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My Christmas Miracle (…or I did something insanely stupid but it worked out okay anyway)

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It was the Thursday before Christmas and I had spent the afternoon baking goodies. I had decided on a quick potato casserole for dinner with a few slices of ham on the side. The casserole was near completion, so I grabbed the dish with the ham in it to poke it in the oven. I opened the oven door and with my mitted hand I turned the hot casserole dish to make room for the ham dish.

I put the ham dish in the oven and then reached over to push the casserole dish into the oven just a little further. The problem? I forgot the casserole dish was hot and grabbed it with my bare hand – the thumb and first to finger grabbed the dish to shove it in further.

It only took a second to realize what I had done, and with a yell of, “What the heck was I thinking?!?” I dashed to the sink and shoved my hand under cool water.

It burned and hurt so bad. And then, the panic hit. I had to play in church on Sunday. Not just regular hymns, but choir accompaniment and piano/organ duets. It was too short a time to expect someone to learn the music – it wasn’t exactly easy stuff. Not to mention all the singing around the piano we do as a family. I pictured suddenly a Christmas with no piano music and singing family and it was almost unbearable. I was nearly crying, not from pain, but from anger at my stupidity.

Paul suggested a priesthood blessing. At first I was a bit reluctant, “It’s only three fingers,” I said.

“But,” he replied, “three fingers on a pianist is a big deal.”

So, I agreed. One of the things mentioned in the blessing was that while my fingers would hurt, whenever I played the piano they wouldn’t and I would be fine.

I bandaged and medicated my fingers and relaxed the rest of the night. In the morning, I noticed my thumb was blistered, but none of my fingers seemed as sore as I thought they would be. I decided to try out the piano, having faith that the words spoken in the blessing.

My fingers didn’t hurt a bit. That evening the family gathered and sang Christmas carols at the piano as I played, and again on Saturday. Snow was coming down heavily and by Sunday morning church was canceled. And though I didn’t play in church that Sunday, I could have. My fingers were completely healed, even the blistered thumb.

Our Christmas was filled with music the music of my children’s voices accompanying my piano, filling our home with the love and spirit of Christmas.

It may not seem much to many, but it was truly a miracle to me.



By the way, we had our Christmas program at church this last Sunday and everything went really well.  It was beautiful and wonderful and all those participating did marvelously.


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