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Heiser Farms

A couple weeks back we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch.  We love Heiser farms because they don’t charge for most of their activities – and the ones they do charge for are really inexpensive.  There are animals, a giant slide, a hay tunnel, mini and large tractors to ride and sit on, a hay maze, a corn maze, pumpkins galore, and you can even sit in the hayloft and watch the Peanuts Halloween cartoon.

We started off at the photo board cut-outs…

Ma and Pa Kettle:

Dot and Liz @ Heiser Farms

Cheesey Jacob Face:

Jacob Cheesey Face @ Heiser Farms

Emily looking oh so adorable:

Emmy @ Heiser Farms

Hey Dad, I know you’re in there!

Dad @ Heiser Farms

As soon as Jacob spotted the little tractors he was gone like a streak of lightning…

Little Tractor Boy

Once the big tractors were spotted the little ones were forgotten…

I know this lever here has to do something…

Jacob and Tractor

Elizabeth is on a mission – she just doesn’t realize that someone else is on a mission to usurp the tractor back into his power. Mua ha ha ha ha ha!

Liz and Tractor

If I just had longer legs I could reach the pedals down there….

Em and Tractor


Dot and Tractor

We headed to the hayride after that which takes us to the pumpkin patch and the corn maze. We don’t actually buy our pumpkins there, but we do have a contest to see what is the biggest pumpkin each kid can pick up.

The fam on a hayride

Go Emmy, Go!

Emmy in the Pumpkin patch

Heave Dot, Heave!

Dot in the Pumpkin Patch

I think I saw it lift a millimeter off the ground Liz.

Liz in the Pumpkin patch

I can, I can!

Jacob in the Pumpkin patch

Well maybe not, I’ll just kiss it instead.

It's too heavy - I'll just kiss it instead

After we terrorized the pumpkins in the patch we headed into the corn maze…

Headed into the Corn Maze

Hey, where’d everyone go? This isn’t Signs is it?

Corn Maze

Eeeek!!! Aliens! So, that’s where all the crop circles come from.

Paul and kids in Corn maze

And that wraps up our trip to the pumpkin patch. Tomorrow’s installment will be the carving of the pumpkins. If you are wishing to see more pictures, (who can resist looking at more pics of these adorable kids) I have more posted on flickr. If you can’t see them it is because you need an invite, so let me know and I shall invite you.


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Heiser Farms

To Prove I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth completely while trying to get everything set for Thanksgiving, I have a few photos from October to share with you. No Halloween photos yet, they are still in my camera . . .

The major drawback to not having a digital camera is not being able to write about and share events when the happen, but some time after when the film is finally developed. One of our October traditions is to take the children to a pumpkin patch/farm. We don’t usually pick out the pumpkins there, just enjoy the autumn festivities. This year we found a new place to go, Heiser Farms. They charged next to nothing for the corn and hay maze, the hayride was free, and they had lots of animal the children could pet. They had a giant pumpkin cannon that shot pumpkins way off into one of the fields. And a kiddie area with lots of small tractor/tricycles that the kids could play on and ride.

The hay ride took us out to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. We hopped off and had a fun romp through the pumpkins, admiring how huge they were. There were hay bales made up like giant spiders, and some with goody face painted on them. Here is the crew at the entrance to the corn maze. It was an awesome corn maze, very twisty and turny with lots of dead ends and paths that took you in endless circles. In fact, I’m surprised we found our way out, expecially with the kids leading!

Heizer Farms

Jacob enjoyed running through the maze on his own, but also enjoyed his comfy seat upon Dad’s shoulders when his legs got too tired.
One of his favorite things to do was to lean forward to give Dad a big kiss on the cheek. Then he would snuggle his cheek right up next to Dad’s for a hug.

(I do realize this heavily one-sided to Jacob, the reason to this is because it is his first real trip to the pumpkin patch where he can do stuff, we tended to take a few more pictures of him than the others. I have lots of pictures of the other kids too, but just didn’t get them all scanned in.)

What is this great orange ball?

The kids all had a blast riding around on the tractors – I just love how his jacket matched this little tractor.

So, this is just a bit of the fun we had in October, there way too many photos to post, I just put up a few of my favorites. (apologies to those who visit me on flickr, you’ve seen them all before).

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