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Halloween Fun

It wasn’t until the night before Halloween that we finally had a chance to roll up our sleeves and get to work on our pumpkins.

ย Halloween Collage1

James wasn’t too sure about the gooey stuff inside, and the poor kid was so tired at the end he could barely open his eyes for his ‘finished product’ photo.

Halloween Collage2

And of course everyone had to model their pumpkins – they did the designs completely by themselves, however Paul and I did the cutting…

Halloween Collage3

We had a blast on Friday, and unlike past years, I did not make their costumes. I had it all planned what I was going to make, but Paul kept feeling like I had too much going on and shouldn’t do them this year. He convinced me and we got their costumes from garage sales and Goodwill. It was a good thing too because between James’ surgery and all the sickies, I never would have gotten them done. So here’s to simplifying! Hopefully next year I can make them again (because it is way fun ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Anyway, I always said I live in a zoo and here they are (I took the photo AFTER we were done for the night- big mistake they were all exhausted):

Trick or Treat


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End of the Sewing Marathon

YIPPEEE!!!! I have finished my sewing marathon.ย  I put the final touches on Jacob’s costume tonight, took a nice hot shower, and collapsed into my chair to veg – or just to write a post onย my blog and show off the kids costumes. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

First we have Elizabeth as Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty 1

Sleepeing Beauty 2

Dorothy as Belle: (I have to brag just a bit, because I have never done anything like this before, I even made the little gold ribbon rosettes on her dress)

Belle 1

Belle 2

Emily as Tinker Bell:

Tinker Bell 1

Tinker Bell 2

And finally, Jacob as the Frog Prince: ( I didn’t have a pattern for this one and I am afraid he looks more like some funky creature with a crown on his head, but I had fun with it anyway)

Frog Prince


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Carving Pumpkins and Stuffing Scarecrows

Last year we started a new halloween/autumn tradition. While at Heiser Farms we picked up some haybales and the corn stalks. Then, a day or two later we sat out on our front step and stuffed our friendly scarecrow. Everyone pitched in and Jacob watched from his play area. Here we have the crew hanging on the front step surrounded by our fall festivities.

Pumpkin carving time! One of our favorite activities. Everyone loves to take the ‘guts’ out of the punpkins and for Jacob it was a new and interesting experience. You can tell by the grin on his face, he thought it was lots of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love how the seeds and goop are just dripping out of Emily’s hands all the way down to the pumpkin.

Here is everyone, digging and scraping away.

I know it’s mean of me not to post photos of the finished products, I didn’t do it on purpose, they are just in my camera still with the rest of the halloween photos. They will be coming soon (after Thanksgiving some time).

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Heiser Farms

To Prove I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth completely while trying to get everything set for Thanksgiving, I have a few photos from October to share with you. No Halloween photos yet, they are still in my camera . . .

The major drawback to not having a digital camera is not being able to write about and share events when the happen, but some time after when the film is finally developed. One of our October traditions is to take the children to a pumpkin patch/farm. We don’t usually pick out the pumpkins there, just enjoy the autumn festivities. This year we found a new place to go, Heiser Farms. They charged next to nothing for the corn and hay maze, the hayride was free, and they had lots of animal the children could pet. They had a giant pumpkin cannon that shot pumpkins way off into one of the fields. And a kiddie area with lots of small tractor/tricycles that the kids could play on and ride.

The hay ride took us out to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. We hopped off and had a fun romp through the pumpkins, admiring how huge they were. There were hay bales made up like giant spiders, and some with goody face painted on them. Here is the crew at the entrance to the corn maze. It was an awesome corn maze, very twisty and turny with lots of dead ends and paths that took you in endless circles. In fact, I’m surprised we found our way out, expecially with the kids leading!

Heizer Farms

Jacob enjoyed running through the maze on his own, but also enjoyed his comfy seat upon Dad’s shoulders when his legs got too tired.
One of his favorite things to do was to lean forward to give Dad a big kiss on the cheek. Then he would snuggle his cheek right up next to Dad’s for a hug.

(I do realize this heavily one-sided to Jacob, the reason to this is because it is his first real trip to the pumpkin patch where he can do stuff, we tended to take a few more pictures of him than the others. I have lots of pictures of the other kids too, but just didn’t get them all scanned in.)

What is this great orange ball?

The kids all had a blast riding around on the tractors – I just love how his jacket matched this little tractor.

So, this is just a bit of the fun we had in October, there way too many photos to post, I just put up a few of my favorites. (apologies to those who visit me on flickr, you’ve seen them all before).

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I have not entered into the realm of digital cameras becuase I enjoy “real” photos. I am always afraid that I will procrastinate and not get my pictures developed, so I am old fashioned in that I have a regular camera. I still procrastinate in deloping my pictures, but maybe not as bad. So here, finally, are a group of pictures I wanted to post earlier . . .

First here are the pictures that were supposed to accompany my first post, “Trick or Treating”.

Elizabeth as “Little Bo Peep”

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and doesn’t know where to find them. Leave them alone and they’ll come home wagging their tales behind them.

Dorothy as “Little Red Riding Hood”

“Why Grandmother, what big teeth you have!”

Emily as “Goldilocks”

“Mmm, this porridge is just right!”

Jacob as “Humpty Dumpty”

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

(Of course they put our Humpty together again!!)

As referenced here these are our two birds. They were finally named “Pitti Sing & Peep Bo” from the Mikado at the insistance of our children.

Finally I couldn’t resist these two pictures of Jacob. They were taken in July. We had ( I say had because I have no idea where they are anymore) these goofy play glasses without lenses. They were a hoot and looked quite realistic. This is what happened when we put them on our boy ( he was 4 months old at the time).

I laughed and laughed over these, especially the one with his little tongue sticking out.


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Trick or Treating

Our family joined the throng as we scampered from door to door last night. We enjoy choosing family themes and our theme this year was nursery rhymes/fairy tales. My six year old made a very charming Little Bo Peep complete with her bloomers, ruffley hat, and staff. Our little shepherdess shepharding us along from house to house. My five year old led the pack as little red riding hood. I can still loose myself in the image of her galloping ahead, her red cloak flapping around her as it caught air and in those especially joyous moments as she jumped her hood falling back exposing her pigtail braids flapping at the side of her head. Then our little curly haired blond three year old running to keep up holding tight to her big stuffed bear as goldilocks. Anxiously pointing to each house and showing off each treasure with shear delight. My husband and I even joined in the festivities as Jack and Jill toting along our pail and our youngest little tyke of seven months cloaked warmly in his Humpty Dumpty costume. His eyes growing sleepy in the gentleness of papa’s arms, not aware of the excitement and energy in the air. The Oregon rain subsided just long enough for us to make the rounds and we rounded off the evening warming up with corndogs and chili at a friends house as the kids galloped about and the adults chatted. I love these special family times and memories forever fixed upon my mind, after all isn’t this the joy of motherhood and parenting? Creating these special good moments that will last through the years. I will never forget the excitment in my children’s eyes the curls bouncing up and down running from house to house, and the red cape flapping in the night. These will become those special moments and thoughts I can cuddle up with on a cold day with a cup of hot chocolate.


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