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Playing in the Creek

On Friday, in between the parade in the morning and the fireworks in the evening the sun came out and we took the kids down on the beach. Out intention had been to head down to the ocean’s edge as usual and build castles and play at the edge of the water. However, the minute the kids hit the sand they made a bee line to the creek feeding into the ocean and refused to budge. It was just as well, because the beach was crowded and they could play in the creek without us worrying about them being swept away in the currents.

They had fun wading and dunking and falling. At one point Jacob went rather recklessly into the creek and slid on the rocks, rolling and tumbling about in the creek, coming up gasping, laughing and crying. I don’t think he knew what to make of it at first – he treated the creek with a lot more caution after that.

4 kids at creek

Liz at creek

Dorothy at creek

Emily at creek

Jacob at creek

Jacob and Dorothy at creek

Jacob at creek

Elizabeth and Dorothy at creek

Elizabeth at creek 2

Emily at creek 2

3 girls at creek


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