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Our Easter

Easter for our family is full of Miracles. Six years ago, on Easter Sunday, we spent the afternoon eating a special Easter dinner at the hospital while our little guy was having open heart surgery to correct his congenital heart defect -transposition of the great arteries. I remember the first time I saw one of the pastel yellow flyers that was taped to the wall and how I had smiled when I read at the bottom “sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

I don’t remember too much about that particular dinner. I do remember being surrounded by people who, even though they didn’t know me personally, cared, loved,and prayed for our little boy. I don’t recall really tasting the wonderful food, or the names and faces of those present, but I can still feel the feeling of support today.

There is one person, however, that I remember very well. Sandi organized the dinner and at the time we had swapped emails, though I didn’t remember. Months passed, and suddenly in my inbox appeared a timid message inquiring how the surgery had gone and how our son was. Not hearing from us, she had feared the worst, and I sent a quick reply that all was well, and could we come help at the Thanksgiving dinner.

A beautiful tradition began. Every Easter, Thanksgiving, and occasional Christmas, we took the family to the hospital to serve dinner to patients, family and staff. As I have watched my family eagerly serve my testimony of Christ’s gospel has grown. I truly believe that “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Prior to our son’s heart defect, surgery, and stay in the hospital, I had no idea what these seemingly simple acts of service meant – what an impact they have on the lives of others. We are and can be angels to each other. Sandi has been and is one of many angels to us and we have become dear friends. She will always hold a special place in our hearts.

So, Easter this year was a little different – we almost didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We enjoyed a wonderful Easter program of amazing musical numbers (we live in the most talented ward ever) and scripture readings. We had a wonderful Easter dinner with old friends. But even then it felt just a bit empty, and it was a little sad not going off to serve.

I guess that means I have my work cut out for me to find something for us to do in the future, for what better way can there be to celebrate Easter and all that our Savior Jesus Christ has done for us then serving His children. He lives. I know He lives and loves us. We can be His hands in bringing joy and comfort in dark places.

So, in keeping with angels, I had to make this little video with some of our amazing angels set to one of my all-time favorite songs- “Angels Among Us” by Alabama.


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When Paul and I were married we made a decision about Easter that has carried into tradition ever since.  Easter is a special holiday to me and a wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection.  We decided that we wanted to seperate the serious spiritual side of Easter from the fun side so we created our own special day that occurs on Saturday – we call it Bunny Day.  The Easter Bunny then comes on Saturday and leaves the goodies for the kids, we hid eggs and have a grand time.  On Sunday we focus on the real meaning of Easter.  We have special lessons and I don’t have to worry about wrestling toys and candy away from kids in order to get ready for church.  We have really enjoyed these traditions.

Here are a couple of “Bunny Day” photos from Saturday: (We were busy enough trying to keep track of the kids during the Easter egg hunt we didn’t take many pictures – I was a little derilict in my camera duty in general this Easter)

Easter basket time

“CHEESE!” – That’s my cheesy boy. There is just something about this picture that puts a grin on my face and makes me all giggly and giddy inside.


When Jacob had surgery two years ago on Easter Sunday a new tradition was born of going to the hospital to help with Holiday dinners.  A wonderful lady named Sandi organizes this special service and ever since we first partook of that wonderful meal as we waited for news on Jacob’s surgery we have gone back.  We don’t really do much, most of the time Sandi has volunteers already there to help, but I hope we manage to bring some comfort into the lives of those we visit with.

Here is a pic of all our family with Sandi – for now it is the best photo of the girl’s in their dresses. We were rushed and busy enough Easter day between church and the hospital and such that we didn’t get a really good photo of the kids in their Easter get-up, but I’ll dress them up tonight and take a better photo, so check in later for a better shot. 🙂

Easter Dinner at Hospital


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Eek! (or in other words a catch up random post)

An entire week, plus has passed and I have hardly made it to my computer – I have writing assignments overdue and I miss my blog friends. 🙂  I have come to the hard realization that computer time with adventurous toddlers just doesn’t happen – when the lap top isn’t working right anyway.  It is actually working great, but for some reason isn’t connecting to our wireless network and so I can’t get my writing/blogging done.  And dissapearing into an office with Jacob running around just doesn’t work too well.


Last week I was talking with a friend on the phone while Jacob was finishing his breakfast.  I was watchig him as I cleaned up the room and talking.  At one point my back was turned and I suddenly heard this terrible gagging sound.  “What on earth is that?” I wondered as I turned to scan the room.  Jacob was choking on a piece of cereal. I flung my friend unceremoniously on the table and began thumping his back. Thank goodness after a few quick whacks  he shot the piece back out.  He looked rather startled and took some time to breathe and then just gave me a big toothy grin and amidst my lecture of chew your food happily munched away.  I hovered pretty close after that – nothing like getting your heart beating a bit fast.


I have funny ideas about the dresses my girls wear – ok, well there not funny to me, but some people think I am funny.  I can’t stand for my girls to wear sleaveless dresses, or really short ones.  Too many people try to make kids – girls in particular grow up too fast, or make bad attitudes look cool by printing words on t-shirts like “brat” or stupidity look good with “clueless” or whatever abnoxious things they can find.  Usually I can find at least one dress for each girl that is affordable and modest (ie, not sleeveless or looking like a mini skirt) but not this year.  That is why, had you come to visit on Friday, you would have found a haggard me sewing maically away in an attempt to complete three dress by Saturday.  I did it, and they are quite cute (and all matching) if my may say so myself.


It’s really hard to have fun Easter egg hunts in the rain.


Elizabeth had her first two official softball practices with her team this last week and is loving it.


Our Easter day yesterday was just wonderful.  In the spirit of or new tradition we drove up to the hospital and helped with the Easter dinner.  It seems almost odd that it has been two years already.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember that though his surgery was on Easter Sunday the actual date was March 27th.  Which was the reason we didn’t realize until we had already scheduled the date of his mini surgery that  we had sceduled it on his 2 year anniversary – it was a little odd, but had the same glowing results. 🙂  Anyway, I digress.  We mainly remember his surgery anniversary by associating it with the holiday.  We don’t really do much at these dinners, often time the lady organizing it all will have other volunteers and everything is taken care of by the time we get there, but we do talk.  We talk with the staff, we talk with the parents, and I guess even if that seems small, I remember how much just a short talk with someone who understood meant to me.  We got to see our favorite super nurse of the ICU too – and that is always special. 🙂


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I must say, this Easter was much happier than last Easter. Though it was well past the anniversary of Jacob’s surgery (if unfamiliar and would like the story they can be found in my heart links section, top two links), the holiday will always be the day we remember little Jacob’s heroics. I love Easter eggs and bunnies and all the yummy food that has to do with Easter, but I find myself even more drawn to the miracle of Easter. This year as we remembered Christ who was risen on that Easter morn so long before, we also celebrated the life of our son who was saved on Easter day.

We drove up to the hospital to help our church serve the Easter dinner prepared for the Pediatric floor, PICU, NICU patients, families, and staff. We had been up on past holidays since Jacob’s surgery, but this was our first Eater. A flood of memories hit me as we saw many of the same people giving of their service and I was overwhelmed by gratitude. Not just for their service the year before, but to have come so far and reached this point where we were able to give back to others what we had received so generously. More than serve food we talked. We talked with a couple whose infant son was experiencing similar things we had the year prior and tears were shed as we understood each other and they left feeling stronger because of it. To make a difference awakes in me a realization that I have a purpose of importance.
We talked with others and helped cheer the spirits of children worried for family members. It was a miracle of a day filled with joy and gratitude. A true Easter, celebrating God’s love for all of his children.

One other thing that was special is that we popped our heads into the ICU to see if there were any nurses we knew. We hadn’t expected to find anyone really, not on a holiday, but we were greeted with our favorite nurse who changed our lives so much during the experience, and four other wonderful nurses, one of which works in our hometown ER as well and was in the ER the day we brought Jacob in. It was an incredible moment for all of us to see how far Jacob had come and how big and grown-up he was getting. Just another reason for rejoicing.

Things were busy enough however that we didn’t have a chance to get all of our Easter festivities done, so we get to celebrate all the funness of the holiday this evening. We are grateful for amazing miracle and an amazing year. 🙂

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