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Editor in Training

Once a week a few friends meet at my home for writer’s group. We each will often share a chapter from our work to be critiqued – giving a copy to each person for them to writes their edits on. We meet before the girls come home from school, but are often finishing up when they burst into the door. They always stand nearby, intrigued as we swap comments.

Once I am done with my edits I pass the extra marked copies off to my girls so they can use the back of the paper for artwork. Today I found an old chapter from Belinda floating around the house. It was heavily marked with words all through it circled.

Curious, I picked up the small batch of stapled papers. They were crinkled and a little worse for wear, but my face creased in a smile as I observed them. I wasn’t sure who had been so industriously at work on my manuscript, but it had the hint of Elizabeth over it.

On the backs of the pages were cute pictures scattered about with professions of loving the color pink (hence my determination that it was Elizabeth) and over the front of papers any word that was used more than once was circled – with a list to the side as to what the words were.

What heightened my amusement was the fact that the listed words were words such as: into, a, the, to , and, Belinda, she, her, of, I. On some pages she had even detailed the number of times each word was used.

On one page she employed her creative powers and exed out about half of my paragraphs – and on other pages the repeated words were highlighted rather than circled.

I had to laugh – she had put a great deal of work into her little editing process, and I couldn’t help but wonder… What is she going to be when she grows up?

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