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Hello, Blog. My name is GoofyJ. Remember me?

Wow. That is really all I can say. Just wow. Time has flown and dragged by at the same time. And now, here I sit in a home, my home, in Cinci, Ohio. Weird. Oh and I only have two months until baby comes? How did that happen? Double weird.

Where do I start?

Maybe I’ll just fling up some photo collages of our journey since right before Paul left – some of you might have seen the pics on Facebook, simply scroll faster if you want to get through them quicker. Though if you go too fast you might miss any witty reparte in between them… well, no promises. 😀

We’ll start with the loading the truck collage. We loaded the truck the day before Mother’s Day. That is my awesome bro with the ductaped pants – they kept splitting further… and further… and we just kept adding to the tape so he wouldn’t be indecent. 😀

Moving Collage

After the truck was loaded, we realized there was a lot of stuff we wanted to take that didn’t fit. Then when the car behind it was pulling heavy we had to empty it – so that meant all of our musical instruments had to stay behind. It was the deciding factor on driving out a second truck.

Sunday, Paul tried to leave me a Mother’s Day present…

Saram Wrap 1 Collage

Saram wrapped kids. Unfortunately, they escaped.. and then they revolted and tried to keep dad from leaving.

Saram Wrap 2 Collage

He escaped too, and left the next day.

Then came the fun. And all the hard work. I worked on packing odds and ends, painting the inside of the house, mowing lawns with grass up to my chest in some places, chasing five kids, growing a baby, going on last ditch outing with friends, and keeping from going completely insane. The worst part of it all was how much I missed having my hubby with me. I love that man!

We had fun too in the midst of all the work. I would have like to do more, but we at least made it to the beach one last time, and to Mt. St. Helens.

Goodbye Northwest Beach

My brother and his family came with us on the beach trip, the Mt. St. Helens trip I did solo.


I was proud of myself with two things on the St. Helens trip- 1. I didn’t go completely insane and 2. I managed to stay awake on the way home (though I had to chug a giant Dr. Pepper in order to do so – yuck. At least it tastes a little better than the other colas, and without the caffeine we wouldn’t have made it.)

In the midst of everything else we also threw an early b-day party for Em…
Em B-day Party

We had to have the cake on the floor because our table was already with hubby in Ohio.

And had Jacob’s preschool Graduation

Jacob Preschool Grad Collage

Is he just stinkin’ cute or what? 😀 Then we were on the road. My bro from Oregon helped us drive – he drove the truck while hubby and I enjoyed the un-air conditioned van. Our first stop was Utah to visit my big sis. Heidi and Paul’s big bro. Mark. Of course we were exhausted and dead in the brain when we stopped by Mark’s place so I didn’t get the camera out. SHOOT. At least I remembered at Heidi’s – it was a close call though – it didn’t come out until right before we left. (My feet were looking slightly pudgy)

Utah Collage

Then on to Colorado to visit my next big sis. Lisa. We went to the most amazing park while we were there. We got to see my parents too. I am shooting myself in the foot for not taking more pics. Grrrr. (My ankles were feeling left out and decided to join my feet in pudgyness)

Colorado Collage

Then we crashed at my big bro. Kimball’s place in Arkansas. By now, my ankles resembled tree trunks and I began to hang out in the truck with my bro. I’d like to say it was sibling bonding, but it really was the AC – just kidding. 😀 It was definitely both.

Arkansas Collage

Finally in Ohio – I don’t have more pics yet – but they will be coming…

Ohio Backyard Collage

for now enjoy our back yard and a really cool park. The deer in the pics is in our neighbor’s yard. We saw it three days in a row this week. The first day it was two yards down (when I took the pics) the second it was in our next door neighbor’s yard, and the third it was in our yard. If we see it again, I think I will name it. 😀 We have millions of lightning bugs – my absolute favorite – there’s just something magical about them. And I have been able to see and catch a photo of the Red Cardinal – my favorite childhood bird, which I completely forgot lived out here. Also in our back yard and neighbor’s back yards we frequently sight bunnies hopping around. 😀

Cool Ohio Park Collage

A wonderful end to a long and fun few months! I am hoping to have lots of adventures to tell. For now – I am off to bed. Because even if I don’t post this until later – it is 1:00 in the AM right now.


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Our last two beach trips

Our last two beach trips have been solo flights for me. Me and 5 kids – alone. The task seemed daunting, but let me tell you, we had the MOST fun! And I didn’t get completely frazzled or tear my hair out, or worry to death about kids in the ocean. In fact, the kids in the ocean thing was my one major rule. Water was off limits because I was worried about keeping everyone safe.

Imagine how excited we were then to land on a beach with giant puddles the first time left behind as the tide went out.

June Beach Trips-001

Yes – they are really jumping off that bucket into the knee-deep water – knee deep for them that is. Full fledge belly flopping going on! But boy did they have a ton of fun! And what a gorgeous day to boot!

Then last week I took them to the beach and met up with some friends from Washington who stopped at the coast for a day while on their vacation. Our first stop was the Yaquina Head Lighthouse – they watched the baby so I could take the other four up. It was a bit nervewracking with the ambitious and energetic pre-schooler, but all went well and the kids loved seeing the light flash on and off (it is one of the few working lighthouses).

June Beach Trips-002

Then we drove a little further south and hit Seal Rock for lunch and beach time. It is a gorgeous beach with lots of tide pools and a stream for the kids to play in (so they still got their water time) in fact the rocks form a sort of barrier to the ocean so they could play in some of the deeper pools at the edge of the water without my having to worry too much.

June Beach Trips-003

They found an amazing variety of seaweed – I wish I had taken more photos of their seaweed finds.

June Beach Trips-004

Even thought the tide was going out we would get the occasional amazing wave crashing on the rocks and it was simply gorgeous! All in all the two solo beach trips were a great success and I am looking forward to taking the kids again!


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Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

My parents arrived in town much to our delight last week. On Monday I with my kids (Paul had to work), My bro and his fam, and my parents drove out to one of our favorite Oregon beach locations. It was REALLY windy, and rather cold too. But the sun eventually came out and I ended up with a sunburn – and we had a ton of fun.

Cape Kiwanda

Of course, the first thing everyone wanted to do when we got there was to climb the monster dune.

Heading to the Dune

Emily, Laura and Elizabeth climbing the dune

Jacob Climbing the Dune

Jacob climbing the Dune

Jacob, Grandpa and I stopped partway up to explore the cape – Uncle Paul and the girls wanted to climb to the very top so they kept going. I love exploring the cape and how gorgeous it looks. Of course, with little Jacob by my side I didn’t explore as I usually would, there is a lot that is not safe to do with a three year old.

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

The we ran down the dune and explored the tide pool area along the side of the cape.

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda

Cape  Kiwanda


Then we headed back from our explorations

Grandpa & Jacob

When we got back, Uncle Paul and the girls were already flying the kite!

Flying Kites

Flying Kite


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Independence Day at Neskowin Beach

Friday morning found us gathering at Paul’s aunt’s cabin to ready ourselves for the Independance Day parade. A fine mist dripped around us as we donned our t-shirts and the few instruments there were (Paul and I weren’t playing – just chasing kids) warmed up. We were the “Flip-Flop Band” and were marching in the parade. The kids were excited as they were each handed a pair of flip-flops for a slapping together. In no time at all we had walked to the gathering point near the hotel.

Here is the whole big group – most are family

The Big Group (most are family)

And our little bunch

Kids before parade

Our Fam



Jacob snuck his Susie dog out to march in the parade

Jacob and Susie

James teething on a flip-flop – no worries, they are clean 🙂


Somehow Emily kept avoiding the camera – which is why i have no close-up of her.

Then we got moving –

Parade 3


Parade 2

After the parade there was a flag raising ceremony and patriotic sing along


In the evening we gathered around a bonfire on the beach to watch the fireworks as they lit up the sky – my arms were full of kid so I didn’t get any firework photos – but they were very beautiful.


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Liz’s Beach Trip – Finally

We all cheered as we made it past the point we had to turn around last week. We were in for a fabulously fun day. Elizabeth got to rule the day and the first stop on the list was Tillamook Cheese Factory.

Tillamook Cheese Factory

It was neat because usually not much is happening at the factory on a Saturday, but this time it was really busy, and the kids were fascinated watching all that was going on. Elizabeth was especially interested. And of course once we were done in the viewing area there were delicious cheese sample for everyone to be had. And a package of Squeaky Cheese (cheese curds – we call them squeaky cheese because they squeak against your teeth as you eat them) for everyone to share.

Liz at Tillamook Cheese Factory

Of course you can’t pass up the Tillamook icecream either. A round of junior cones for a dollar and a quarter were definitely a highlight of the day.


James even enjoyed himself

Happy Baby

After the cheese factory every one was STARVING – or so they told us, so we drove out to Cape Mears and stopped at our favorite lighthouse/octopus tree spot for a very windy and chilly picnic. Alvin decided to picnic with us, which had everyone very excited. At one point Jacob couldn’t contain it any longer and yelled, “I love you chipmunk!” hee hee




Then Dad and the kids walked up to the Octopus tree while I fed baby. Paul had the kids running races around the tree to get out energy when Jacob saw a couple taking a picture at the front of the tree. He quickly ran up and stood by the girl, posing for the camera. The man laughed, “Say cheese then!” Which he did, and promptly ran off again after the photo was done.

Octopus tree 2

Octopus Tree

We opted out of seeing the lighthouse this time as everyone was excited to get to the beach. A short drive later and we were running down to a very windy playtime on the beach. Which was great for flying a kite – though it was hard to keep it up in the air as the currents were rather wild up there.
We also tried soccer, but the wind kept catching the ball and it would roll, and roll, and roll, and roll, and roll…. We gave up after chasing it for ages a few different times.

Go Fly a Kite

Emmy Beach

Dorothy Digging

Windy Elizabeth

After the beach our tired clan headed home for hot baths and warm beds. It might have been windy and rather cold, but at least it didn’t rain! 🙂


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At the Beach

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit, which required a trip to the beach. Fortunately we were granted a gorgeous sunny day for the occasion…

Elizabeth beach blog 2

Elizabeth beach blog 1

Dorothy on Beach 2

Dorothy on Beacg

Emily on Beach

Emily on Beach 2

Being Chased by Waves

Jacob Hauling Drift Wood

Trek to the water

Dorothy and Grandpa


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K is for Kelp

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

I have very fond memories of a trip my family once took from Pennsylvania to Oregon when I was 7. That was the year I went on my first 10 mile hike.  That was also the year I remember discovering the most amazing beach on the Oregon Coast.  It was south of Coos Bay and it was called Garden Acres.  There were beautiful botanical gardens with a path leading down into a fascinatin cove.  The rocks were in the most fascinating  formations – we called them peanut rocks because some of the had big dents the shape of peanuts on them.  They were big enough for my brothers and I to sit in and curl up in.

We also found great pieces of kelp that we stuck in the back end of our shorts and paraded around like we had tails – my Dad has slides of that one, and we laugh and remenisce whenever we see those slides.

Just before we left for Montana we went to the beach with Paul’s parents.  Laying on the beach we found a huge peice of bull kelp – perfectly intact.  It looked like a giant whip.

“Just what I need to keep you in line,” I teased Paul as I pretended to whip it through the air.

 Paul laughed as I handed it over to him – it was heavy and very long, so I couldn’t get a very good swing on it.  But Paul just whipped that thing through the air,

“Everyone get in line!” he shouted teasing the kids as we all giggled.

Get in Line!

A little while later I snuck this shot of Jacob – always eager to do everything that Daddy does.

Yeah, Do What He Said

“Yeah, do what he said!”


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Escaping the Winter Duldrums

February is a hard month.  Spring feels like it is on the doorstep, and we are sick of being cooped up and winter.  The kids get antsy to play outside, and the parents are antsy to send them out more to limit the bickering from living in close quarters for a few months.  So, in this state we sat when we got a call from Paul’s Aunt saying that her beach house was available weekend before last.  We were estatic, the perfect getaway from the winter duldrums.  We loaded up the children Friday afternoon after school and by 5:00 we were speeding happily on our way to the coast.

Hotdogs roasted in the fireplace along with s’mores were the order of the night as we huddled together on the couch, warming up with the rest of the house, as we watched a movie.  Morning arrived quickly and with excited kids hopping about we started the events of the day.  There was playing, relaxing, a bit of snooing, some gallavanting, and definitely beach walking.

Our gallavanting took us to Depoe Bay, home of many tourist shops and mouth watering salt water taffy.

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

We picked up a flock of seagulls somewhere along the way -heh 🙂

Paul and Kids - Depoe Bay

Kiddos - Depoe Bay

We made sure to stop in at the Whale watching station and learn about the whales that travel the Oregon Coast. We got to watch a reall cool video and the kids were fascinated with the binoculors provided. Though there were no whales to be sighted this time of year, the coast guard was out doing training. It was fun to watch as one boat towed the other across the bar, under the bridge and into the bay.

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

Coast Guard - Depoe Bay

Soon it was lunch time and kids were beginning to rub their eyes so we headed back for lunch, and naps. But, before we had to return home we made sure we headed out to the beach in between rain showers.

Emmy on Neskowin Beach

Elizabeth on Neskowin Beach

Dorothy - Neskowin Beach

Paul & Jacob - Neskowin Beach

Jacob and Susie - Neskowin Beach

Too soon it was time to go back home, but it relieved the cooped in feeling and was a blast. 🙂


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Homeward Bound

Thursday, July 6, we headed off on our merry way. We stopped in Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. It had been four years since we had the opportunity to visit, and it was a joy to take the children and teach them of their ancestors, the history, and remember childhood memories of vacation trips. We actually ran into two families, very good friends, from Oregon while we were there, the coincidences are amazing. I love the spirit and the feel and I wished so much that we could have more time, but it was the end of our trip, we needed to be on our way, and Dorothy was exhausted to the point of major meltdown. Next time we’ll remember to do it early on in the trip. 🙂 The drive home was long and arduous, even though the children slept a lot and were very well behaved. Paul and I were exhausted and we found it a struggle to drive, though we made it home safely by 2:00 in the morning and crashed into bed.

The next day, Friday, we drove out to the coast and spent a fun filled day with Paul’s parents, visiting from Montana, and his nephew and niece (also from Montana). It was one of Jacob’s first beach experiences and the children enjoyed playing in the waves and burying dad and cousins in the sand. We drove back home that night and were relieved to have our journeys come to an end. It’s good to be home and slowly working back into a routine. Some how finishing up these chronicles of the trip makes me feel that I have finally reached the end. I hope I didn’t bore you too much, but in a sense it was similar to writing in a journal, and I find it easier and less monotonous this way. 🙂 Thanks for bearing with me. 🙂


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