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*Quick Update*

A quick update – thanks all of you for your sweet and funny comments. 🙂 Dorothy received a hot pink cast yesterday afternoon and will have a check up in one week.  She was back at school today and even spent a little time bouncing solo on the trampoline.  She is very proud of her bright pink arm, but I think the excitement will wear off all too soon. 🙂

Our Ped. took a look at Jacob’s infected spot and said to keep putting warm compresses on it to see if we could get it to drain.  We talked about the possibility of making the trek to see our cardiologist, but decided to give it a bit more time.  I finally did get it to drain out, and today as I pushed gently on it (much to complaint of Jacob) I popped out what looked like a little peice of stitch.  It made sense to me considering the doc clipped off the earlier stitch (a rather long piece) that was down lower.  I figured that there was a little piece of stitch left that then started trying to work its way out and causing infection.  Now with that all cleared up, with some triple antibiotic ointment we shouldn’t have any more problems.

*fingers crossed*  🙂

To those who have tagged me with the 7 questions, I will get to that ASAP as well as the other fun filled events from this past week…


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