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Go Fetch!

Ok, I know most of my posts have been about Jacob lately, and I promise I am not showing favoritism – he is just doing so many hilarious things lately.

I was cooking in the kitchen yesterday and Paul was playing with the boy on the otherside of our penisula counter (not an island because it is connected on one side 😉 ).  Paul’s roar of laughter caught my attention, so I began to watch.

 Paul tossed Jacob’s stuffed doggie into the next room with a jovial, “go fetch!”

Jacob dutifully ran after it, bent down and picked it up with his teeth and ran back to Paul.

“Drop,” Paul would command and Jacob would drop it at his feet, and excitedly wait for Daddy to throw the stuffed animal again.  They did this over and over.  It was absolutely hillarious to watch my husband playing fetch with my son.

Of course Jacob’s obsession with dogs doesn’t stop there.  Lately he and Emily have taken to crawling around the house for many fun filled hours of chasing each other and barking. 

I’m just waiting for him to start lapping water out of the dog bowl. 😉


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Music of the Night

Dad’s chink chink could be heard well into the later hours of the evening as he pounded the carpet tightly in place last night.  With the closet left for last it was the hardest area to do.  All the kids were slumbering sweetly, except for Jacob who was being kept awake in the room next door by the noise.  After sometime there was a sort of rhythm in solitary noises.  The chorus went something like this:

Dad (pounding carpet): wham-wham

Jacob: Da-da

Dad: Wham-wham

Jacob: Da-da

Dad: Wham-wham

Jacob: Da-da

Dad: *belch* excuse me

Jacob: blahhh (best he could do at a belch sound) scuse-e

Jacob adores his Dad and mimics everything he does. If Dad has a hat, Jacob needs a hat, if Dad is sitting with his hands behind his head, then Jacob is sitting with his hands behind his head.  I love watching Jacob interact with his superhero of a Dad. 🙂


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I usually limit myself to one, but these are two of my favorites, and I just couldn’t choose between them:

HHH & Elizabeth

Dorothy & Elizabeth


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