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A is for ….

Ok, I’m not really big into memes, but when I stumbled across this one it caught my attention. Perhaps it’s because I wanted to try to write more steadily and I thought it would get me in the habbit – or perhaps it is because it will help the creativity flow. It is not your usual meme.  It is called the Encyclopedia of Me Meme where each day you write a post about yourself or something you are interested in, following the alphabet. Granted there are only 26 letter in the alphabet, but it will keep me going for a while – and should any of you decide to try it out too, it might just be fun! 🙂  Here’s a link to the lady who came up with the Meme if I didn’t explain it enough: Encyclopedia of Me Meme.  Ok, now with that introduction out of the way I shall continue on with my post…

A is for Affair

Now, don’t get all excited, it’s not what you think. 

I was on my way home from a grueling day yesterday. We had started with leaving for a prenatal at 11:00 in the morning. Em was deposited at a friend’s house and sisters were disgruntled that they hadn’t been invited to friends houses. We muddled through the prenatal with Dad hanging onto the wiggly two year old and Mom trying to get the older girls to be still during the blood draw (my second one because the lab didn’t pick up the draw in time the last time). Consequently I am just over 18 weeks and heard baby’s heart beat today which thrilled the girls. Jacob lifted up his shirt so he could be just like mom and my midwife let us listen to his heart beat with the doppler – it was quite fun.  All is well in baby land. 

 I drove the 30 minutes back home, picked up Em and some lunch and had a potty break, then we drove another 20 minutes to a farmers market.  Upon arrival, Thing 1 informed me that she needed to go potty BAD. I was bewildered as I told her, “but you went 20 minutes ago!” and proceeded to say she would just have to hold it for there was not a potty in sight.  We blazed through the market picking up some berries and fresh vegies, Elizabeth crying and whimpering the whole way. Then we sped to Wal-mart for toilets and school supplies.

Trying to juggle three children’s school lists is an interesting feat (I can’t wait till all 5 are in school – I now have new respect for my poor mom 🙂 ) – not to mention juggling the four kids to go along with it. An hour or two later, with the cart loaded to the hilt, whining kids, and sore feet, we staggered out the Wal-mart doors and to our car.  I wearily planted myself on the car seat and turned on the A.C. full blast. It was so HOT,  I was  TIRED, and my feet HURT.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the radio – it was a dumb travel agency ad anyway.  All of a sudden my mind went reeling  as I balked and looked at the radio like it was some strange, foreign object.

“And love affairs for every occasion….” I heard broadcast worldwide.

“Excuse me?” my brain said as it tried not to be insulted. Then I realized that the heat really had addled my brains – the advertiser hadn’t said “love affairs” but “LOW FARES!”

Ay, ay, AY! I dissolved into a melted puddle of laughter.


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Weekly Anamnesis #28

I tucked my fuzzy pajama covered knees beneath my chin, wrapping my arms around them, hugging them close. I rocked back and forth a bit staring longingly at the sleek dark finish of the bedroom door.

“I won’t cry! I won’t!” I whispered to myself as tears threatened, brimming and pooling at the corners of my eyes. I dashed them aside with my grubby hand. I could hear them, laughing and giggling, their sounds muted by the closed door and the distance of the hall. I could picture them sprawled across the floor munching on their popcorn and laughing over their silly poses on the slides. I saw the slide of my brother in my mind, his hands placed upon his cheeks in a surprised “Oh!” and laughter in his eyes as he stood below a waterfall in naught but his underwear. Oh, how we giggled and laughed at that one. The water splashed off his elbows scattering in disarray, with the brown rock behind him. I heard a burst of laughter, no doubt my sister, and I hugged my knees tighter. “I won’t cry!” I whispered fiercely as I unfolded my little body and crawled into bed.

Only when the covers were yanked over my head did I let myself dissolve into a heap of gut wrenching sobs. Mother had said, “Go to bed.” But I wanted to be with the family. I hadn’t been bad had I? My crying softened and I heard someone at my door. A soft tap and the slight creek as it opened, followed by quiet footsteps. I felt the covers slip over my sodden hair and I looked up into my Mother’s worried eyes.

“What’s wrong? Why didn’t you come out?” She asked.

“You … said … I had to go … to … bed,” I gasped as the sobs threatened another act of piracy. I looked into my Mother’s astonished face as it crumbled into compassion.

“Oh, darling, I said to get ready for bed,” she whispered as she gathered me into her arms.
I turned my tear-streaked cheeks up to gaze into her face, a glimmer of hope in my eyes. “Then, I’m not in trouble?
”I can come out and watch slides?”

My tears forgotten I scrambled out of bed and followed my mother out the door, leaving them to dry.


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