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Star Wars for Cars

For the past year our local church building has been in the process of being renovated. As a result, we have about a 20 to 30 minute drive to church. Yesterday on the way the Lizy and the kids made up a new game. At first I wasn’t paying much attention, but then I noticed that they were calling each other “Paduan” and talking of  “Darth Vader”, so I began to take notice.

It was quite ingenious. They had decided all the white cars were storm troopers and the black ones were Darth Vader.  All other cars were fellow Jedi.

They started out with two weapons each – one blaster and one light saber. Every time a Jedi passed they collected one more weapon.  When a storm trooper or Darth Vader passed they had to spot it – yelling “Storm!” or “Vader!” or other such variations (it got pretty noisy sometimes).  If a storm trooper passed without notice they lost the battle and  half of their weapons. If Vader passed without notice they lost all of their weapons.  They could also fight off cars from behind.

I think the most fun was listening to Jacob try to get into the game by making light saber sound effects every time a car passed.


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