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I am sitting with Emily watching Sesame street. We have reached a sad point in society where Sesame Street has to parent America’s children by having Cookie Monster teach them about the importance of fruit. They had a whole little skit with Cookie Monster being interviewed because he ate a bowl of fruit rather than a cookie. Of course, he did eat the cookie in the end for dessert. I wondered why this whole thing bugged me, and then I realized what bugged me was it feels like people need a scape goat for the obesity problem and Cookie Monster and other things are it.

Can’t you hear it now, “I’m sueing cookie monster because all he ever ate were cookies, and that’s all I eat now!” Ok, maybe that won’t actually happen, but it seems to me that rather than blaming everyone and everything else for their problems people just need to take a good look at themselves. If my children are overweight because they are overeating or eating only junk food, it’s not anyone’s fault but mine. My kids love Cookie Monster, and they don’t eat 200 cookies in one sitting because we TEACH them.

Ok, I’ll quit rambling (venting, or whatever), 🙂 I just miss the good ol’ Cookie Monster . . . I guess to me it’s the same as trying to turn Christmas into the nameless holiday, and producing Candy Corn in weird colors for every other holiday (see Sariah’s post), their messing with tradition.

I’m waiting for a character to be created name ‘Nobody’ than we can just keep blaming everything on him . . . heh 🙂


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