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Baby Blessing

So, the reason for the visit from Paul’s parents was James’ baby blessing.  We had a full house after church today with my brother & sister-in-law and their two kids, Paul’s parents, and Paul’s aunt and uncle.  It was a ton of fun as we hung out having jam sessions with all the kids, and numerous adults, banging away on rhythm instruments while I played the piano, and trying to visit over the confusion. It was a joyous jubilee. 

Little James was as adorable as ever and handle being passed around like the good little trooper he is. 🙂

James Baby Blessing

James Baby Blessing 3

James Baby Bessing 2


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At the Beach

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit, which required a trip to the beach. Fortunately we were granted a gorgeous sunny day for the occasion…

Elizabeth beach blog 2

Elizabeth beach blog 1

Dorothy on Beach 2

Dorothy on Beacg

Emily on Beach

Emily on Beach 2

Being Chased by Waves

Jacob Hauling Drift Wood

Trek to the water

Dorothy and Grandpa


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More James Pics

He’s growing too fast! I took these a week ago- he was 6 weeks old…

James - just over 1 month old 2

James - just over 1 month old 3

James - just over 1 month old 1


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Sweet Slumber

I’m a slacker – but I hope these adorable pics of James will make up for it. I really am trying to get back into the swing of blogging – I miss it 🙂 My goal for every day in Feb has been thwarted, so I shall have to shoot for March.

Anyway, here is James – I wonder what he is dreaming of…

James Sweet Dreams 3

James Sweet Dreams 1

James Sweet Dreams 2

Whatever it is – it must be good 😀


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10 Feet

10 feet


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Wee One

James Collage 1


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Its a Boy!

James is born. Everyone is healthy. Born at 4:06 AM. He is 7lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. More info and pictures will appear soon.



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We spent yesterday as a family work day out in our yard raking leaves – pictures to come tomorrow most likely.

At one point Daddy went to get the blower to get leaves out of the flower beds.  When Jacob heard the gate shut he went running down to the gate looking for Dad. I, with my trusty camera in hand, watched him run and wait oh so patiently for his beloved Daddy to return, the photo oportunity was too precious to pass up.

Jacob gray 1

Jacob gray 2


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W is for White Wash

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

I loved Tom Sawyer as a kid, it has been such a long time since I have enjoyed his adventures. One of my favorite stories from Tom Sawyer was the white washing the fence story. 

Even though I enjoyed the story, I did not find white washing to be the funnest thing to do.  Of course, it was a lot better than picking rocks out of a garden that was at least an acre in size.  From time to time it would be time to white wash certain buildings on the farm so they wouldn’t look quite as dingy as before.  If anyone is uncertain about the technique of white washing, it is the same as painting, except the white paint is watered down to stretch further and not go on as thick.  There were times when we loved it though. 

There was a little one room building on the farm down by the barn that had housed geese, I think, at one point.  There were scraps of lumber strewn haphazardly across the rafter beams with rolls of chicken wire on top of them.  The little building wasn’t used for much, from time to time we used it for a club house, or a secret meeting place.  One day I pleaded with my parents to let me clean it and turn it into a play house.

I was delighted when they agreed and set to cleaning away all the goose droppings and scrubbing down the walls.  They even allotted me some paint to white wash the walls with.  There were glass-less windows that I hung some material over and got permission to move the little white wood stove and fridge that my mom had built into to building.  I accrued a small table, a cradle for a baby doll, and some other miscellaneous furniture.  I vaguely remember being allowed to put in an old bench, where the bench part was a little bookcase, with a large back going up.  I think my mom may have painted it cut it into the shape of a cat or something – in the Richard Scary style.  It is hard to remember if such a thing exists, or if I just dreamed it up.  There might have even been some kind of bed in there at one point – the memories fade after time.

Anyway, I loved that little cottage and played there for hours – when I wasn’t busy fighting off the monsters with my brothers, hanging out of tress, jumping into manure piles, or going scampering about the rafters of the corn crib.

So, the word ‘White wash’ carries a few endearing memories for me.  What sparked these memories?  Last weekend we were driving out to Tillamook when I saw this, and it reminded me to an extent of the old days.  Of course I made Paul stop so I could get out and take a photo.  I think it might just become the wall paper on my laptop. 🙂

Old barn

Here is a close-up of the barn, though I think I like the first photo better – something about that mist and the surrounding autumn feel.

Old Barn Close-up

I’d say that barn needed a good whitewash, but it would spoil its charm. 😀


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3 Little Birds

At Paul’s Aunt’s cabin at the beach there is a mother bird who regularly makes her nest there. Upon our last visit there we had the pleasure of observing three adorable baby birds huddled in a nest above the back door.

3 Baby Birds

This was my lucky shot – just as I took the picture the momma (or poppa) flew in with food for the little tykes.

3 Baby Birds being fed


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