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I must say, this Easter was much happier than last Easter. Though it was well past the anniversary of Jacob’s surgery (if unfamiliar and would like the story they can be found in my heart links section, top two links), the holiday will always be the day we remember little Jacob’s heroics. I love Easter eggs and bunnies and all the yummy food that has to do with Easter, but I find myself even more drawn to the miracle of Easter. This year as we remembered Christ who was risen on that Easter morn so long before, we also celebrated the life of our son who was saved on Easter day.

We drove up to the hospital to help our church serve the Easter dinner prepared for the Pediatric floor, PICU, NICU patients, families, and staff. We had been up on past holidays since Jacob’s surgery, but this was our first Eater. A flood of memories hit me as we saw many of the same people giving of their service and I was overwhelmed by gratitude. Not just for their service the year before, but to have come so far and reached this point where we were able to give back to others what we had received so generously. More than serve food we talked. We talked with a couple whose infant son was experiencing similar things we had the year prior and tears were shed as we understood each other and they left feeling stronger because of it. To make a difference awakes in me a realization that I have a purpose of importance.
We talked with others and helped cheer the spirits of children worried for family members. It was a miracle of a day filled with joy and gratitude. A true Easter, celebrating God’s love for all of his children.

One other thing that was special is that we popped our heads into the ICU to see if there were any nurses we knew. We hadn’t expected to find anyone really, not on a holiday, but we were greeted with our favorite nurse who changed our lives so much during the experience, and four other wonderful nurses, one of which works in our hometown ER as well and was in the ER the day we brought Jacob in. It was an incredible moment for all of us to see how far Jacob had come and how big and grown-up he was getting. Just another reason for rejoicing.

Things were busy enough however that we didn’t have a chance to get all of our Easter festivities done, so we get to celebrate all the funness of the holiday this evening. We are grateful for amazing miracle and an amazing year. 🙂

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What Jacob Taught Me

I have learned a lot from all of my children, but I can be a slow learner. A lot of the lessons I was being taught I don’t think I really learned until Jacob was born. His birthday is in 2 1/2 weeks. It seems almost impossible that he is nearly one. I played with all the kids today and gave them lots of hugs, but my hubby and I went on a date this evening and I didn’t get to snuggle Jacob to sleep.

When we got home I went in his room. “You’ll wake him,” he said, and I shrugged. I didn’t care, I needed to hold my boy. And I thought about what Jacob taught me:

  • Jacob taught me to enjoy the moment
  • He taught me not to take the baby stages for granted
  • He taught me that the house will wait, but babies won’t
  • He taught me to love with all your heart those closest to you because we don’t how long it might last
  • He taught me that miracles really do happen everyday
  • He taught me that by experiencing sorrow we can know true joy
  • He taught me to turn fear into faith
  • He taught me that God loves us and has an intricate plan for us
  • He taught me the awsome power of prayer
  • Jacob taught me that nothing is easy but it is definitely worth it
  • He taught me patience
  • He taught me that being a mom is the most excruciating and wonderful thing in the world
  • He showed me intensity in emotion that I never knew existed
  • He taught me that it is ok to cry
  • He showed me strength I didn’t know any of us had

I could list many more and I am sure I will learn much more in the years to come. Though I learned through Jacob and our experience, the lessons came from a loving Heavenly Father.

Jacob has his heart cath this coming Friday. They will thread a cathetar through his femoral artery starting in his groin up to his heart to get an inside look. They want to be sure that everything is on track. It will just be a day procedure, with a slight chance of an overnight stay, but unlikely. While we are confident that all will go well and we will get a good report, we appreciate any prayers sent our way. 🙂


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