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10 Reasons I Blog

I was tagged by Amanda, so, here goes.

1. I like to write.

2. I first wrote to get down all the crazy and fun stories – and others too, of my life. Some of my best posts are way back in my archives, as I am running out of childhood stories and the like.

3. It is a great way to keep in touch with, and even make new, friends.

4. It is kind of like a journal for me – it helps me remember all the funny things the kids do, and motivates me to get stories from long ago written down.

5. It is a great way to raise awareness of heart defects.

6. It is also a great way to connect with and support other heart families – I have met some amazing people this way.

7. I love reading all of my friends stories and I learn so much from them.

8. I am a bit of a klutz, ahem, and I figure it is all worth it if I can make some one laugh – so I tell all my silly stories in order to hopefully brighten someone’s day.

9. I like to take pictures and it has encouraged me (because I have blog friends who take INCREDIBLE photos) to take betters photographs and maybe someday take a class.

10. Writing is cathartic. I think things through better when I write about them.


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Bring Back My Lap-top To Me…

My lap-top’s somewhere in Wisconnsin,
Or maybe it’s in Tennesee,
Whereever it is, I do need it,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

(Everyone now)

Bring back, bring back
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me, to me!
Bring back, bring back,
Oh, bring back my lap-top to me.

I really need my lap-top back. I’m dead in the water without it. It is next to impossible to get any writing done. If I step in to HHH’s office to use the computer then Jacob wrecks havoc in his office. If I close the door then… well, can you imagine closing the door and letting an almost 2 year old have free reign of the house? Exactly, I want to have my house still standing when I am done blogging. Paul is back in school, so when he is home in the evening and the kids are in bed, he is working on the computer (some crazy idea about getting his homework done, can you believe it? Sheesh! heh ). 🙂 The only other time I have is during quiet time when the older kids are at school.

Really the perfect time for writing is then, but then its also the perfect time for folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom, mopping the floor, cleaning my office (hah!),… you get the idea. So, we bow our heads and morn the temporary loss of my lap-top and hope that it gets fixed and sent back… FAST. 🙂 So, if you have noticed my lack of writing, it’s not exactly that I am dealing with writer’s block. More like kid and inconvenience block. heh. 🙂

So, I would love to write more, and work on that story for Karen’s writing games, but I really need to go clean the bathroom before Jacob gets up. Ta-ta for now!


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1 Year!

A year ago today I managed to set up my first blog and write my first post with quaking hands. In this last year I refound my passion for writing. In this last year I have forged old and new friendships and I am a better person for it. It seems almost impossible to believe that friends I have never met are so near and dear to me, how much I look forward to reading about your adventures, your successes, your rejoicings, your woes.

I have become part of a special community of ‘heart parents’ that I never thought to find through blogging. I have rejoiced and happy danced around my computer over their success stories, bit my fingernails in anxiety, and cried as the world lost some of its brightest stars.

A year ago today I opened a new door of forgotten passions and unnkown friendships. Thank you all for befriending an intrepid blogger and for sharing this past year with me. 🙂


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Dry Well

Either that or writer’s block. If you have noticed a lack of new missives it is simply because there aren’t any. It’s not that there hasn’t been anything interesting happening, there is plenty of that, but that my brain refuses to orginize the events into wild and crazyily funny, or even bland stories. I feel too distracted and brain feels scattered in a million directions. Maybe the heat has addled my brain, heh. Or perhaps it is the end of the summer desperation. The kids are growing bored, even with a pass to the zoo and a pass that gets us into the children’s museum in Salem and OMSI in Portland, they start wear out by then end of summer vacation. Anxious to get back to school, etc. I am anxious too, and not just because going to the grocery store while only dragging along 2 children sounds absolutely sublime. I welcome the structure of school days, the schedule, it is easier for me to walk because I’m up and going anyway and I don’t have to struggle out of bed long before my hubby even opens his eyes, and having the time for my brain to think without being constantly bombarded by children. 🙂 Boredom combined with excitement of the year starting soon drives the children and me nutty 🙂 along with all the preparations and back-to-school shopping.

Though be not worried, I am keeping notes of crazy mishaps, such as potato pearls flying through the air, and will write on them, in moments when my brain is cooperating . . . .

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Woohoo! I am so proud of myself, let me tell you why. I loved my old template, but it was just time for something new, something more goofy! 🙂 I knew what I wanted, and I also knew that I wouldn’t find it anywhere on the web (I had looked) and so I decided something must be done about it.

My Mission: To figure out how to create my own blog template and graphics with the skeleton of a template I already had.

So first I called the web wizard (my brother who designs web pages, his link is the Creative Progression one in my extras section over there) and told him what I wanted and how the heck am I going to do this? It involved using the graphic of goofy hanging upside down with combining the words, etc. Was it possible with out fancy expensive software, etc? He told me it probably was and to ask my HHH (well, okay he said to ask Paul, but I refer to him as my HHH) what software we had that would best do the job. And that if I gave up on it because I couldn’t do it to call him and he’d do it Monday for me. Aren’t big brothers wonderful?

So then I called my HHH and he suggested 3 different possible programs that would probably do the job. So off to work I went.

I figured out how big the cow picture was and began to create a new graphic those same dimensions (which ended up being tweaked because of the composition of the cow pic) and began to add in all the elements of tthe new graphic that I wanted. The extra goofy pic, the letters, the title, etc. Then I lodged it in place in my template and began to figure out how to tweak all the coloring. Which number chagned what color, etc. I looked up the html color codes and everything. Finally I got it all put together how I liked it.

I don’t me to gloat, but I am so stoked that I actually did it! I am the bomb!

(Spins around, waving arms in air, and bopping head in rhythm)
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!”
I know, I am such a geek . . .


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I have been inspired. Actually I was just feeling like everybody’s blogs looked really cool and mine was well, boring. And I hate to be boring. So after I read Fourth Fret’s blog I decided to take action! This was the result, I’m not sure if I am done tweaking or not or if I even like it. I just couldn’t resist that cow . . . by the way I am new at this so if you have any suggestions, feel free to share them . . . 🙂


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