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A is for ….

Ok, I’m not really big into memes, but when I stumbled across this one it caught my attention. Perhaps it’s because I wanted to try to write more steadily and I thought it would get me in the habbit – or perhaps it is because it will help the creativity flow. It is not your usual meme.  It is called the Encyclopedia of Me Meme where each day you write a post about yourself or something you are interested in, following the alphabet. Granted there are only 26 letter in the alphabet, but it will keep me going for a while – and should any of you decide to try it out too, it might just be fun! 🙂  Here’s a link to the lady who came up with the Meme if I didn’t explain it enough: Encyclopedia of Me Meme.  Ok, now with that introduction out of the way I shall continue on with my post…

A is for Affair

Now, don’t get all excited, it’s not what you think. 

I was on my way home from a grueling day yesterday. We had started with leaving for a prenatal at 11:00 in the morning. Em was deposited at a friend’s house and sisters were disgruntled that they hadn’t been invited to friends houses. We muddled through the prenatal with Dad hanging onto the wiggly two year old and Mom trying to get the older girls to be still during the blood draw (my second one because the lab didn’t pick up the draw in time the last time). Consequently I am just over 18 weeks and heard baby’s heart beat today which thrilled the girls. Jacob lifted up his shirt so he could be just like mom and my midwife let us listen to his heart beat with the doppler – it was quite fun.  All is well in baby land. 

 I drove the 30 minutes back home, picked up Em and some lunch and had a potty break, then we drove another 20 minutes to a farmers market.  Upon arrival, Thing 1 informed me that she needed to go potty BAD. I was bewildered as I told her, “but you went 20 minutes ago!” and proceeded to say she would just have to hold it for there was not a potty in sight.  We blazed through the market picking up some berries and fresh vegies, Elizabeth crying and whimpering the whole way. Then we sped to Wal-mart for toilets and school supplies.

Trying to juggle three children’s school lists is an interesting feat (I can’t wait till all 5 are in school – I now have new respect for my poor mom 🙂 ) – not to mention juggling the four kids to go along with it. An hour or two later, with the cart loaded to the hilt, whining kids, and sore feet, we staggered out the Wal-mart doors and to our car.  I wearily planted myself on the car seat and turned on the A.C. full blast. It was so HOT,  I was  TIRED, and my feet HURT.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the radio – it was a dumb travel agency ad anyway.  All of a sudden my mind went reeling  as I balked and looked at the radio like it was some strange, foreign object.

“And love affairs for every occasion….” I heard broadcast worldwide.

“Excuse me?” my brain said as it tried not to be insulted. Then I realized that the heat really had addled my brains – the advertiser hadn’t said “love affairs” but “LOW FARES!”

Ay, ay, AY! I dissolved into a melted puddle of laughter.


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Busy, Busy, Busy – A Random Tuesday Post (because Friday is so far away)

I keep meaning to write and I keep getting swept away in the hectic fun of summer.  I had a prenatal back on the 5th of July – we figured I was about 14 weeks at that point.  Everything went great, but the only problem was that try as she might my midwife could not track down a heart beat.  Before Jacob I would have shrugged and said “we’ll get it next time” but with paranoia attacking me, and with the extra excuse of wanting to be sure of the due date (my due dates have a way of never being what we think they are), we opted for an ultrasound.  So in we went on Sat. the 7th for an ultrasound.  Baby is in fact in there. 🙂 We heard that glorious little heart beating away and got to watch the little tyke wiggling and kicking around like a regular squirmy fishy.  So, with all the fun of seeing thing #5 and hearing the heart beat, I am now at ease (at least somewhat anyway) until the ultrasound at 20 weeks where we will check for defects and the like.  My due date is officially Jan. 3, 2008, so I am 16 weeks this week.


After the children’s great success with the lemonade stand they decided they wanted to do it again last week, only this time they wanted to donate the proceeds to the Children’s Heart Foundation. So work they did – Tuesday through Friday, Friday they actually put in an 11 hour day, I was rather amazed.  By the end of the week those kids had made over $65! We took some out for tithing and expenses to go back to the kids, and had $50 to donate to the Children’s Heart Foundation. (I’ll have more pictures later – we’ll being doing the lemonade stand more in August and then I will get photos of all the kids 🙂 )

Lemonade With Heart

Liz Selling Lemonade


Saturday was the Children Heart Foundation Oregon Chapter’s annual Lionheart Festival and Paul and I were volunteering again.  The kids dumped all their change and money from the lemonade stand and proudly handed it off to a very surprised and elated president of the chapter.  They were even officially recognized during one of the speeches, which thrilled the kids to no end.  We, of course, had a marvelous time volunteering, chatting with other heart parents, and playing to our heart’s delight.  I even got a charming cariacature of adorable Jacob done by an artist volunteering her time and work.  It was also neat to see how the art project turned out, and we now have a poster with Jacob’s artwork on it. 

Lion Heart Festival

(All the yellow shirts are kids, and adults, who have a CHD)

Jacob with his lion's tail

Lion Heart Art Project

(Jacob’s heart that he painted is in the one in the bottom lefthand corner)

Here are a couple of pictures of Jacob at the Lion Heart Art Project:

Lion Heart Festival Art Project 4

Lion Heart Festival Art Project 1


After church Sunday I needed to get a couple of quick things done, and Paul was in a meeting. I kept a tight hold on Jacob and asked the girls to “Please wait quietly and patiently against the wall, I should just be a minute.” Yeah right. I really only did take a minute, but the girls did not wait peacefully and quietly. They were sprawled on the floor on top of each other – noisily. There was another ward (congregation) in session (the chapel of course was closed, but sound does carry, even through heavy wood doors). As I scolded the girls for not listening and disrupting the other ward’s meeting I didn’t realized that I had let Jacob’s hand go as I helped the girls stand up. With horror it suddenly dawned on me that Jacob was not anywhere near me. I looked across the foyer, just in time to see Jacob quietly slipping into the chapel. With a sigh of, “what could possibly happen next”, I sprinted across the foyer and whipped the door open, snatching for that rascally arm, but to no avail. Jacob raced along the back row. The chapel was uncommonely quiet (where are all their kids???) as Jacob drowned the lone speaker out with his calls for, “Dadda”, “Dadda!”, “Dadda?” as he ran up to our usual bench. With confusion he looked at the stranger sitting there. So, he headed for the sacrament table, after all, Dad was sometimes up there, but then hesitated as he saw no one. That hesitation gave me my last scrape of luck as my hand shot out and snatched the back of his shirt collar. Mid horrendous embarassment and humiliation I scooped up the squirelly thing 🙂 and marched myself back down the aisle, across the back and out the door. There were many amused smiles and chuckling eyes, this was, after all, the ward I had grown up in. (Then I went home and cried – don’t you love those pregnant emotions?)


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The “Really Official” Announcement

 As most of you have figured out by now, yes we are expecting child #5.  It is just too much fun being cryptic and seeing how many of you can figure it out, and how quickly. 🙂  My first hint was in my random 7 things about me post, then less cryptic was the post about Jacob and music.  So, forgive me for having too much fun at your expense with my announcement. 🙂  Karen takes the prize as being the very first to pick up on it, I suspected she would, it is terribly difficult to sneak anything past her. 🙂

We usually don’t announce it this early (I’m at the end of my 2nd month) but, all my kids know and the secret just won’t stay in the bag for long, so I decided to untie the strings and just enjoy letting people know in the most interesting ways possible.  Aside from the kids knowing, I am feeling the worst ever, compared to my previous pregnancies, and it is hard to conceal a constant nausea.  Though I feel totally exhausted much of the time and nauseous I am so much better off than a lot of pregnant moms, at least I am not hovering over a toilet all day. 

The due date isn’t until January, so we have a ways to go, and my first prenatal is next Monday, so hopefully at that point we will get to hear the heart beat.  We will have an ultrasound done at 20 weeks to  check for heart defects, etc. but we will not find out the sex of the baby.  We love surprises and I love not knowing what we are having until the baby is born.  We do have two names picked already, leftovers that we had chosen during our previous pregnancies, that we love and I might divulge those later if my arm is twisted enough. 😉  We are so excited, but a bit overwhelmed, we have a hard enough time sometimes with the 4 we have that 5 seems a bit daunting, but we are truly excited, and just praying we will be up to the challenge.

As far as the kids go they are all thrilled and have already thrown in their predictions. 

 Elizabeth wants another boy, “Jacob needs a buddy” she says.

Emily is just excited to have a “Baby in Mommy’s tummy”, Jacob doesn’t really get what is going on – maybe he will later what I am huge (ugh) 🙂 and Dorothy in her very own words says, “Mommy, why can’t you just have two? You know, one of each – a boy and a girl.”

Thanks Dot. (eek)  I promise I will try really hard not to complain about feeling icky, but now you will know part of the reason why my posts have been, and will possibly continue to be, sporadic from time to time.


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