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Super Bowl

Paul was driving the kids to church yesterday, I have to play for choir after church so I took a seperate car, and my daughter Elizabeth struck up a conversation:

“We have to watch the game today.”

“What game?” Paul was momentarily baffled because (watch out, this is scandalous, I know) we are not big sorts watchers and never watch the super bowl.

“The one with the Sea Hawks and the Steelers. We have to see who wins, my teacher said so!” Apparantly her teacher had talked to them about the big game and I think there was a canned food drive to go along with it.

“The Super Bowl?” Paul asks rather amazed.

“Yeah!” Dorothy pipes up, “My teacher told us about it too!”

The topic was forgotten as we arrived at church and no one mentioned the conversation to me until about 5:30 when Paul flipped the TV on and switched to the Super Bowl.

“Since when do you watch the Super Bowl?” I asked amazed and chuckling. He related the story and we laughed at how the girls knew more about it than I did and so we watched snippets of the Super Bowl with our girls so they could see who one. At one stage Elizabeth pipes up, “I want the Sea Hawks to win. Come on Sea Hawks, you have to win!!”

“Why do you want the Sea Hawks to win?” Paul asked.

“Their name is nicer. The other one is “Steal” with “ers” on the end and that isn’t very nice!”

Oh, I love the reasoning of children! 🙂 And I watched the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. (I know you are all shaking your heads at how pathetic I am. Hee hee)


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Fancy Football

When I was a kids the only time I ever wore a dress was for church. It took major convincing to get me to where a dress for school. There was one particular day when my dad was successful, I really have no idea to the reason why anymore. It was this peach colored dress with a white doily looking collar, (I don’t know how to describe it, and in the 5th grade who cares anyway). I had these dainty looking little white shoes on, so not fitting my personality. Every recess the boys would always play touch football with our teacher Mr. Hutchinson (until someone broke his arm anyway). I usually played with them. Today was no different, though a number of them scoffed as I walked up in this frufru dress claiming I wanted to play. I have no idea what Mr. Hutchinson was thinking, he was good at poker faces, and agreed that I could play if I wanted to. Needless to say that boys think girls can’t play football and I was usually avoided anyway, but today in a dress I was especially scorned.

Finally I had my big moment, I was wide open and the football was flying through the air. I jumped up and snatched that ball, kicked off my shoes and took of running. I think those poor boys were so surprised by the peach blur not many thought to come after me. So here I was, barefoot, running down the field with my mudsplattered dress flapping around me. There were a number of boys who made a valiant effort, but I just cruised into the touchdown zone without giving them a thought. I threw down the ball in the true touchdown victory, jumping in the air and celebrating.

It should just figure that the only time I ever did make a touchdown was when I was wearing a dress. Oh, by the way, I think my teacher just shook his head and laughed, and boy did he and I have fun rubbing it in the boys faces that a girl in a dress ran them into the ground.


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