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Froggy Goes to the Ball

They had been announcing it faithfully for weeks and I was excited.  Paul and I rarely have a chance to attend dances anymore and this one was to have a live band.  Not only was it to have a live band, but it was supposed to be formal.  Sometimes an excuse to get all dressed up, just for the heck of it, is so nice and fun.

It was the annual Gold and Green Ball that our church does specifically for adults, though teens are invited to attend.  Of course it is free of charge, and volunteers worked tirelessly on decorations and organizing the event.

We arrived and we thrilled to see elegence before our eyes.  The planning commitee really did a wonderful job.  They had borrowed, from another member, a white net cannopy and it was hug and drapes over the middle of the gym – walls were hung with white cloth.  A ‘chandalier’ of vellum paper and white christmas lights was hung – looking elegant, one would hardly notice it was simply vellum.  On each table was a bowl of live gold fish – sushi – Paul and I joked.

I wore my full shiny black skirt with my silver silk blows with beading on the front – I never get to wear those because of the kids. 🙂 (and I even painted my nails! Toe and finger nails! heh)  And we danced all night, it was so fun.

When we were finally too tired to dance anymore we found our friends that we came with and headed out to the car.

“There’s a tree frog!” Paul exclaimed as he pointed to a little frog sitting by the wall as we left the church.

Fancy skirt and clothes forgotten I dove to all fours as I scurried after Mr. Frog. Now, this really shouldn’t surprise you, if you remember the last incident when I tried to hunt down a frog.  🙂  I managed to scoop the little feller up and cupped him in my hands as I sat on my knees, in my dress, waiting for Paul to hurry back with a cup to hold it in.

I must have looked an odd sight – chasing down a frog while so formally attired – but I couldn’t pass the little guy up.  He was a cutie.  The kids enjoyed watching him and were quite taken with his handsome froggy ways.  We let him go in our yard last night – we only wanted him long enough to give the kids a chance to see him up close and personal.

Tree Frog 1

Tree Frog 2

He is a very handsome frog though, isn’t he?


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