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One Glorious Shining Moment and Then This…

(In case you were wondering my glorious shining moment was two posts ago, now on with the this…)

The kids were finally all in bed, all that is except James of course – I was sitting in my chair working on getting him to sleep.  He had just barely closed his eyes and appeared to be heading off to slumber land.  Paul brought me in a delectable root bear float.  He had even been so kind as to stick a straw in it.

The straw didn’t help much.  As I tilted the cup slightly towards me, my lips reached out searching for that conduit to foaming utopia.  Suddenly I felt a cool sensation on my chest and down my right side.  I looked down and saw rootbeer cascading down my front.  Then I rembered the laws of nature involving mountains and valleys – when dropped on the peak water won’t only run off on one side – so into the valley, where James’ sweet barely slumbering head was resting, the river ran.

Ummm…yeah, it woke him up with a start, that icey, stickiness.  He woke up even further as Paul had to wash all the stickies off.

 I wish I could claim some proven theories about rootbeer being good for a baby’s complexion, but I don’t think there are any.

And I will forever be known and teased (by my loving hubby of course) as the mother who gave her child a rootbeer bath – that just sounds cruel. 🙂


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I Must Be Doing Something Right…

Sometimes I wonder… You know between the fighting and yelling, the talking back and temper tantrums, the scowls and frowns, the messy house and crying fussy baby… somewhere between all that chaos we try to teach our children to make good choices, to be kind and loving, to think more of others than themselves, and we wonder…. does any of it sink in?

Then there are moments like yesterday when we realize that, yes, it is sinking in and in the midst of all the numerous mistakes we make as parents, we are doing something right…

Elizabeth and Dorothy were both chosen from their classes at school to recieve the character counts (a program where they focus on a particular desirable character trait [such us trustworthy, loyal, kind, etc] per month and give a special award to a student who demonstrates that charater trait all the time – not just during the month they are focusing on it) award for Compassion. 

That tells me something.  🙂 

(And I am so proud of my darling daughters – and all the rest of my awesome kids too)


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A Case of Snuggles

I think the thing I miss most about babies at this stage, and the thing I love the most about babies at this stage is the snuggles.  I love how they cuddle up on you and and snuggle into you. How they are content to lie on your chest and just be held.  Jacob barely stops long enough for me to give him a quick hug, let alone sit and cuddle with him for any period of time.  Yup, I love the baby snuggle stage. 🙂

As requested: Mama and James

Mama and James

A Mother’s Prayer
(a rubaiyat)

I feel the rhythmic creaking of my rocking chair
And press my cheek, so soft, against your downy hair.
I drop a kiss upon each peaceful slumbering eye
And utter in my heart a silent hopeful prayer.

I want to nurture you and teach you to reach high,
I want you to understand that it’s okay to cry.
I’ll teach you to catch snowflakes on your tiny tongue
And marvel at the rainbows in the glistening sky.

I’ll show you nature’s miracles, after spring has sprung
And show you all the little creatures hiding among
The rocks and crevices. I want to teach you
How to sing the song that’s left unsung.

I want to show you lions, roaring at the zoo,
And be your secret confidant when you’re feeling blue.
You are my precious child. None can compare.
Remember always who you are, my darling, I love you.

-J.H. Schmidt

Hanging out

Half Smile

Sleepy Boy

Hello world!

And a couple of Papa and James too:

Daddy and James

Dad and James at birth center

Daddy and James at Birth Center


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Double Whammy & Mommy Stuff

I’m finally feeling better – yippee!  However Jacob is still hanging out with a fever around 104 – it fluctuates between 101 and 104 something. So we took him in to see the Ped.  Other than a nasty cold there didn’t seem to be much wrong with him. Until the doc check his ears. Both ears are loaded – the poor little guy has a double ear infection so he got loaded up on antibiotics today – with the thought that the antibiotics will help knock off anything else might be hanging around in his body.

He looks so pitiful, you can tell the poor kid just feels nasty.  At least we know what it is and we can stop worrying for the most part. 🙂


The following is to be read with a sense of humor please – as I am not really complaining, just chuckling at the fun (rather sarcastic on the fun) moments after child birth (that I know every mom can relate to):

So now that I am over my stomach virus, I am doing a major happy dance.  I just have to deal with the other sweet pains of being a new mom once again. 

Last night was the first night I didn’t wake up with massive after birth pains (compounded I am sure by the stomach cramps from my little virus).  I slept well and it felt good – James slept well too – blessed boy. 🙂

James is a champion nurser – which means I am in total pain – anyone comes with in 5 feet of my chest and I squeal in protest – not to mention a sick toddler who needs to climb on my lap for comfort – why do the elbows ALWAYS find the sore chest? WHY?  It is so unjust. 🙂  My milk finally came in last night so now I am a sore soaking mess – though I must say James is much happier – and sleeping better.  So I suppose I can accept a bit of pain and wetness for being able to sleep more.

My tummy still feels like a bowl full of jelly and we made the mistake of watching an old hillarious movie last night – “Support Your Local Sheriff” – my tummy is still sore from laughing, but I figure that might be a good thing as in I’m working on strengthening those muscles some more – so maybe I can keep laughing – as long as it doesn’t hurt TOO much. 🙂

I am rejoicing at being able to see my feet once again – they had become strangers to me, and I am thrilled at the prospect of shaving my legs without trying to work around the tummy – they are a bit furry – amazon forest legs as hubby teases – thank goodness he doesn’t really mind, because they still might not get shaved for a while still as shower and bath time is precious and short.  I am sure it will be a happy dance moment when it finally happens.

And let us not forget to do our kegals and take our vitamins – which I am always forgetting to do.  I would like to report that my brain has bounded back to me from its pregnancy vacation, but I think it is enjoying the tropics way too much and will be taking an extended vacation…

Oh and one last thing – a supply of chucks pads always comes in handy with a new baby for two reasons:

  1. For those nights when you are overflowing – if you are the overflowing type that is (I am – I will never forget the time I was at church and a dear kind lady discreetly pointed out my damp, and rapidly growing damper, blouse- ahhhhh! I think I hid in the mother’s lounge until it was time to go)- they serve to keep the bed from getting soaked.
  2. We have found from numerous years of diaper experience that bright yellow baby poo can be jet propelled…  (in which case it is best to place one under the baby and wear one like a bib – a face mask wouldn’t be such a bad idea as well – heh)

Of course while I joke and jest, none of these little “pains” shadows the immense joy of our dear new little James and the rest of our clan.


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U is for Utter Momness

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

Ok, so U was a tough one to come up with.  That is, until my mother sent me this absolutely hillarious link.  After I managed to control my constant laughter (nearly peed my pants, but being pregnant, that isn’t too dificult).  🙂 Heh, ah the joys of motherhood.    I love being a mom and I love my 41/2 kids – sure I get frustrated sometimes and wonder what sane person (obviously I’m not sane) would have a child, let alone 4 or 5 of them, but then all the good times remind me that I love being who I am and I would choose everytime to have all these gorgeous little creatures.  That being said, I totally feel like the lady in the clip below, I think every mom will be able to relate in some way. So, sit back and enjoy some Utter Momness. 🙂


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P is for Pregnant Moment

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

I’ve had a lot of them.  And apparently they only get worse and more frequent with each pregnancy.  One such moment happened last Wednesday.

A good friend of ours had been going through a lot. Having their suburban stolen while on vacation was one of these – not to mention the fact that she is expecting too, in fact we have the same due date. 🙂 In a small effort I offered to take them dinner, or at the very least have them come play and eat dinner at our house.  It was decided that the latter would be best as it would alleviate some of the stress in general to have some fun conversation and let the kids hang out with friends, etc.

I had decided on ground beef stroganoff for dinner as it is easy, inexpensive, feeds a lot of people, and best of all, yummy.  The kids were terrors that day – fighting, squabbling, complaining at every moment when I asked for some help.  I was in the middle of cooking dinner when I realized that Jacob wasn’t around.

“I’d better see what he is up to,” I muttered as I flipped the burner down to medium and set off in search of the rascally two year old.  The aroma of dirty, stinky diaper punched me in the nose as I walked into his bedroom.  I first saw his little bare bottom facing me as he crawled along his bed before the horror hit me.  He hadn’t bothered to let me know he was stinky but decided to take care of it himself.  I dodged little diaper presents on the floor as I made my way to the corner where the discarded object lay.  That in itself was a feat as the diaper presents tended to blend in with the carpet.  I swatted that little bare bottom and had him clean up all the blankets and things that could be possibly dirty, tossing them all into the hamper. Then I scrubbed the floor.

I ran out to the kitchen, stirred the food. “I’ll do a quick bath for him, the food will be fine.”

Had I been lucid I would have remembered that toddlers and quick baths don’t exist. Had I been lucid I would have realized that I had already been cooking the food for quite some time BEFORE the whole diaper incident. Had I been lucid I would have realized that it had already stuck just a bit when I had stopped to stir it just then.

BUT, when you are pregnant, you are NOT lucid. *SIGH*

I gave Jacob a bath, got him all clean, reinspected the bedroom and went back out to the kitchen, fully expecting to find everything in fine order.

It wasn’t.  The stroganoff was scorched to the bottom of the pan and I had a family of 7 descending upon us in 30 minutes – and my oven was STILL NOT FIXED.  I tested the the food – just in case it wasn’t too noticeable.  It was terrible.

So, I did the only the a respectable pregnant lady would do. I called my husband and burst into tears.

His first comment was to get pizza (we all know how the last pizza saga worked out) and then he remembered that he hadn’t had a chance to fix the oven yet. (The new element was purchase, but the wire it connected to was black, signifying a loose connection and he needed to fix that in order to hook up the new element).  He, being the brilliant husband that he is, suggested getting the pizzas (it was way to expensive to order enough pizzas to feed 13 people from a place like Domino’s or something) and cooking them at our friend’s house who lives right behind us.

So, I called my friends, still partly panicked and dashing tears away. She readily agreed to lend me her oven. She lent her 12 year old son to sit in the car with the kids while I ran into the store to get the pizzas. Then she was kind enough to cook the pizzas and bring them too us.

Thank goodness for good friends and husbands who help us out of these pregnant moments. 🙂

P.S. My wonderful HHH was able to fix my oven on Saturday and after a week and a half of no oven I am very excited to say that it works beautifully and I can’t wait to bake brownies. 🙂


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Answers – or at least ideas

It seems that every family hits that point where you make changes or just die trying.  We hit that point.  It seems that every time I turn around the kids are squabling and quarraling and Mom turns Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hide unleashy her nasty little self.  I ask them to do dishes and there’s a fight, I ask them to pick up and there’s a fight, I say lets go to the park and there’s a fight while trying to find shoes, I say it’s time for bed and there’s world war III,  I half expect to look at them cross-eyed and find another reason to break into a family brawl.  The cleaning and picking up thing seemed to be a main source of contention – and despite the feelings of “fine I’ll just do i t myself” I knew that was unreallistic and wouldn’t help a thing – and definitely wouldn’t teach the children the value of work and responsibility.

This is where big sisters come in handy.  I was talking to her about my woes and my foibles and like big sisters usually do she listened. (yay big sister!) 🙂  Then she reminded me of things that would make my job easier.  The silly thing to me was that these things were things I already knew about and had just failed to implement them.  Things such as chore charts and check lists so the children knew what was expected of the them (duh!) and immediate consequences and rewards.  “Yay you did the job, lets go to the park!” (and have located shoes previously so as not to break into a brawl at that point, heh).  So yesterday I had a little chat with my children, that went something like this:

We are a family and everyone is an important part.  As part of this family each of you is expected to do certain chores and do them happily.  You have to work – you’ll have to work all your life and complaining about it isn’t going to make it go away.  So, this is what we are going to do.  I will make chore charts and they will list what is expected of each of you.  When I ask for help doing dishes or cleaning up you will not argue, but say “yes mom” and do it happily.  Any complaint will bring double the work.  All chores must be completed before play, trips, and other fun stuff.  As far as crafts and projects go – I like to do them, and I want to do them but they make a big mess and then I have complainers about picking up the mess.  If you want to do crafts this summer you need to show me you are willing to pick up happily, and not give me complaints about picking up afterwards.

They all kind of just stood there with semi-blank looks on their faces, until I asked them if they agreed and then they enthusiastically said yes.  So, I get to do some chore chart planning and such today, and hope that while it won’t cure all of our woes, it might at least lessen some of the fighting and stress.  At least I can hope it will keep our home a little cleaner (and thus happier).  So, back to the basics for me (funny how that always seems to solve things) and if I can just remember constantly that a “soft answer turneth away wrath” then I might just make it through the summer with at least a shred of sanity in place.


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Things I Think About

I got to thinking (yes, that is the smoke you smell) – since I was awarded the thinking blogger award – what are some things that occupy the empty space in my mind. 

 So I decided to make a list of 10 things I think about – maybe it will become a meme, heh, and come back to haunt me.

1. I think a lot about my role as a mother (and wife).  Sometimes I think about how things are going pretty well, but mostly I think about what I need to do better.  Sometimes I think about all the wonderful aspects, and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed I can’t believe that God has sent me four of his precious spirits to care for, watch over, and teach.  I think a lot about how to have fun with the kids to give them an enjoyable childhood and I think about how to discipline with love, so that even when I am spitting nails they have no doubt of my love.  I think about keeping up with the house, and also about how the kids, Jacob especially, taught me that it is ok to let things go once in a while because they aren’t young forever.  I think about trying to have a harmonious home for my husband to come home to after long hours away at work – and I think about what on earth I am ever going to make for dinner. 🙂

2.  I daydream alot – make up stories in my head when I am driving someplace and the kids are being kinda quiet.  I especially enjoy hanging out with my two favorite characters, Will and Belinda, and imaging their next escapades.

3. I think a lot about miracles and blessings, and about God and Jesus Christ.  They occupy a good portion of my deeper thoughts as I contemplate all the marvelous miracles I have witnessed.  I could never deny Their existance, not after all the things I have seen Their work in.

4. I think about things that I haven’t done yet that I need to do – those thoughts are like needles poking around in my brain – pestering and pestering until I finally get them done – things like gardening (it has been so rainy lately) and washing the dog.

5. I like to think about stories I remember while Iwas growing up – memories.  I think sometimes I am afraid I will lose them, so I like to think about them often. 

6.  I think a lot about Congenital Heart Defects and the different groups I belong too, and about how I can become more involved (without it overwhelming the rest of my life, again that 4 kids factor).  I think about wanting to make a difference in someone’s life – maybe just by being there.  The knowledge that I can somehow make someone’s life a little better means a lot to me.  I think about all the people who have had an impact on my life, people who may not even know it, and it forges in me a desire to be there for others.  I think about all the heart mom’s and kid’s and others going through hard times, I think and I pray.

7. I think about my family – all the extended family, neices  and nephews, sisters, brothers, and aunts and uncles.

8.  Oh, and I think about chocolate….yummm! 🙂 – and of course pie too!

9.  I think a lot about my HHH, and if I am showing my appreciation enough, cause he really is an amazing wonderful guy.

10.  I think about music.  I think about my piano students and what they need to learn and work on.  I think about my own music and how it makes me feel.  I think about what kind of music fits my mood on a particular day.  Sometimes I don’t neccesarily think about music – I just think music. 🙂

What do you think about in the corners of your mind?


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Real Moms

Gee, I got tagged by two different people on this one April and Sariah in Vancouver– makes me feel special.  Garsh! 🙂  Anyway….

Real Moms act more like kids than adults most of the time (and when they say “oh grow up” they really don’t mean it…) 


Real moms say “Arr! You best be doin’ them dishes or I be splittin’ yer gullet.” (okay, well maybe not, but it is a lot more interesting  than, “is that dishwasher unloaded YET???”) 

I tag Deb, Stephanie, Tracy, Christine, Terri, Awesome Mom, Nancy, and anyone else who wants to play that I forgot to list. 🙂  Tell us what real moms do and post a pic to go with it.  Link back here if you do it, I want to see what you come up with.

P.S. Karen has a portrait of me up on her blog! lol!  🙂 (of course she didn’t post that with me in mind, but I was quite taken aback when I saw the striking resemblance). Okay, I have to quit laughing or I’ll fall off my chair.  heh


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A week or so ago I realized, much to my horror and dismay, that I had become that frumpy housewife that we all try so hard to avoid. It all started with the hair thing. I wasn’t aloud to do my hair, well, at least not put any product in it at all. If I couldn’t do my hair, there was no point in doing my make up – I’d look like some backwards alien with a made up face and disheveled hair. And since I wasn’t going to do any of that, then why bother dressing up, or even looking nice. For someone who can’t style hair, etc. the reasonable answer is to hang out in comfy clothes, you know sweats, pajamas, you get the idea.

The first day was rather freeing actually, I had so much more time after my shower, and I got to feel comfy ALL day. But after a while, and with out realizing it, I began to hide inside, and be embarrased if I got caught running errands at the store because I truly looked frumpy. But worse than looked it, I FELT it, and it drove me nuts. My house even began to get away from me a bit, funny how that happens.

Then I woke up one morning and thought to myself, “This is silly. There has to be some way you can do your hair and look nice without lathering it with moose.” (I had tried using moose again at one point and it worked fine for a few days, but then my scalp began to rebell again). So, I showered, cut down the Amazon growing on my legs (heh), lathered my self in yummy smelling lotion and blow dried my hair. All the time previous I hadn’t bothered, I had just let it air dry, ending up looking like a limp mop hanging about my head. After I was done drying it I was amazed to see that it settled very nicely, with some body and wasn’t limp or sticking out everywhere. I brushed it and tucked the short strands behind my ears. I had a stylish short layered cut that if I didn’t flip it out, it turned in and looked rather sophisticated. Then, I did my make-up and I looked even better (if I don’t I tend to look like I just rolled out of bed a few minutes ago, heh).

Suddenly I wasn’t feeling so frumpy anymore and I put on a pair of jeans and a nice blouse, and jewlery even. I felt GOOD! And, I got a lot more done that day too, not to mention I began to feel better, and when I stepped out to the store I stepped out with confidence.

I have even dressed up on days for NO good reason… heh. 🙂 (I do still relax and get comfortable from time to time, but I avoid the dumps of the frumps.)

So, I guess my point is, is that instead of giving up (like I did momentarily on my hair and all that) there is always a solution. We just have to find it. 🙂


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