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Finger Food and Wedgwood


That’s what was for dinner, and by the time

I got around to getting what was left to be gotten

there wasn’t much left for the getting.

In short, come evening as Paul and I dismantled Christmas, I was


There were no left-overs left and my mind sped through the items in the cupboards, fridge, and freezer like an empty rollodex until they came to rest on

chicken fingers


Totinos pepperoni pizza rolls.

I had snagged some on a whim (they were on sale – we don’t typically eat them) and they were sitting in our freezer.

With few options I decided to throw some in the oven. I asked Paul if he wanted some, and he said, “Sure.”

While Paul continued on packing away all the Christmas things, I decided to have a little fun.

I dusted off our


pulled out a bottle of

sparkling cider

and found our


I placed the china on our

dark blue chargers

and arranged the table in a

soft candle-lit glow.

The oven beeped and I pulled out our pizza rolls and chicken fingers which I heaped on a

crystal platter.

I flicked off all the lights and called Paul in as he set the mood with Josh Groban and Michael Buble.

And we ate.

Finger food



and laughed

and made jokes

and decided that every week this year we are going to have some kind of candlelight dinner.

Even if it’s just fingerfood

or pizza on pottery.

Paul chased me from the kitchen afterwards to do the dishes and said,

“Thanks for the nice meal.”

I burst out laughing and ran as he snapped my bum with a towel.



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