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Little Things Make Me Happy

It really doesn’t take much to put a smile on my face, and today I am positively glowing, but to really understand I why, I need to start with yesterday.

Yesterday was a really tough day. I got a call from Dot’s teacher because she was sent to the principle’s office for hitting a little boy. When she got home I removed her tv privalege of watching PBS and had her write 3 apology letters, one to the boy she hit, one to her teacher, and one to the principal. She cried and whined through the whole thing. I felt like I had just hit my limmit. I was trying so hard not to get more frustrated as she fought with me through her homework. We finished and I honestly didn’t know how I would make it through the rest of the evening. I went into my room, fell on my knees and pled with Heavenly Father for an abundance of love and patience. Well, I was blessed and I did make it through the day, the evening was considerably better (but still filled with deaf ears, shouting lips, and lots of whinies; I felt so drained.

I think He knew I needed a better day today. The children were cheerful when they awoke, which put a smile on my face, school started an hour later and they slept in, which gave me time to read my scriptures before teaching my morning lesson, the girls cheerfully made their lunches and were anxious to help in the kitchen. I haven’t received any phone calls yet, and I had an awesome day at the grocery store.

I decided to make stromboli tonight for dinner (it is so yummy! I’ll put the recipe over on the recipe exchange blog) and needed to pick up some sausage for it. I just went to the local store here in town, which has inflated prices, but beats driving 20 minutes for just a few things. Their sausage was on sell for $2.50 a pound which was so-so (in my opinion) but I grabbed two packages anyway. I finished my shopping and went to the self check-out stand. I ran the first thing of sausage through and scanned the bar code on the back. The second package had no barcode on the back so I scanned it on the front. As I put it in the bag I looked at the screen and what I saw baffled me. The first sausage said that it was 1 cent! THat can’t be right so I pulled it out, and was thinking about what I should do, when a cashier came up to me and asked if I had both my sausages in the bag. I explained to her what had happened.

“Well, if that’t the price on it, that’s what you get it for!” she exclaimed.

I was elated! It is such a simple little thing, but it just made my day! It might seem funny, but it was almost as if Heavenly Father was telling me, “I’m here, I love you, and here’s a little extra pick me up after such a rough day.”

So, my sausage only cost me $0.75 a pound! 🙂


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