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Can I Clean my Room?

Yesterday morning after I’d hugged and kissed my kids and sent them off to school James came up and said,

“I need clean my room.”

I smiled in shock. What kid actually wants to clean???

I gave him a little head pat and said, “Yes you do.” I didn’t really think he meant it – he is only three after all.

He grabbed my hand and tugged. “You help me?”

The list of things to do was very, very long. Besides he shared a room with Jacob and wouldn’t it be better to wait so he helped to? So I replied, “Why don’t we wait until Jacob is home.”

He tugged more insistently. “No, we need do it right now.”

I looked into his earnest little eyes. He was sincere. He meant it. For whatever reason he felt he just had to have a sparkling clean room.

So I agreed.

It wasn’t too bad and he helped the WHOLE time. He never complained, in fact for the first fifteen minutes he insisted we sing the clean-up song NONSTOP.

You know the one –

Clean up, Clean up, everybody every where,

Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share.

Of course, at one point someone in my family changed the second line to:

Clean up, Cleanup, even in your underwear.

It’s been a real stretch to sing it right ever since….

Anyway, we finally finished and my little boy was very happy.

I didn’t think anything more of it until later that day.

His sisters were trying to clean their room because a friend was coming over.  (we have a rule (well, a few actually): no friends in your bedroom if it’s messy – we are flexible to a degree but not if the room is a complete disaster) They were fighting A LOT.

James came up to me and said,

“My friends happy because my room clean.”

It took me a minute to realize what he meant. “James, did you clean your room because you wanted a friend to come over?”

“Yes. Mommy, I have a friend come now?”

“Who’s your friend?”

He thought long and hard. Finally I asked, “What about someone in your primary class? Do you have a friend in primary.”

“Yes. My teacher is my friend.”

So I went to the phone and called his teacher. It will be a while, but James has friends coming to see his clean room next week.

He is SO excited.

And I am so grateful I set my to do list aside.


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How Hard Can It Be?

My parents are coming home fromt he Philippines on Tuesday. They have been serving a mission for the the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for two years. I am so very excited to see them and introduce them to Jacob, whom they have never met, and show off how much the kids have grown. In an effort to be ready when they get home I have been trying to clean up and keep up with the house. There is only one problem: everyone has taken it upon themselves to get sick . . . again . . . poor kids. There is some nasty stuff going around, cough, soar throat, congestion, fever and vomitting in some cases.

Trying to clean with sick kids? Now, that is a challenge. Yesterday went as follows.

Dorothy was finally well enough to go to Kindergarten, Elizabeth was sick enough to stay home again. Our next door neighbor was kind enough to come and watch Em and Liz so I could take Dot to school and let Jacob sleep. When I got back I went to get Jacob and saw that the poor little guy had thrown up in his bed. So into the tub he went. He got all squeeky clean and then I plopped him down for breakfast. The problem was that I had no idea when he threw up and what the conditions were. He had had a bad cough and I thought he could have coughed so hard he vomitted. So, the only way to really know was to feed him. So I fed him, he ate like a champion and seemed fine.

I plopped him down to play in the family room and proceeded to yak on the phone while I cleaned pet cages, brushed and washed the dog, organized this, cleaned that. Finally I was just about down when I walked into the family room.

Jacob had thrown up again. All over the floor. I sighed. But, that was not all, oh no. He, being a baby, had started crawling around afterwards. There was vomit on the blanket, vomit on the pillows. I gathered up the blankets and last of all the little area rug where a good portion of it lay and started in across the kitchen floor to the laundery room. You think that would be enough. How much harder do we need to make cleaning the house after all?

But no, fate was against me and as I walked a corner of the rug flipped spraying vomit across the kitchen floor. Oh, my, how vomit can fly!



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