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Going up the Gorge

So, this morning my bro and his family, my parents, and myself and kids took a drive up the Columbia River Gorge. We drove down the gorge to the Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery. We stopped at the fish hatchery first and checked out the Salmon, trout and giant white sturgeon.

Dorothy, Emma, Laura, Elizabeth, and Emily at Fish Hatchery

Jacob at the Fish Hatchery

Then we drove to the dam’s visitor center. The kids were thrilled that we got to drive across parts of the dam – and beside the visitor center there was a gorgeous view of the main part of the dam with its spillways open. And a cool little shelter/house that the kids had fun playing in.

Bonneville Dam

The Kid Crew at Bonneville Dam

Elizabeth, Jacob, Emily, & Dorothy in front of Bonneville Dam

We had a really special treat while at the visitor center – we walked in right when a presentation about how electricity is made, and at the end were able to go to the observation deck of one of the power houses – it was really cool.

Lizard, Emmy, Dot, Jacob, & James at Powerhouse - Bonneville Dam

On the way home we made a mandatory stop by Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls


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