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Weekly Anamnesis #25

Light glinting off the resting ocean
A flower nodding gently in a soft breeze
The rise and fall of a child’s slumbering chest
Your loved ones arms wrapped around you in the morning.
The stillness of the world around you
A strange feeling of slow motion as your world spins wildly out of control
The peace you feel when you witness a miracle
An answer to a prayer
Wiping away someone’s spent tears
The quiet after a storm
An outward appearance while your soul is in turmoil
An inward assurance that, “This too shall pass.”
A sunrise on a mountain peak
Holding your baby the first night after giving birth
Reverence and awe
The hours of twilight when the soft glowing light of the lightning bugs begin to appear
Fishing in the wee hours of the morning
Gazing across a field and watching the tall grass ripple in the breeze
Skipping stones across the glassy surface of a still pond
That song, the one that melts away your barriers, eases your pains, and washes away your worries
A sunset that turns the world into splendid shimmering color
Observing a butterfly perched delicately upon the petals of a rose
A hug


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