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Real Moms

Gee, I got tagged by two different people on this one April and Sariah in Vancouver– makes me feel special.  Garsh! 🙂  Anyway….

Real Moms act more like kids than adults most of the time (and when they say “oh grow up” they really don’t mean it…) 


Real moms say “Arr! You best be doin’ them dishes or I be splittin’ yer gullet.” (okay, well maybe not, but it is a lot more interesting  than, “is that dishwasher unloaded YET???”) 

I tag Deb, Stephanie, Tracy, Christine, Terri, Awesome Mom, Nancy, and anyone else who wants to play that I forgot to list. 🙂  Tell us what real moms do and post a pic to go with it.  Link back here if you do it, I want to see what you come up with.

P.S. Karen has a portrait of me up on her blog! lol!  🙂 (of course she didn’t post that with me in mind, but I was quite taken aback when I saw the striking resemblance). Okay, I have to quit laughing or I’ll fall off my chair.  heh


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