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Free Therapy

Nothing is quite as therapeutic as ripping out big ugly bushes.


The two little boys even lent a hand – in exchange for a wagon ride, of course.


All in all I ripped out 9 bushes.


4 BIG UGLY ones from the front by the driveway

and 5 little shrubs from the front walkway – the before picture is 2 years old, so they don’t look as big and bad then as they did now :-).


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Pennsylvania Summers

In the dead of summer when the heat crackled around you and the hummidity made your clothes cling to you like limp rags, those were the days when we would beg our parents to take us to the local sportsmanship pond and go swimming. Playing chicken, and squelching the soft mud at the bottem of the pond between our toes. We would beg dad to take us on the froggy swim across the pond. We would lie on his back as he did the breast stroke, going up and down, in and out of the water.

When we were finally feeling waterlogged we would lie out on our beach towels on the grass in the hot sun and dry ourselves beneath it rays. Often our trips to the pond would include a picnic lunch – or even a birthday celebration for me if it was near my birthday.

In the evenings the heat would cool as the sun dipped low in the sky, but the humidity continued to drape itself across our skin. Fireflies would begin to wink across the night sky and we gathered on the porch to catch the slight breeze. I am sure there were evenings when Mom played her accordian on the porch and we all sang along.

Rarely a night was spent inside – we made pup-tents, or slept in our kid made teepee, sometimes we would just sleep out under the stars, rising early to help with the chores.

Summers were full of fun and hard work as we spent hours sitting on the porch husking corn, or in the kitchen listening to General Conference tapes as we canned peaches, tomatoes, and a bazillion other things harvested from our huge garden. I’m surprised that the fruit and vegetables we canned didn’t have an extra salty taste from the sweat that poured down our forheads and dimpled on our skin in the heat of that kitchen on humid Pennsylvania summer day.

Some of my most vivid memories take place in those hot humid summers – playing Annie Annie I Over until twilight set in, talent shows on the front lawn as we danced and acted out crazy skits. I hope my children will be able to share in some of the same summer memories…


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Human Weed Whacker

I had absolutely no idea that one could actually get sore muscles just from weeding! I am so stinkin’ sore, and I didn’t have any crashes to warrant it, well . . .I had one crash, but that was after the fact. The awesome thing about my parents house, and the main reason we would want to buy it, is that it has a HUGE back yard. We are situated on a double lot, so we have a lot of play area in the back. The thing about this is that when you combine a huge yard with lots of garden/flowerbed space with a father who is a botanist you get tons of gorgeous beautiful gardens, EVERYWHERE. This isn’t a bad thing, I always enjoyed my Father’s yard . . . but combine 4 children (one of which is 15 months), a husband who barely has time to breathe when he gets home, let alone weed, etc., and a crazy mom who runs around like a chicken with her head cut off 3/4 of the time you end up with absolute garden disaster.

Nothing really bloomed this year because the weeds were so bad. I do enjoy weeding, but it’s hard to orchestrate outside projects with a less than 15 month old. Summer has finally hit and we have more sunny days rather than rainy ones which means I can finally get out in that yard (because Jacob can be with me in his play area). So Sat. I got started and weeded for a total of 6 hours! And the ammount I got done in that 6 hours is rather pitiful, if I took a picture and showed it to you now you’d say, “it took you six hours to do that small of an area?” But then you’d look at the mountain of weeds and say, “Wow! That only took you 6 hours!”

Today (after picking up the house and doing the dishes, going to the zoo, and tweaking my blog some more) I weeded for another 2 hours. I have barely made a dent when you look at the enormity of the yard. And I feel like I have become a human weed whacker, but for the time being I am having fun, exhausted and sore, but having fun. 🙂


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