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Signs were posted all over the halls for the school musical, “Oklahoma!” Many of my friends had auditioned and found parts in the musical; I preferred to remain behind the scenes and stayed in the pit orchestra. We worked long and hard, rehearsing parts, building props, and practicing. The night of performances arrived. We were so nervous and excited, but we knew it was good. Two weeks, 5 nights, of performances. The final night was the best, it always is. Some one put a “dino-roar” in the butter churn and it was roaring every time Aunt Eller pushed down. I can’t even remember half of the jokes we played. That was 13 years ago; I was a junior in high school.

I sighed into my chair this evening, finally having battle the last child to sleep and finding poor little Jacob had fallen asleep in his highchair while munching on the last of his cheerios. Needing some time to vegetate I turned on the television. Nothing looked even remotely interesting so I began to hop channels.

You expect to find a number of things on TV, but I never expected to find this. There right in front of my eyes on some obscure channel was my best friend dancing across the stage! It was as if she’d never left high school. Wait! She was in high school! For some odd reason someone was airing our high school musical, “Oklahoma!”

“Were we really that out of tune?” I ask myself, laughing and cringing as the French horn blares off key. I evaporate into laughter, transported back into time. The camera job is out of focus in places, the acting is anything but great, and the singers never would have made it onto “American Idol”, but I find myself enjoying it more and more, submersed in memories, watching friends I had almost forgotten. A sort of comedy of errors, I enjoy every out of tune note.


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