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And the World Crashes

Spring Break.

Fun, sun shine filled days. Hikes, mommy daughter dates. Special shopping trips with my oldest girls.

Then the world crashed.

Emily was at a sleep over with a friend.

Lizy & Dot spent the morning playing with the boys and doing projects – cutting pictures from old magazines and making collages. Near lunch time, Lizy went to her room and Dot began making lunch. She went to fetch Lizy, and Lizy didn’t answer back. That was pretty normal. She’s 12 after all and prone to ignore her just younger sister.  I was in my room, waiting for Dot to bring Robert up so I could put him down for his nap. Dot felt prompted to check on her big sister again and did so.

She came running into my room screaming that she thought Liz was dead.

Liz and Emily had developed a game where they would tie both ends of a sheet to the top bunk and swing on it . One end had come untied and she had become tangled as she fell, with the sheet around her neck. I freed her, called 911 and began CPR.

She’s in the PICU now and it’s not looking so good. I can feel the prayers of everyone around me.

I try to be strong.

Sometimes it works.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

If you have loved ones you haven’t talked with a while. Don’t wait. Give your kids and significant others and extra tight squeeze tonight. Tell them you love them.

And, if you pray, please pray for my Lizy. And if you don’t, good thoughts work fine too.


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Ice Cubes and the ER

Friday, Jacob decided he wanted an icecube–or maybe he was trying to be helpful as we got dinner ready. I had gone into Paul’s office to talk with him for a moment when I heard him start crying. A quick glimpse out the door told me something was wrong as I barely spotted him with blood on his face as he tore off to the bathroom.

Paul and I were hot on his trail, knowing that he would look in the mirror and panic. We didn’t catch him fast enough though. By the time we got to the bathroom he was wailing and terrified.

After a quick examination (and fast call to big sister for advice) we decided that he was going to have to stitches. The gash was a big one – he had fallen and bitten his lip – VERY badly. So I gave him some ice in a little towel, and whisked him off to the ER.

The ER visit was fast as most ER visits go – we were out after only a little over 2 hours. There was no wait in the lobby, though the nurse checking us in kept looking at us skeptically as though I was an unsavory character who didn’t look properly after her pre-schooler (never mind the fact that Jacob is a super active wiggly boy). Of course maybe it didn’t help that I wasn’t perfectly manicured and dressed to the nines. 🙂

Anyway, we were, of course, grilled over Jacob’s heart history. This was his first ER visit since the day we raced in and discovered he had a heart defect. I now understand a little more when friends mention that ERs panic over heart patients, etc. It was obvious that he needed stitches. The doc worried about knocking him out because of risks and side effects with no cardioligist, etc. to grab if something went horribly wrong.

So, it was decided that they would do a local numbing and then, since it was only two stitches, he’d just stitch it up really quick. Looking back I probably could have insisted – I mean he’s been knocked out a bunch without any side-effects – but it’s hard to think clearly in ERs – *sigh* So, I’m afraid I put that poor boy through more trauma than was neccessary for just 2 stitches, but then I also understand the Doctor’s desire for caution…

Jacob was a champion though and did really well – considering. And he was awarded with a nice big milkshake on the way home.


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Just When We Thought Things Were Calming Down

Once again I am without my laptop, which makes it really difficult to find time to get much writing done…

There is a small person in our family who is bound and determined to turn me gray. I rather wish I would see those first few hairs pop up on my head so he would quit trying. He succeeded with Paul, but apparently my hair is a bit more stubborn.

There was no school this morning, which made the perfect opportunity to schedule a couple of make-up lessons for piano. The kids and I were up early as usual and after breakfast I got them squirreled away playing happily so I could teach my first student. She arrived at 9:00 and we got started. We were less than 15 minutes into the lesson when a piercing shriek ripped through the house, followed by panicked wailing cries.

“Jacob’s finger got smashed in the door!” Elizabeth came yelling into the living room. I walked over to kiss the poor little finger, and then I saw it dripping with blood. I scooped him into my arms and walked back to my bathroom to wash the finger off and stick a band-aid on it. “Oh boy,” I muttered, “a band-aid isn’t going to fix that.”

So after what seemed like a million phone calls, find a babysitter, call the other student, call the doctor, call the husband… I was finally on my way with a sobbing toddler and a tender big sister in the back seat, holding the towel around his hand and trying to comfort him.

The doctor was afraid it was broken and sent us to the hospital for x-rays. Jacob was a real trooper and received a little stuffed goat (which in his mind is a dog) much to his delight, as he waved his bandaged index finger and said “Ook! (look) Owie!” We drove back to the doctor’s office, and much to our relief, the finger was not broken. It was rather badly damaged however. Our ped glued the laceration shut and proceeded to explain that for it to heal we needed to immobilize it. A finger splint was out of the question, so a whole arm splint was brought in. The wrapped up the poor battered finger in gauze and fitted the splint to his hand and arm. Jacob sat and watched, fascinated, as the wrapped the bright orange bandage with smiley faces on it around and around his arm. When they were done he waved his arm in the air, “Ook! Ook!” trying to decide just what to think of it. (Now it looks like he did some major damage to his whole arm, I can hear all the exclamations of dismay on Sunday already)

The poor little tyke hasn’t taken such a sound nap in months as he did today after his little ordeal. One of the drawback is that it was his left index finger that got smashed, and he is primarily left-handed, but I’m sure he will compensate just fine. We should only have to splint it through the weekend, the doc will check it Monday morning when we are in for his Synagis (RSV) shot.

Well, though I had intended to write today, I hadn’t quite expected such excitement to write about…

If Jacob keeps all this up our lives will be anything but boring. heh 🙂

Jacob and the infamous hurt finger


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My Little Angels . . . er . . Devils???

We had a lovely Christmas day. We went to church and I played for the choir during the service which was just over an hour. We even made it up to the hospital as we did on Thanksgiving to serve dinner to those on the pediatric floor. We enjoyed the evening singing carols and drinking hot chocolate with our best friends. We played and read stories together as a family. It was spectacular, really and the kids had been amazingly good. Then we hit bed time. It was as if our darling children were simultaneously transformed into miniature Tasmanian devils. Leaping from the bunk beds, somersaulting through their room, jumping on the bed, spreading blue toothpaste all over the bedroom, and streaking through the house in their darling little birthday suits.

Finally we wrestled them all in bed and Paul and I gave an audible sigh of relief as we closed their door. No less than 5 seconds later a shrill scream echoed from their room. With three girls shrill screams are anything but rare. So we calmly walked into their room and found Emily crying on the floor. Her sisters had informed us she had fallen off her bed (she sleeps on the top bunk), which is not rare either and seldomly results in any serious injury. We gave her the, “If you had stayed in bed and not goofed around . . .” lecture and Paul picked her up to comfort her. We were being moderately sympathetic but not overly so and I went to pat her on the head and send to bed when I noticed she was bleeding. Lots. Of course head wounds bleed a lot so it looked worse than it was. I exclaimed and we rushed her into our bathroom where we began to try to clean her up. We couldn’t see around all the blood so we finally plunked her into the bath tub. Now we really did feel sorry for the little tyke. We got her all washed up and she was just getting back to her smiley self when she slipped getting out of the tub and gashed her ankle. So now she had a gash in her ankle and a gash in her head. Paul slapped a band-aid on her ankle and I began to examine her head.

Thank goodness it wasn’t bad enough to race her in for stitches but I did have to cut her hair away so I could butterfly it shut. So now she has a little bald spot on top of her head. Poor little tyke, what an eventful end to such a wonderful Christmas Day! It must just be written in the cosmos some where: each perfect day must have a disastrous end and each disastrous day should have a perfect end. Ah well . . . *sigh*


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