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Sick, Sick, Sick

Which is the reason the posts have been few and far between – well some of the reasons anyway.

Jacob started us off – he’s had a nasty cough for about 5 weeks now – we talking cough until you gag. One morning a week or two ago he was coughing so hard he was throwing up the poor little kid.  While his cough seems to finally be improving, it still drives me nuts to hear him.  I guess I still get a bit anxious where he is concerned. The good point to all this is that he has had no fever or wheezing – thank goodness for that.

Jacob was kind enough to share with me, and now I know how miserable he has been.  I’ve been coughing so hard and much my ribs hurt. Paul was so sweet last week and took a day off work so he could be around to take care of the kids and let me sleep – I was so drained of energy.  Being pregnant and sick just isn’t a good combination.  I’m feeling better now, though the cough is still plaguing me.

Dorothy picked up the cough and cold next, Dad souns like he is getting it, and Emily woke up coughing this morning.  Elizabeth has been spared so far from the cold, but not other things.

 Tuesday she had a huge dental appointment that involved sedation – her back teeth formed poorly,leaving deep crevices where cavities developped no matter how much she brushed. She did great and we got all the major cavities taken care of.  She didn’t get to eat all day though. Finally around 3:00 we got home and she was able to eat some lunch, and then some dinner. Wednesday morning she woke up, sick with a tummy bug.  We confirmed the tummy bug when later in the day she threw-up again, at least she had the presence of mind to run into the kitchen and grab a bowl. Sweet girl.  I felt so bad for her, not being able to eat a majority of Wednesday as well. She toughed it out and is back to normal now.  I just hope the rest of us don’t get it…  The saddest part for her aside from starving was missing school, she was absolutely distrought that she had missed 3 days this week.

So, that is what has been going on around here that has me preoccupied.  It’s been quite the week.  Hopefully the weekend will be a nice dull and boring one. But somehow, with my crazy and fun family doubt it. 🙂  Oh, and that is the reason I mentioned a couple posts back as to why there was a day or two where I didn’t write anything. I was either at the dentist all day, or taking care of a batch of sickos (including myself).  😉


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A Bunch of Sickos

Yup, I think I am running an infirmary right now. Emily had bad cold, fever, fever went away and she was vomitting on Sunday, but now is better. Dorothy was vomitting on Sunday night, with a fever, and now has a bad cold with a fever that comes and goes. Elizabeth had a slight fever Tuesday night, nothing yesterday and has been pronounced well. Dad was vomitting with Dorothy on Sunday night and had a fever Monday and part of yesterday, but I think is doing better. Thankfully, I am fine, Jacob, however is not.

Friday night he was vomitting with a fever. The fever died off a bit on Sunday and that is when his cough started. The fever kept spiking at night, and dying off in the day. Then last night, after getting to bed after 12:00, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. Jacob was having coughing fit after coughing fit and a fever back up at 101-102. Coughing so hard he was gagging and could hardly draw breath inbetween his coughs. We managed to get it under control finally, but sleep for the rest of the night was shot as I rolled restlessly in bed listening to his frantic coughs.

I took him in first thing this morning to our pediatrician. You know how sometimes pediatricians tend to say less, because they are afraid of worrying you too much if it turns out to be nothing? Well, that is how I felt today watching him. It wasn’t the fact that he ordered labs for whooping cough and RSV for just in case, or even an x-ray to be sure there wasn’t stuff in his lungs. But his perplexed look as he listened to Jacob and my descriptions of the night before. The ominous frown and wrinkled eyebrows as he eyed Jacob said all I needed to know. Dr. Whittaker was not happy with what he was hearing, besides which he doesn’t order for things like x-rays and such with out provocation.

So off to the hospital we went and Jacob got prodded up the nose and basically confined in a tube for his x-ray, poor little tyke. He trooped through it exceedingly well, considering. We are heading off for nap time, and I get to play the waiting game, with the phone beside me waiting for a call on the x-ray results. Hopefully he will be clear as a bell with just a nasty cold. . . I’ll be sure to post what I find out. 🙂


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Things That Make a Mother’s Heart Pound

I walked in the door this evening and greeted my babysitter. My hubby is out of town again this weekend and so I got a baby sitter so I could go to the General Relief Society broadcast for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As I visited with the babysitter about the evening she mentioned that she thought Jacob might be sick. He had been really cuddly, tired, didn’t eat much and felt warm.

I bid her farewell and went to take Jacob’s temp. I hated that nervous feeling as I walked into his room to look into his crib, it felt too similar to the events early on in his life, and I was glad to see him fine and smiling at me as I said his name. I expected a slight fever, 99, 101 maybe. He, nor any of my kids but one on one occasion had ever had anything higher. I was greeted by a whopping 104.2! He was perfectly fine this morning, active, rambunctious even, no sign that he wasn’t feeling well, and now all of a sudden a high fever. Thank goodness there don’t appear to be any other symptoms along with it. His breathing is fine, he doesn’t appear to be congested or in pain. Just fighting off a high fever.

I’m sure it’ll drop (I gave him some tylenol) but it makes me nervous all the same, especially with hubby out of town until late tomorrow night. I’ll just sleep a lot more comfortably once his fever has gone.


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Weekly Anamnesis #13


Expecting, anticipating, languishing
Stealing time, the thief creeps in
Binding my hands as the hours
Drift by listlessly

Time abducted is lost forever
An act of piracy,
Pilfering away the minutes,
I cannot retrieve even a second.

Hollow heart and barren arms
I can but appreciate moments past
And cherish the days
When the thief relinquishes his hold.
-J.H. Schmidt


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Axing Relaxing

Yesterday was such a nice relaxing day. We all were outside playing and working in the yard. We set up a little fenced area for Jacob to crawl. We were told to keep his activity to a minimum, but you can’t keep an 11 1/2 month old from crawling, so we quaratined him. In the evening we took the family out to see “Curious George” which was adorable and funny; a complete hit with the kids.

We pulled into our driveway and unloaded the girls. Just as I turned back to get Jacob he threw up. He threw up two more times in the time it took me to run inside and get towells. My mommy radar was swiftle swinging toward the panic and paranoia mode. We got him out and everything cleaned off. We are not allowed to give him anything more than a sponhge bath so I set up some towels on the kitchen floor and bathed him. Fifteen minutes later we were snuggled up in my recliner and he was drifting off to sleep when he threw up 2 more consecutive times. We sponged him off again and I cleaned up.

I was stressed. I was switching between, ate too much and tummy bug, to reaction to something from his cath. My logical side was saying that if it was a reaction it would have happened on Friday sometime or early on Sat. My panicked side was dissagreeing vehemently. The care sheet we brought home said to contact the doctor for persistant vomitting. How persistant is persistant? It was after hours and the message at the cardiologist’s office said that if it was urgent to page the doctor. Well, is a puking baby urgent? I was thrown into fits of indicision and after praying and going back and forth we decided to leave it be and see what happened over night and today.

So, obviously, I stayed home with him from church and so far we are doing well, but I haven’t given him much more than watered down formula with pedialyte. I never thought a baby throwing up would cause so much panic. I am going to drive myself insane. I am sure all is well, as he hasn’t thrown up again, I just need to get my mommy radar back into the “I am sane” mode. heh 🙂 Of course, I am very grateful that I only have to deal with a little throw-up compared to other more serious complications and problems.


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We had planned to go to the mountain today. Even with the sudden cold weather we had hopes of taking the children sledding. We thought we might not be able to go, so we planned something else just in case. Plans are made to be broken, they say.

Paul carried Dorothy out of church yesterday with a sudden onset of a 102.5 fever. They called him into primary because she was shaking in her chair. And the never ending rocketing commet took a 4 hour nap and went to bed at night without batting an eye. She was over it by this afternoon. Now Emily has a fever or 102. So, we stayed home today and watched “Wallace and Grommit.”

Two down, two to go (let’s just hope Paul and I don’t get it). And I, I am going stir crazy and want to go hunting pirates, but there are none to be found . . . all are suffering from sea sickness upon the Jolly Roger. 🙂


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Weekly Anamnesis #3

I sit surrounded by glass walls.
Pain and fear exposed
Agony bared for all to see.

I cling desperately to hope,
Fearing my world shattered
And my son ripped from me.

Optimism besieged by thorns
Pricking and piercing the tender flesh.
Trust and reliance put in God and Miracles.

Faith and prayer is not in vain
My arms enfold him in walls of love
Joy bursts forth, gratitude proclaimed.

-J.H. Schmidt

Some background might be insightful or appreciated and can be found here.


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