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Weekly Anamnesis #8

I swung myself on my crutches kicking my foot forward waiting for the connection. I planted it firmly into his back side. He turned, both of our French horns hanging at his sides, “You better watch it, I might let you carry it with your teeth!” He teased.
“What? What do you mean? I just have a spastic twitch in my leg!”

“Just like your arm right?”

“Hey, can I help it if you don’t watch where your going and keep walking into my fist? Come on, give a girl a break!”

We had become good friends due to his knowing my roommate 3 years before and being in the French Horn section together. We hadn’t even realized how much time we were starting to spend together. It started when he gave me a ride home after an evening sectional. He came in to hang with my roommates and while I was upstairs he asked which cupboard was mine. I was trying really hard not to ask my parents for extra money and had hit the end of my budget. All that was left was a couple boxes of “Yellow Death” (mac & cheese) and about 5 potatoes (the Idaho staple). He was mortified, but new I’d never except help out right so he got sneaky.

A week later he invited me to eat at the school restaurant, The Viking. But, don’t get the wrong idea here. It was not a date. Never a date. 🙂 He used the excuse that he had too much money on the college food card his parents had purchased him and that he needed to use it up. So we went out and had spaghetti. We ended up talking for over 2 hours. Finding yet another connection. His dad was a native of Oregon and his aunt had a cabin at my favorite beach. We talked for ages about our favorite coastal haunts.

By the time I finally arrived back home to my apartment my roommates were really worried. It was after 9:30 and I never got home later than 6:30 on Tuesday nights. Boy did I get ribbed when they found out who I was with the entire time. They teased and teased.

“Are you kidding? This was not a date! It’d be like dating my brother!” (he and my brother have the same name)

They nodded and I heard some mumbled “yeah rights” among them and big cheesy grins on all their faces. Funny thing was, I had a big cheesy grin on my face too. “You guys are all nuts! I’m going to bed now.” And they busted up laughing. They knew.

Over the next few month we had a number of “non” dates and we started spending a lot of time in the fishbowl (the lobby in the music building). I had figured out what times he was usually there and I would just “happen” to show up. Oh how we laughed when we found out later that he had found out when I was usually there and would just “happen” to show up as well. Neither of us knew we were purposely arranging to see each other. The teasing from my roommates increased with my denials of liking him.

Well as fate would have it his parents came to our last concert and we went out to “JB’s” afterwards. We never thought we flirted. We just teased . . . a lot. We were flinging water and stuffing icecubes down each other’s backs and his parents were laughing and I thought silently thinking, “This girl is completely nuts!” Turns out his parents liked me. His dad was in his room talking with him when he noticed some scantily clad bikini girls on his roommate’s wall.

“Those a distraction son?”

“Nope, don’t even look at them.”

“Well, I know someone who is.”

“She’s dating some one dad.” (I really wasn’t, he just thought I was)

“Tell her to dump him and go for you.”

He did (he was too chicken to do it before his dad told him too). I did. We were married two years later after I returned from my mission in Chile.


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