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Look Out Below!!

It’s amazing some of the things we do as kids that would be absolutely disgusting now. I remember I used to love peanut butter and mayonnaise (well, actually Miracle Whip, that’s all my mom used) sandwiches. Yuck! There is one particular activity I remember that we loved . . .

Our hayloft was the second story of our barn. At either end we had two big windows. It was quite a ways down. On one side there was a cement patio that we used to play games and such. The other side was the animals’ entry. Usually left open so they could some and go to their stalls, etc. There was also a huge manure pile. My dad always kept it very well limed. The lime took the smell out, and it was very old and dry as well, it wasn’t all we and fresh and gooey, that would just make this story to gross to tell.

My brothers and I were playing in the hayloft, I honestly don’t remember if my sisters were involved or not. It all started with a dare. “Let’s jump out the hayloft window.” I don’t remember which brother it was or to who, I think it was to all of us in general. We all just kind of laughed, like a yeah right laugh, we’ll kill ourselves laugh, and started to play one of our make believe games. It was at a point when we were escaping a dragon or some such when one of my brothers launched himself right out the hayloft window . . . into the old pile of manure! Well, it didn’t kill him, and it looked like great fun, so we all launched ourselves out the window. Having a nice firm spongy landing every time with peals of laughter echoing through the barnyard. The animals looking at us lazily, wondering what we saw was so amusing about a manure pile. Obviously none of us were scared of heights jumping out a second story window, I’m surprised my dad didn’t skin us alive! Kimball was the only one brave enough (?) to jump out on the pavement side. We were all very impressed that he did it and didn’t even break anything! Ahh, the things kids do . . .

(*sniff* – do I smell something? . . . )


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