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Introducing Robert


7 lbs 13 oz. 21 1/2 inches long. Born at 7:32 Friday, September 3rd and adorable as all get out!

We had joked a few weeks before that it would be perfect if he were born the Friday before labor day because Paul had Monday off. Well, in all honesty the idea wasn’t mine – my friend Emily (due just two days after me) divulged her plan to have a Labor Day weekend baby whilst we were visiting teaching one night. It sounded good – We never thought it would actually happen! He had been breech for a long time and was not wanting to turn. So, we scheduled to do a version on Friday morning – hoping they would be able to turn him and avoid a c-section.

Paul gave me a blessing the night before and the baby was blessed that he would turn. I went to bed shortly after and it felt like he was having party in there! He was kicking and moving so much I could hardly sleep.

Friday morning I woke bright and early – well early at least, and headed up to the hospital – I had to be there by 7. My hope was that if they got him to turn we’d induce – not give him the chance to turn back again, and it just felt like the right thing to do.

So, I got to the hospital and they got me prepped. Our midwife went to check the baby’s position and mentioned she thought he had already turned. She did an ultrasound to make sure, and yup, smart kid had turned on his own during the night. Smart guy, no wonder it felt like he was having a party in there. So, they decided to go ahead and induce and I was very happy. It felt like he was ready to come, and I was SO ready for him to be here.

We started things slow and when the contractions were finally picking up around 4:30 they went ahead and broke my water and that’s when things really got moving. After 5 babies born all naturally, and having to do this one so completely different, I decided to be a wimp and have an epidural. I must say it was the right decision this time and it was wonderful (though I wouldn’t change any of my previous births at all). Little guy was born 3 hours later. It was a wonderful experience.

So we began our family with a horrible hospital experience when Liz was born and ended it with a wonderful hospital experience when Robert was born. Seems fitting. 😀 Anyway, we are so happy to have him here – and I’m happy to not be pregnant anymore :-D. There have been so many wonderful blessings and miracles around this birth, we are truly blessed.

I had to stay a minimum of 24 hours in the hospital – there are some required tests here in Ohio that have to be done at 24 hours of age, but I convinced them to spring me after the required 24 hours – yay for kid number 6 and being an experienced mom!


Paul brought the kids up on Saturday and they were all so enthralled with the baby.



We’ve already had some priceless comments from them on the new little tyke.


James was just taken with him and kept saying, “Baby” over and over again. Then that night Paul was helping him say his prayers and said, “Please bless Robert.” James looked up at him and said, “Who?”



Jacob proclaimed, shortly after meeting his new baby brother, “But he doesn’t do anything!”



Dorothy, after seeing pictures of him just after he was born (but after they had already put him in a onesie) asked in no small amount of awe, “We’re born with our clothes on?”


Emily didn’t say much – I think she was absolutely speechless and in love with him on sight.


Elizabeth couldn’t quit talking about how adorable he was. I happen to agree. 😀

So, welcome aboard, Robert! We’re a nutty bunch, but something tells me you’ll fit in just fine…



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We serve nudes at our dinner table

The other night we were seated around the table enjoying a spetacular shrimp pasta. We had also made a white cheddar pasta for the kids in case they didn’t like the shrimp (didn’t want to waste it if they didn’t like it – more for us!).

Elizabeth quickly cleaned her plate and held it up. “Can I have some more nudes please?”

I did a double take and spluttered a bit. “Some what dear?”

“Some nudes.”

So I had heard her right. I started laughing, the kind that starts as a little chuckle and builds and builds. “Honey do you know what nude means?”

“No.” She was beginning to look a bit bewildered at her insanely laughing mom and glanced toward Dad who was chuckling into his cup.

“It means naked,” I explained through my laughter.

“Oh.” She gave us a sheepish grin and began laughing. “Oops. I’d like some more noodles, please.”

“That we can do, but we don’t serve naked people here,” I happily commented, to which Dad almost lost his water all over the table and Liz and I cascaded into helpless laughter as the rest of the family looked on trying to figure out what was so very funny.


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More Jacobisms, one Dadism, and James’ acrobatics

We were driving home from the Portland Children’s Museum on Saturday evening after attending the Andaluz Waterbirth Center potluck. I’m not quite sure how, but the topic of electricity came up. One of the kids asked if all the lights went out would our car lights go out too so we couldn’t see. We explained that they wouldn’t, but Jacob was worried now that the lights would all go out.

Finally Dad said, “Jacob, close your eyes.” He did and Dad exclaimed, “Power out!” Then he said, “Open you eyes.” Jacob once again obeyed. “Power on!” They did this a few more times – close eyes, power out, open eyes, power on.

Finally, after the third time or so, as he opened his eyes, Jacob exclaimes, “AWESOME!”

Our poor kids are going to be SO warped.


Jacob loves toast. He can put the bread in and push down the button and finds it absolutely facinating. The other day, while I was cleaning my office (a huge feat – it was more like excavating, really), the boys decided they needed toast. Did they ask me? Of course not! They just happily began to play with the toaster. Well, after a little while I realized I hadn’t seen the boys in about five minutes – bad news, especially where boys are concerned. I exited my office to investigate and smelled smoke. there was a haze hovering over the kitchen.

In I ran and discovered Jacob pushing the button down once again on an already thoroughly blackened piece of bread. I dived at the toaster with a resounding now! And popped it up again. Smoke roiled forth and as I pulled the hapless piece of toast from it’s death little waves of smoke wafted from is poor blackened being. Windows were thrown open and fans turned on, but I swear the house still smells smokey, and when I open certain cupboards they smell like they have a smoking habit.

I have to say, at least he didn’t set the toaster on fire like I did, once upon a time. (And I MUCH prefer smoke over mounds of brown sugar all over my living room – I had to shampoo the carpet a million times! Well, Paul did, I was too nautious after trying to vaccuum it all up with the shopvac.)

A couple weekends ago, Paul and I were ordering Chinese take out for our date since the kids were sick. He was reading over my shoulder and suddenly says. “Human beef?”

I blinked in astonishment. “What?”

“Oh, never mind, it says Hunan beef.”

I wonder if I should worry about him turning canibal on me… hee hee

James is our little gymnast. He has great capabilities. I first began to notice his major gymnast talents when we had the brown sugar issue in the living room and all the cushions were off of the couch. Since, without the cushions, it was lower to the ground he would balance on the edge and summersault off and onto the floor. Now he does it with the cushions on.

Then, the other day, Paul caught him balanced precariously between two bar stools. We have bar stools at our counter so the kids can sit while we cook and work and check out what we are doing. Anyway, he had lined up two bar stools and climbed up, balancing betwen them with one leg on the one, and the other leg on the other, doing the splits. He just sat there, hanging between the two bar stools in the splits until he decided he was done and couldn’t quite figure out how to get down.

Later that day we caught him balanced on the arm of the rocking chair. He was standing on the arm and holding onto the back with one hand – the other straight out in the air and rocking back and forth – acrobatic training anyone? We gave him the whole, that is not proper rocking chair behaviour lecture. I think it will have to be repeated in the future.

He climbs everything, but not only does he climb it, he jumps off of it. He prefers if you are there to catch him, but he’ll jump regardless. I’d consider putting him into gymnastics, but the consequences could be ghastly. lol! I can see him now, swinging from the lights and ceiling fans in an attempt to mimic the high bar or something.

I just love my boys. 😀


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Random Friday Post (of prenatals, Jacobisms, and such)

Yesterday I had my first prenatal appt. I had an ultrasound done a couple weeks ago to figure out my due date, but this was the first prenatal. We had hoped to get some heart tones, but baby was hiding, so next time for sure. I am going to the same midwife (whom I love) that I have with the last four pregnancies, so this will be baby number five in our family with her. Elizabeth was the only one not born with her – we were living in Utah when she was born.

We are planning on going to her birth center again – Andaluz. Though we loved having a homebirth, we decided that with lots of kids its easier to call someone to come to the house to watch them while we got to the birth center than it is to farm all the kids out. We love the birth center – its beautiful and homey. I’ll do a waterbirth again – I do so love waterbirths.

I don’t have the same worries I did when I was expecting James – now having a healthy child after our heart child, the paranoia and worry is lessened some, though we will still definitely do the 20 week ultrasound clear doubts.

So far things are going well – I am 11 weeks on Sat and finally starting to feel more human – though today I was hit with a lovely migraine which brought on the queasiness and exhaustion again.

I mentioned on Facebook that Paul and I joined a community band. We are having so much fun. We met first the first time in band at Ricks College in January of 1996 – so it is fun playing together again. My old highschool band director is our conductor now which makes it extra fun. The band is really quite good, especially for a community band, and we are playing some really cool music. Our first concert is next Sat. where we are playing in an adult community band festival hosted in Hillsboro. It feels so good to be playing the horn again. Man, I love that instrument!

Jacob has been so excited that his cousin, John (my oldest nephew on my side of the family), has recently left for his mission. He is headed to Brazil, but for now is in the Missionary Training Center in Provo waiting for his visa and things like that. Jacob constantly talks about “My cousin John on a mission” and prays for him all the time. He also talks about grandma and grandpa on a mission a lot too. A couple weeks ago he walks up to Paul first thing in the morning and says, “You have to tell mom right now that I am going on a mission TOMORROW when I’m all grown up!”

The other night we were gathered around the table for dinner. We always say a blessing on the food, and as the head of our home Paul always invites someone to say the prayer. (We work together as equals, but I also believe that Dad has certain special responsibilities just like Mom does, and that’s one of them 😀 ) Paul asked James to pray and Jacob got really upset. At first we thought he was upset because he wanted to pray. We tried to soothe him, saying he could say the family prayer before we went to bed.

He scowled at us. “No. I choose.”

Paul and I exchanged looks and raised eyebrows as we launched into a gentle explanation. “It’s Dad’s responsibility to choose. He is the head of our home and he has the priesthood.”

“I can choose too.”

“Not yet, when you are older and you have the priesthood then you can choose when daddy is not home.”

“No. I choose now. I have priesthood too.”

“Ummm. Honey, no you haven’t recieved it yet. Now, when you turn twelve-”

Jacob crossed his arms across his chest in defiance. “I have too. I go to priestschool!”

Paul and I just about fell out of our chairs laughing. We managed to smooth the laughter away in order to correct him. “No honey, you go to PRE school. You can’t recieve the priesthood from a school.”

He decided to believe us after that, but Paul and I snickered our way through the rest of dinner.


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Hairy Tales

If you hair is down to your ankle
and your eyebrows can’t be found.
If your curls and locks really rankle
and bad hair days are common ground….

Have we got a do for you!

Hairy tales, hairy tales,
Hairy tales, Hairy tales…..

Just kidding! We don’t really want to torture you with ALL the strange renditions of Veggie Tales that we come up with. So, no more torture, here is the post:

Paul has been promising Jacob and James haircuts for a while. (Poor guy is swamped with work, school, church, family) The other day Jacob came running into our bedroom just after Paul had left for work.

“Dad! Dad?”

I though the distressed call was because he had forgotten that dad gave him kisses while he was still climbing out of bed. “Daddy left already. He gave you kisses, remember?”

“But he needs to give me a haircut.”

I smiled and tousled his hair which was beginning to curl and poke out in little wings above his ears. “He will when he has time, son.”

“But mom,” his tone was now exasperated and he reached up to tug on his hair, “I’m starting to look like Emily!”


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Maybe that is how they got so long

In my family growing up we always joked about ape arms. We were notorious for long limbs – my brother’s “wing span” is longer than his height. Yesterday I had a few errands to run and I decided to bring Dorothy with me for some mommy-daughter time.

We arrived home and Dorothy, eager to help, gathered up all the grocery bags. While they weren’t hugely heavy we had a few bottles of pop because she wanted to have lime sherbet floats for desert. She struggled up to the door and turned towards me, her arms hanging at her sides, the weight pulling on them.

“Mom,” she asks in all sincerity, “if you carry heavy things all the time, will it stretch your arms out?”


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Making Mischief

Food coloring and kids seem to have a magnetic draw. They seek each other out and create beautiful things. In my husband’s case it was a dyed poodle (I think – he can correct me if I am wrong) in Jacob’s case it was bubbles.

He wanted to dye the bottles of bubbles different colors – and dye them he did. I was out with the kids in the backyard and Jacob had gone inside to use the bathroom. Unbeknownst to me he made a swift detour into the kitchen and snagged the food coloring. I noticed when one of the bottles was spilled and looked a strange vibrant green. And then I saw a splotch of blue someplace else.

Then I saw the bottom of Jacob’s feet, after he had stepped in one of the puddles of spilled dyed bubbles – they were bright blue! James got a hold of one of the bottles and had his face dyed blue, his hands dyed blue, his feet dyed blue. It was decided that evening as we hung out in the teepee that we have a tribe of the blue-foot indians. 🙂

That was Monday, and I sincerely hoped the mischief was over, but unfortunately the trouble for the week had just begun. Tuesday brought a babysitter and disastrous consequences as she underestimated Jacob’s mischeif making prowess. He ate half a box of icecream bars, went through numerous cans of juice concentrate that I swear were poured all over the floor as you couldn’t walk a few feet without having to leaf a layer of skin behind as you peeled your foot off the ground. He also decided to paint with the toothpaste all over the bathroom floor. And where was the babysitter during all this? My question exactly – needless to say, we won’t be having her back anytime soon.

I had hoped that after yesterday he had exhausted his mischief creativity – but obviously not. Today I had a few important phone calls to make and disappeared into my office while the kids ate breakfast. Apparantly they wanted sugar and couldn’t open the big bucket. To Jacob’s credit, Dorothy was the one who had the big idea – he just was the happy benefactor. She decided to pull the 25 lb (or so) bag of sugar off the shelf in the garage, rip it open, and fetch a cup of sugar.

When I stumbled upon the scene, Jacob was happily sitting in the middle of the garage floor with sugar all around him happily chowing away. There was sugar EVERYwhere. I vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed some more, and that floor is still sticky.

Man, if the week keeps going like this, I will committed to the insane assylum at the end of it!


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The Fly

Jacob is scared of bugs. Anything from spiders and big beetles to the common house fly. I think it all started with his sisters squealing over bees – anything time something flies around him he looses it.

He has gotten better, but we recently had a conversation that went something like this:

Dad: It’s a fly. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Jacob (a very earnest look upon his face): Yes there is it will hurt me.

Dad: Son, flies can’t hurt you

Jacob: Yeah. They land on your arm and go like this (he grabs hold of his arm and lifts it up ward). They don’t let go and they take your arm and fly away.

Dad: Flies are tiny. They can’t pull your arms off.

Jacob: Yes they can. They stick to you and go like this. (He once again mimics the fly grabbing his arm and flying away with it)

I don’t know that we ever convinced him that flies can’t rip off his limbs and fly away with them, but he definitely gets creativity points 😀


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That’s Just Goofy!

I was in highschool when I was dubbed with the nickname of Goofy. Partly due to my love of the silly character, and partly due to my own klutzy goofiness. At one point I found in the newly opened Wal-Mart in the neighboring town a backwards goofy watch. It was love at first sight.


The number ran backwards, the clock ran backwards, it was unique, and different, and, well – Goofy! It was perfect. I saved my hard earned babysitting money and bought one. I wore for all through college, and on my mission, where it became quite the novelty as children poured over this strange watch.

When it broke, my husband tracked down a new one for my birthday off of e-bay. The other day I had removed it to wash dishes and had forgotten to put it back on. Elizabeth came to me a short time later with a very puzzled look on her face.

“Mom,” she begins. “There’s something wrong with you watch. I think it’s broken.”

I immediately feel upset with myself that I had forgotten to put it back on. “What’s wrong with it?” I ask as she brings it to me.

“Well, it looks like it’s running counter-clockwise!”

I begin laughing immediately and remember the fun times I had as children on my mission made the same surprising discovery. As I strap it safely onto my wrist, I sit Elizabeth onto my lap (she’s getting so big – I don’t think that will be lasting much longer) and begin to explain to her the mechanics of a backwards goofy watch.


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Looking for the North Pole

Traduccion al Espanol

There is a big decorated tree on the main road in and out of out town.  The kids have taken to calling it The North Pole – I think mainly because of the giant decorated tree in “Polar Express”. 

The other day we were headed back home from a neighboring town.  I had all five kids loaded into the car.  We were still at least 3-5 miles out when Elizabeth excitedly said, “We have to look for the North Pole guys.  Keep your eyes open!”

I chuckled, and didn’t bother to tell her it was quite a ways yet.  It was much more fun to listen to their speculations of when the North Pole would appear.  After a short while Dorothy, in a very excited voice piped up, “I see it! I see it!”

The tree was no where in sight.  Emily responded, “Where? I can’t see it.”

Dorothy very quickly responded, “I’m pretending I’m a giraffe.”


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