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What has Jacob been up to lately?

Another set of photos. . .

I was making dinner one night when I had a little visitor. I turned around to return the eggs to their proper place and I found this little rascal who had snuck into the fridge before the door had closed. . .

Isn’t this where mom keeps all the yummy stuff?

(have no worries we got snapped a quick photo and got him out quick, with a sound ‘No! The fridge/dresser is not a place to play.’)

I suppose this was fore shadowing of the disaster the day after when he got squashed by the dresser. It was too late in the evening at this point to get anything to fasten the dresser to the wall with, and in all honesty we never thought he’d succeed in pulling it over. But I have to say, even though he got a firm ‘No.’ and we were rather upset to find him playing in the dresser, it did make for an adorable photo.
(Do I have another Dot on my hands?)
heh 🙂


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