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My husband and I have this awesome oppurtunity to take dance classes from some good friends of ours. It is a casual thing and they invited a bunch of people to attend over the summer so it is free – some great time to hang out and learn to dance better.  I know what you are all thinking – GoofyJ. perpetual klutz, girl with weak ankles who can hardly go ten steps without biffing it, is trying to DANCE?  But, believe it or not, though I have no grace whatsoever, I do enjoy it and dance rather well (so I am told anyway).  And, contrary to what you may be thinking, very few of my klutzy moments have ever happened when I was dancing.

Anyway, Paul and I were sitting at dinner with the family last night and he says to me, “The [name of dance teacher friends] have a stretcher.”

I just looked at him rather baffled and blank, thinking to myself, “Has it come to this? Has he so little faith in my lack of klutzy moments, that he has to arrange for them to have stretcher? What does he think I am going to do tomorrow during our dance class?”  Of course all these thoughts go flying through my brain at the speed of lightning.  I am trying to sort it out in my head, when Paul sees my blank look of bafflement.

“A carpet stretcher, J, you know for the girls bedroom. We can pick it up after class tomorrow.”

I busted up laughing, Paul knew exactly what I was thinking and the two of us were a puddle of giggles as we thought of my being hauled off  in a stretcher from dance class.

So, by the way, we are putting new carpet in the girls’ room – our friends ripped out the carpet which is in great condition, so we are replacing the icky ancient carpet in the girls’ room.  Yay! 🙂  We ripped it out yesterday, we’ll paint the floor with primer today ( to seal out oders and such) and put the carpet in tomorrow. We are very excited. I would like to do my sewing too, which as this terrible bright yellow shag (imagine loosing pins and needles in that stuff – it’s a nightmare) that is original to the house, but that is a bit more of a challenge considering the state of things in there. So we shall see. 🙂


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