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Pixie? or Puck . . .

What a gorgeous day! Spring has sprung, it was warm, sunny and the air smelled of cut grass mingled with daffodils and tulips. I sent the kids outside to play and enjoy the fresh air. I just didn’t see the kid scissors that Dot smuggled outside with her. She proceeded to chop off all of Emmy’s hair (all those curls I adored!) and hacked away at her own:

I’m afraid I was just a tad bit upset. Heh, more like a screaming, raving, lunatic. LOL! The kicker is that we have pictures scheduled with my photographer friend next month. 🙂 Thank goodness for hairdressing friends. 🙂 She came and fixed it all up for me. End result: (sorry the lighting isn’t the best, we had to use the video camera)


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