesome. She is absolutely hilarious and I loved it. The other workshops were fun too and I am looking forward to writing a bit more about that in the near future.

We also had an ultrasound last week in which Paul and I decided to find out – for the first time ever – what we were having.

We’re having a BOY!!!!

Oh and one other fabulous piece of news – we found a house! We really did it is going to be perfect for our fam – we settled on an offer last week and signed a contract. Now we are just waiting for the appraisal, inspection, and loan to all go through. We will close a week before we arrive in Ohio. WOOT!! I am so excited – all these years of appartment managing and staying in mom and dad’s house (and it has been a huge blessing – don’t get me wrong) it will be wonderful to have a place to call our own. 😀 Oh – it’s on .65 acre and there is a beautiful woods – the kids will have space to run and play – and they can even do a little sledding in the winter in our back yard :-D.

This really is our year – our wonderful year of change, firsts, and new beginnings. I feel so blessed. It will be hard to leave the place I have called home for most of my life and all the wonderful friends that feel like family, but there will be so many new wonderful people to meet and friends to make. The possibilities are endless. 😀


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Random Friday Post (of prenatals, Jacobisms, and such)

Yesterday I had my first prenatal appt. I had an ultrasound done a couple weeks ago to figure out my due date, but this was the first prenatal. We had hoped to get some heart tones, but baby was hiding, so next time for sure. I am going to the same midwife (whom I love) that I have with the last four pregnancies, so this will be baby number five in our family with her. Elizabeth was the only one not born with her – we were living in Utah when she was born.

We are planning on going to her birth center again – Andaluz. Though we loved having a homebirth, we decided that with lots of kids its easier to call someone to come to the house to watch them while we got to the birth center than it is to farm all the kids out. We love the birth center – its beautiful and homey. I’ll do a waterbirth again – I do so love waterbirths.

I don’t have the same worries I did when I was expecting James – now having a healthy child after our heart child, the paranoia and worry is lessened some, though we will still definitely do the 20 week ultrasound clear doubts.

So far things are going well – I am 11 weeks on Sat and finally starting to feel more human – though today I was hit with a lovely migraine which brought on the queasiness and exhaustion again.

I mentioned on Facebook that Paul and I joined a community band. We are having so much fun. We met first the first time in band at Ricks College in January of 1996 – so it is fun playing together again. My old highschool band director is our conductor now which makes it extra fun. The band is really quite good, especially for a community band, and we are playing some really cool music. Our first concert is next Sat. where we are playing in an adult community band festival hosted in Hillsboro. It feels so good to be playing the horn again. Man, I love that instrument!

Jacob has been so excited that his cousin, John (my oldest nephew on my side of the family), has recently left for his mission. He is headed to Brazil, but for now is in the Missionary Training Center in Provo waiting for his visa and things like that. Jacob constantly talks about “My cousin John on a mission” and prays for him all the time. He also talks about grandma and grandpa on a mission a lot too. A couple weeks ago he walks up to Paul first thing in the morning and says, “You have to tell mom right now that I am going on a mission TOMORROW when I’m all grown up!”

The other night we were gathered around the table for dinner. We always say a blessing on the food, and as the head of our home Paul always invites someone to say the prayer. (We work together as equals, but I also believe that Dad has certain special responsibilities just like Mom does, and that’s one of them 😀 ) Paul asked James to pray and Jacob got really upset. At first we thought he was upset because he wanted to pray. We tried to soothe him, saying he could say the family prayer before we went to bed.

He scowled at us. “No. I choose.”

Paul and I exchanged looks and raised eyebrows as we launched into a gentle explanation. “It’s Dad’s responsibility to choose. He is the head of our home and he has the priesthood.”

“I can choose too.”

“Not yet, when you are older and you have the priesthood then you can choose when daddy is not home.”

“No. I choose now. I have priesthood too.”

“Ummm. Honey, no you haven’t recieved it yet. Now, when you turn twelve-”

Jacob crossed his arms across his chest in defiance. “I have too. I go to priestschool!”

Paul and I just about fell out of our chairs laughing. We managed to smooth the laughter away in order to correct him. “No honey, you go to PRE school. You can’t recieve the priesthood from a school.”

He decided to believe us after that, but Paul and I snickered our way through the rest of dinner.


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“I don’t know that my mom is pregnant”

We found out a few weeks ago that number six is on the way.  SIX!! We felt very strongly for some time that we had another member of our family waiting to join us, but it is still mind boggling to me.  We told a few people when we found out, we usually wait to tell people until we’ve safely made it through the first trimester, but the more kids you have the faster you pooch and the harder it is to hide (for me anyway).

So a week or so ago one of my friends, not realizing that we hadn’t told all the kids yet, mentioned it to my 7-year-old. “Are you excited your mommy is having a new baby?”

She looked at the woman, shrugged her shoulders and said, “I don’t know that my mom is pregnant.”

I waited for her to ask me about it, but she never did. My friend and I, and Paul all had a good laugh over it, but the question never came. We finally gave in and told the kids this week and Em was elated, as was every one else, but she never acknowledged that she had been told a week earlier – I don’t think it ever sunk in 😀

So, there you have it! Number 6 is officially on its way. I had my first ultrasound today and so I now have a due date – September 10. My first prenatal will be partway through Feb. Oh – and morning sickness? Eh, not much, just perpetual nausea that lasts most of the day – and being REALLY tired.  Other than that, we are good (as long as no one minds the messy house).

So, this year is proving to be an interesting one full of changes: a baby,  and some major change in living arrangements and/or job, and with any luck maybe I’ll get a bite or two on one of my manuscripts – 20 rejections on one and counting – yeehaw! (I can’t complain or get discouraged until I hit triple digits :-D). Who knows what will happen or where we will land. My parents are coming home soon and we will either be buying their house (if Paul gets a better job that will allow us to) or flying the coop to who knows where. The great job/house hunt has begun and where we land is anybody’s guess.

Scary, exciting, nervewracking, and wonderful all wrapped up in one.  We get to focus on painting and being sure the house is ready to sell in case we don’t buy it, while hoping we can stay (we really do love it here and the house, and yard and… and…) but looking anywhere and everywhere for a job that will support the growing family better and pay Paul what he’s worth. (He’s officially done with school by the way – woot!!)

So, maybe this will be our year too – at any rate we already have one marvelous change and are looking forward to possibly many others and hopefully not TOO much stress along the way. 😀


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Taken by Storm

What a week! And it isn’t even over yet. 🙂 So after our thrilling experience on Christmas Eve day we settled in for what we thought would be a typical Christmas and week.  Maybe the contractions on Christmas Eve night should have fore-warned me – after all I did catch myself praying as a strongish one woke me, “Please, no baby on Christmas.”  But the contractions tapered off and I shrugged them off along with all the others that weren’t “really there” figuring that I would have contractions for at least a week or two leading up to the birth of baby.

The 26th rolled around and we were all having fun playing with new toys and watching new movies.  Paul was at work again and I did manage to call him to let him know that I was having contractions – but nothing I though was serious.  Then, at one point I noticed they were somewhat regular – say every 5-8 minutes or so and just a bit stronger.  So, I made a call to my midwife to let her know.

“Do you want me to stop by?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I dunno, it’s probably nothing.”  This comment based off of the numerous times in the past where contractions would go on for days or weeks with no real progress.

“Well, why don’t I go ahead and stop by and check you. Then we might have a slight idea of if it might be soon or not.”

I agreed to the idea and she planned on stopping by in the evening when Paul would be home.  I made dinner and got the kids fed.  When the midwife came by we found that I was dialated to a 2.  That might mean a lot to some people, but to me it meant the baby MIGHT come by the due date – or be late as usual.  Our midwife guestimated sometime within the next week or so – none of us expected to be greeting James so soon. 🙂

After the children were in bed that night and I was quietly sitting in my chair unwinding from the craziness of the day I began to occasionally mention to Paul whenever I had a contraction.  After the first few he commented to me, “Those are pretty close together, lets time them.”  He timed them regularly for over an hour and we discovered they were gaining strength and averaging 4 minutes apart and about 45 seconds long.  So once again we called and talked with the midwife and decided that I would attempt to go to sleep and see if the contractions died off, or kept going.

Off to bed I went and when it got to be 12:00 and I still couldn’t sleep because the contractions were even stronger I decided that this might indeed be the real thing.  Somewhat still skeptical we called our friends to come stay with the children while they slept, grabbed our bag (which I had finally finished packing that day) and headed up to the birth center.  The contractions were really getting strong now, as I walked into the birth center I had to continually stop and breathe through them.

So, to make a long story short James was born at 4:06 – about 4 hours of really active labor and the shortest pushing period after my water broke ever – he just wanted out of there.

We headed home later that day as I was yearning for my bed and the comfort of my own home.  Kids were still farmed out to friends so we slept the rest of the evening away and a good portion of Friday, though I was having terrible after-birth pains compounded by stomach cramps as I seemed to have caught some kind of intestinal bug or something – (which seems to finally be passing thank goodness – I have chugged more water today than I ever thought possible. 🙂  )  Paul also took James in to see the pediatrician to have a routine check-up to make sure everything was looking good, probably more for ours, and our ped’s santity than anything else.  James passed with flying colors and appears to be a healthy happy baby boy.  While we are definitely put more at ease after the ped visit, we are still watching him like a hawk, which is natural I suppose after our experience with Jacob.

Our whirlwind week continued this morning when, on top of my not feeling well on top of just having had a baby, Jacob awoke vomitting and with a fever of 102.6 and climbing.  Poor Paul was put through the paces as he juggled between trying to take care of a toddler who was vommitting multiple times and feeling absolutely miserable, three active little girls, and a me. He fared farely well though by evening when I was feeling slightly better and Paul had finally managed to snag a nap on the couch I hadn’t the heart to wake him and threw together a fast and easy dinner casserole (shame on me for not being prepared as usual with casseroles for such occasions waiting in the freezer).  I also tossed some laundry through (didn’t need the sicky germs getting around) after which my energy was zapped, Paul woke up and growled at me (such a sweet hubby) and I crashed again in bed and fed baby. 

A highlight from the day was a surprise visit (they let us know last night) from my Uncle and Aunt who were visiting from St. George, UT.  Since they were on the road they didn’t know about James, so it was fun and exciting all around for us to see them, and for them to meet our new arrival.  Jacob even managed to stagger out from his bedroom for a hello.

So, that has been our exciting week – we even had snow on Christmas day, which I failed to mention. So this evening Jacob seems to be feeling better, though still sporting a fever of 102 something, and I am feeling better – tired and sore, but at least not the other stuff too (I think I was dehydrated, but I am definitely not now).  Tomorrow will hopefully bring no more sickies and a healthier Jacob. 🙂

Now, I leave you with another photo of James and a promise of more photos still to come…

This is James’ going home photo – see his arms are even raised in a cheer, “YAY! I’m going home!” Ok, so it is his sleeve sticking up and not his arms, but it makes for a cute photo just the same. 🙂

James Going Home


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Merry Christmas (and I’m still standing! – sort of)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas yesterday. 🙂 I was all set to write steadily the last time I blogged, yada yada yada – and then reality hit me as I still had to finish everyone’s pajamas, and help Elizabeth finish making piano bags for everyone, and  do at least some baking, oh, and clean the house, and…and…and….

 I got it all done.  Three nightgowns, one set of boy pajamas, and two pair pajama pants for Paul, plus 5 piano bags that Elizabeth “made”. It was her first introduction to the sewing machine and she learned how to release and put down the pressure foot, guide material through while I was sewing, etc.  So everyone now has a piano bookbag made from left over material I had laying around that had music notes and such on it.  Everyone but Jacob that is – we’ll have to make him one when he is older. 🙂  I never did get the corn heating bags made for people though – oh well. 🙂

I managed to do some baking, though the majority of it ended up being on the 23rd.  We have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so Mom doesn’t end up in the kitchen all day on Christmas and we can snack and eat as we go and enjoy the kids.  I suppose it could be that I overdid things a tad bit during the week, but on Christmas Eve morning I woke to a rather unpleasant surprise that sent everyone into a whirlwind of worry.

Vaginal bleeding – not exactly the kind of Christmas presant I was hoping for, and as I have never had such problems I was a tad bit panicked and stressed.  My midwife came  over (at 5:30 a.m.) to check and things with baby seemed to be fine – the heart rate was fine, etc..  As soon as she things opened up in the morning I was scheduled for an ultrasound.  I was ordered to bed and to stay there until we could be sure that things were ok.  But what to do about Christmas dinner?

Paul stepped up to the plate, marvelous man that he is, and cooked the whole thing.  Anyway, I digress. We found a wonderful girl who was willing to babysit on Christmas Eve and took off to the hospital where (even though we were there at the scheduled time) waited for 30 minutes before the ultrasound took place.

Everything was and is fine. No placenta abruption, nothing wrong with the cervix, they aren’t really sure what caused the bleeding though there are several different things it could be.  Plenty of amniotic fluid and baby’s heart rate was healthy and baby was and is active.  I was allowed to move around more, though Paul still wouldn’t let me set foot in the kitchen – I think his theory was that I overdid things a bit.  Stress was allieviated, though there still were a number of clots and light bleeding. After a lot of rest we still managed to have a wonderful and normal Christmas Eve with all our usual festivities and traditions.

During the night as Christmas morning approached I remember feeling a few quite strong contractions and praying, “please not tonight – I don’t want to spoil Christmas, etc.” Thankfull nothing happened.  No bleeding and feeling quite “normal”.  Paul is still forcing me to take it easy – though honestly I want to – I’m not taking any chances.  So while I am up and about I am focusing on not doing too much no matter how the messy house after Christmas bugs me. 😉

Our Christmas day was splendid and filled with marvelous fun – there was even less squabling and such than usual – which is pretty good considering all the new things that everyone wants to play with.

Baby now has permision to come whenever he (no, we don’t know that the baby is a boy, but can’t stand saying ‘it’) wishes and apparantly is working on it.  Contractions, though not frequent (or spaced close together) have picked up quite a bit in potency – they are actually starting to hurt! So maybe, just maybe I might be early for a change.  Due date is a week from tomorrow, so who knows.  I have another prenatal on Friday, so will shoot for any more updates at that time.

Until then all is well, and we had a wonderful Christmas.  I sure hope all of you had a wonderful one as well!


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I was bit by the cleaning bug today – I woke up and every little dirty thing was bugging me to no end. I cleaned the kitchen, caught up on all the dishes and swept and mopped the floor.  Straightened the living room and family room and vacuumed them.  Cleaned both bathrooms thoroughly and swept and mopped those floors. Cleaned our bedroom and vacuumed it. I even vacuumed my hubby’s office – skipped mine though since I am still working on sewing projects. 

Paul had brought down, from the attic,  the wood cradle/bassinet that he had found during the summer at a garage sale, so I scrubbed that clean as well.  Paul was teasing me about the meaning of my cleaning, to which I vehemently denied the possibility.

 But then, when I went to get Emily from Kindergarten and I was sitting waiting for her to get out of school. The car started bugging me and I began to pick up all the garbage and stray clothes flung about.  Hmmm….

 I’ve done all the laundry as well (6 loads) and will fold it tonight while I watch the new Harry Potter movie.

Now, does this really mean anything?  In my opinion not really.  I am having some contractions, though for me that doesn’t mean much. I was having contractions 5-6 weeks before Jacob was born and they continued up until they finally came.  The contractions actually started when I was sick the last week of November.  They were more frequent today after my crazy cleaning, but are already fading away and petering off as I sit and type. 

So, it will be interesting to see when the baby decides to come join our family.

At the very least I have a wonderful clean house to enjoy. Yippee!!


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Pregnancy Ramble

I’ve officially hit waddle stage, crazy sciatic nerve stage, and oh my aching back stage.  The benefit to expecting a baby in January is that you are pregnant during the busiest time of year and don’t exactly notice just how pregnant you are getting.  The draw to this is that once you do realize it you have overdone it and need to use your husband for a cane just to get back into the bedroom.  Not to mention the fact you don’t have the energy you need to make through the holidays.  You know, I figured it out that after baby number 5 is born I will have spent 3 years and 4 months pregnant in my life – no wonder I can’t remember anything this time around, I’ve lost nearly 3 years and 4 months worth of brain cells! I’m doomed….. 😉  heh.

I never realized that hours bending of a sewing machine could cause such flare-up in sciatic nerves and aching backs, but the other night I could hardly walk.  Paul, the dear man that he is, promptly searched through the house and found me one of the canes hidden around – (passed down from grandma and used on various occasions as shepherd staves, etc.)  Uhhh….thanks. 🙂

Yesterday was a big day, I ran errands, waddled a half a mile or so (which is usually a breeze for me, but wasn’t – my back was complaining half way into my waddle), had lunch, did some sewing, took Em and Jacob in for flu shots (they have this really cool flu mist now that can be sniffed up the nose and they do it ages 2+ – used to only be 5+ until this year – so the flu shots were pleasant and painless – no screaming and crying kids.  WOOHOO!), ran some more errands, sewed some more.  Then, while I was sewing and the kids were playing outside – the first sunny day in weeks, there was this strange popping and crackling sound.  I looked frantically around trying to see where it was coming from.  I looked up and saw smoke pouring out of a light fixture in the ceiling.

With a gasp I dashed to the wall and shut the light off.  Then I did what every self respecting pregnant lady would do and called my husband.  The whole house smelled like burnt wires, and I was worried that there could be a loose wire somewhere starting a fire where I couldn’t see it.  He had me patting down the ceiling to see if it was hot, looking out side for smoke, and pulling open the attic entrance to look for smoke, etc.  I called our electrician friend – and had to leave him a message.  Then I ran a couple doors down the street to our fire-fighter neighbor, but he wasn’t home.  Then I shut off the breaker in case there were still live wires that might be connecting and causing problems somewhere I couldn’t see.  Paul, dear man, got off early and came home to check out the problem.  It was a lightbulb gone bad and funky.  Nothing else, and thankfully, no fire. 

After all that excitement I continued to sew, then we all went to the store (the cheap place to  get pumpkins, though we always take the kids to the pumpkin patch, we get the pumpkins at the cheap place) and picked out six pumpkins.  By the time we were done and home and kids were in bed it was 8:30 and the kitchen was out of control (for some reason when mom is sewing like mad, nothing else in the house gets done). So, of course, I did the dishes, hobbling about the kitchen with my back in fits of pain, and my tummy aching from being an interior punching bag and stretched beyond any possible limits.  Paul growled at me, but I needed to get it done, and he needed to study, so I let him growl and completed the task at hand.  Of course you have that emotional pregnancy moment of “I hurt and I’m in pain, and you are so sweet and trying to be nice, but you can’t and I have to do it anyway…Waaaaaaaaa” – I felt like an I Love Lucy re-run. (Of course after that I collapsed in my chair and vegged the rest of the evening.  I attempted, once, to begin sewing again – I laughed at myself and went to bed.)

All is well once again this morning and I am ready to put in a day of sewing (I’m nearly done!) and attend a prenatal.  But I am sure, by the end of the day I’ll be hobbling about the place as yesterday.  But then, that is the nice thing about pregnancy, at least I know that it will all go away once the pregnancy is over (including my sanity – heh – that’s been gone for at least 8 years now 😉 ). Now, old age… that will be an entirely different ball game. 🙂


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V is for Vanish

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

My memory has vanished, gone, never to be seen again.  You can blame it on the pregnancy, but I think it is seeking a tropical island to cruise to.  I’m not saying I forget something from time to time but I can’t hold a single thought in my head for longer than two seconds.  I’ll remember something in the morning that needs to be done, or a child needs to be taken to, and by afternoon I will have completely forgotten.

Why blog about a vanished brain?  Well, perhaps to vent a bit. See, I feel horrible and like I am letting my everyone down, worst of all my children.  For the second time this month I forgot about taking Elizabeth to a church activity that was really important to her.  I feel like a heel.  I keep forgetting about the meetings I have to practice with the three ladies I am accompanying for a musical number at church.  They call to remind me at the time I should have been there, but then I end up keeping them waiting for 10-20 minutes while I try to find my keys, my shoes, shake of the children, and drive to the church to practice. 

I will have a thought that I should stop and visit someone, or take cookies to them. It doesn’t get acted upon because I FORGET. Grrrr.  Emily hasn’t had a play-date for two weeks because I keep forgetting to set one up.  It is so frustrating, and I feel so terrible. It doesn’t matter how many times I write it down – I’ll forget shortly after reading it.  I have turned into one of the characteristics that I despise the most: an unreliable flake.

On the upside, I have at least remembered Liz’s dentist appointment, and the kids picture appointments at Wal-Mart (so much cheaper than school pics – rather than $25 minimum for a dinky package, I get a huge package for $6 – can’t beat that, and they do a decent job too).

 So, with my vanished brain, comes vanished keys, vanished shoes, vanished purse.  Thankfully now vanished kids yet – I haven’t set them down and forgotten where I put them as of yet. heh 🙂  Thank goodness for a sweet husband who helps keep track of my schedule, reminds me of when events are, and can tell me without batting an eye where I last set down whatever it is I am looking for.

I’d like to say that I misplaced my computer for an excuse as to why I have been so neglect in writing – and reading – or that I keep forgetting 😉  but I have been busy, and honestly not in the mood.  Maybe it’s just that I have a hard time thinking of something to write about when what is left of my brain is so busy trying to remember what I have forgotten. 🙂  hee hee. 

Anyway, bring on the vanishing memory and brain jokes – I need a laugh, even if it is at my own expense!  😀


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R is for Random

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

Ok, I know that it is not a very original idea for the letter “R” but as I haven’t had a chance to blog for some time I have a number of little random things to mention – most all to small for regular sized posts.

We have given up on dial-up which is the main reason behind my absence – internet troubles with dial-up connection troubles with DSL – I think we finally have it all figured out.


One morning Emily and Dorothy were fighting and screaming at each other as they got ready to ride their bikes to school.  I sent them into their room, telling them they would stay there until they decided they could get along no matter how long they took and how much school they missed.  Of course they were ticked at me, but they resolved their problems rather quickly, and were ready to go a little while later – and thankfully would only be a few minutes late.  As they got on their bikes I told them to stick together like glue and to be nice.

Apparently Dorothy took me quite seriously.  A friend happened upon them near the school where Emily stood in tears as Dorothy tried desperately to unlock her bike chain. She had taken the chain and locked the two bikes together in an attempt to remain close to her sister.  My friend reported that “you could see the gears turning in Dorothy’s head, something just isn’t working right here.”

I’ve really got to watch what I say to that girl. 🙂


I took Jacob and another little boy to the park the other day.  As we walked along the sidewalk  the little boy looked up at me and asked, “why is side’s last name walk?”


After reading an article in this month’s “Ensign” about humor in the home Paul decided to follow the author’s lead and has adopted his grand announcement as he walks in the front door. “Hello all you lucky people, I’m home!”  He bellows it at the top of his lungs while 8 little pairs of stampeding feet tackle him in the front room.  It is really a pleasure to see and has made a huge difference in our home.  It seems that everyone is just a little bit happier and the evenings flow just a bit more smoothly. Not perfectly mind you, a better. 🙂


In the space of about 5 minutes Jacob managed to knock down the gate to the kitchen, dump out almost all of the garlic, in one of those big plastic bulk containers, emptied and most likely ate an entire shaker’s worth of salt.  Then at lunch he unbuckled himself, got a hold of the Parmesan cheese, re-buckled himself and proceeded to dump all of the Parmesan cheese (the container was almost completely full) all over the place. He looked like a little ghost sitting oh so innocently in his chair at the table (I was gone for a minute to use the bathroom). It took me a while to figure out how on earth he had managed to get the Parmesan.

Aside from his little 2-year fingers getting into anything and everything know matter how impossible it seems to you, he manages to worm his way into everybody’s heart with his sweet little smiles, hugs, and kisses. 🙂 He is a little parrot and mimics everything we and his sisters say.

His favorite is a little game the girls like to play. They circle their fingers in front of your face and say “lolli lolli lolli – POP!” and then clap the hands.  Usually the person blinks and so they follow it up with, “You blinked!”  So, Jacob’s version of this is to wave his hands saying “Ollie ollie ollie – pop pop pop pop pop” while hopping up and down clapping his hands. Then he points, grins his dimply cheesy grin and says, “You bink!” 

What can I say, I have the most adorable kids in the universe. 🙂


I had a prental today and everything is going well with little Junior and it was fun to listen to his (or her) little heart beating away. Plus, it was especially nice to have some mommy alone time.


Cooler weather has set in and as I went through Jacob’s dresser I realized that I had no pants that would stay on his body – plenty his size but the waist is always to large and the poor kid has to run around holding up his pants.  So, I went on a jeans (thank goodness for adjustable waistbands) or overalls hunt.  I went to Fred Meyer because it was in town and sometimes they have good sales. They had no overalls above 2T and the only adjustable waist jeans were $26!  I but myself a pair of maternity jeans not on sale at Motherhood of all places (and plus size at that) for $22 – I refuse to pay more for my toddler who takes maybe a quarter of the material – that is just wrong.  So I went on to Target and found a pair of overalls and a pair of adjustable waist jeans at reasonable prices – which is great so now he at least has something besides shorts to wear (brrrr). 🙂

I think that is it for all the random things I can remember. I know there were other things I had originally wanted to write about, but I forgot to jot them down and consequently have no idea what they are.  Blame it on pregnancy brain :).


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Well we had our big ultrasound today and the results were very good.  They didn’t see anything wrong so we were very relieved and of course always excited to see baby.  They checked the heart and other things very thoroughly and listened quite a bit to the heart beat.  All sounded and looked good.  They even gave us four pics! Usually we only get two :). I’m posting my favorite.  Oh, and we were good and didn’t find out the sex of the baby – I know at least half of you are probably groaning in disappointment. 🙂

I am really feeling the little guy (I hate calling a baby it, so we always choose the pro-noun “he” figuring that a girl would be less offended at being called a boy than vice versa. It’s not a hint, as we honestly don’t know) moving around now – Paul can even feel him kicking, especially at night. I believe I am 21 weeks.

So, here is a first picture of Baby Junior #5 who might turn out to be Heidi Jane or James Lamoreaux (A French Name, if pronunciation escapes you – other boy possibilities are Christopher James or Christopher Lamoreaux).

Baby Profile


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