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Random Friday Post (of prenatals, Jacobisms, and such)

Yesterday I had my first prenatal appt. I had an ultrasound done a couple weeks ago to figure out my due date, but this was the first prenatal. We had hoped to get some heart tones, but baby was hiding, so next time for sure. I am going to the same midwife (whom I love) that I have with the last four pregnancies, so this will be baby number five in our family with her. Elizabeth was the only one not born with her – we were living in Utah when she was born.

We are planning on going to her birth center again – Andaluz. Though we loved having a homebirth, we decided that with lots of kids its easier to call someone to come to the house to watch them while we got to the birth center than it is to farm all the kids out. We love the birth center – its beautiful and homey. I’ll do a waterbirth again – I do so love waterbirths.

I don’t have the same worries I did when I was expecting James – now having a healthy child after our heart child, the paranoia and worry is lessened some, though we will still definitely do the 20 week ultrasound clear doubts.

So far things are going well – I am 11 weeks on Sat and finally starting to feel more human – though today I was hit with a lovely migraine which brought on the queasiness and exhaustion again.

I mentioned on Facebook that Paul and I joined a community band. We are having so much fun. We met first the first time in band at Ricks College in January of 1996 – so it is fun playing together again. My old highschool band director is our conductor now which makes it extra fun. The band is really quite good, especially for a community band, and we are playing some really cool music. Our first concert is next Sat. where we are playing in an adult community band festival hosted in Hillsboro. It feels so good to be playing the horn again. Man, I love that instrument!

Jacob has been so excited that his cousin, John (my oldest nephew on my side of the family), has recently left for his mission. He is headed to Brazil, but for now is in the Missionary Training Center in Provo waiting for his visa and things like that. Jacob constantly talks about “My cousin John on a mission” and prays for him all the time. He also talks about grandma and grandpa on a mission a lot too. A couple weeks ago he walks up to Paul first thing in the morning and says, “You have to tell mom right now that I am going on a mission TOMORROW when I’m all grown up!”

The other night we were gathered around the table for dinner. We always say a blessing on the food, and as the head of our home Paul always invites someone to say the prayer. (We work together as equals, but I also believe that Dad has certain special responsibilities just like Mom does, and that’s one of them 😀 ) Paul asked James to pray and Jacob got really upset. At first we thought he was upset because he wanted to pray. We tried to soothe him, saying he could say the family prayer before we went to bed.

He scowled at us. “No. I choose.”

Paul and I exchanged looks and raised eyebrows as we launched into a gentle explanation. “It’s Dad’s responsibility to choose. He is the head of our home and he has the priesthood.”

“I can choose too.”

“Not yet, when you are older and you have the priesthood then you can choose when daddy is not home.”

“No. I choose now. I have priesthood too.”

“Ummm. Honey, no you haven’t recieved it yet. Now, when you turn twelve-”

Jacob crossed his arms across his chest in defiance. “I have too. I go to priestschool!”

Paul and I just about fell out of our chairs laughing. We managed to smooth the laughter away in order to correct him. “No honey, you go to PRE school. You can’t recieve the priesthood from a school.”

He decided to believe us after that, but Paul and I snickered our way through the rest of dinner.


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Just a little bit has been going on…

I honestly didn’t mean not to write for the past week and a half, but we did have a bit going on – just a bit mind you, not too much.  Friday the 1st my sister and her family – they have 6 kids, so a total of 8 people, arrived for a week of fun.  My brother-in-law and teenage nephew took off with my hubby and toddler son to the father and son’s campout.  I forgot to send the camera and was kicking myself for it the whole weekend as it was Jacob’s first fathers and sons campout. The girls – a grand total of 10 of us hung out, ate pizza, made jewelery, and watched movies.  It was a lot of fun.

Saturday we went hiking at Silver Creek Falls (pictures to come at some point, we have cut DSL – budget and stuff, so I need to go to my friend’s house to upload them to flickr now, it takes too long on our high speed dial up and keeps timing out) and the adults went out that night, joined by my brother and sister-in-law.

Sunday we had a surprise visit from my same brother and his family after church and had a crazy day of music and fun.  And Elizabeth whacked her head on the bed that night and I had to take her to the ER and she got 3 stitches.  Not many, but it was to wide to butterfly shut.  What can I say, I missed our local ER and needed my ER fix, heh. 🙂

Monday we had my first prenatal – my sis came with me and hubby met us there.  Didn’t hear baby’s heart beat, baby was feeling shy apparantly, but we did get the blood work and stuff done.  Then we ran errands and Paul and I, and my bro-in-law took my two teenage cousins out to see Spidey Man, wich was a lot of fun – even if it was a bit cheesey, I still liked it. 🙂

Tuesday we spent the ENTIRE day at the coast, saw a bunch of squirrels, 2 whales, and strange see creatures playing in the ocean – oh wait that was our kids!

Wednesday we were too tired to do much of anything but drool, so we ran a couple of errands, and went to Elizabeth’s softball game.  It was supposed to be her last one, but they decided that since there had been two or three rainouts at the beginning of the season, to tack one more game on for this week. Oh, and my hubby left for a business trip to Ohio

Thursday the left and I slept.  The rest of the weekend I think I was unconcious for, trying to recuperate from all the fun and stress ( family is awesome, but you can’t do all that with all those people and not have any stress at all), and Paul got home Saturday night. 

Today Elizabeth is feeling better from the cold she had, my opinion is this: she feels better because it left her and came to me, heh so she is happy to go to school and not miss more of the year end festivities.  She also gets her stitches out later this morning.  Dorothy still has a cast on her arm, which she has discovered makes a fabulous club – not to her parents’ delight. Emily, surprisingly hasn’t felt a need to compete with her sisters for ER visits, thankfully, and I figure Jacob has had enough of the ER and wants to stay away from there for the rest of his life is possible (good boy). 

So that sums up why I have not written, and pictures and longer posts shall come soon.  In the meantime you just get to read this rambling mess and try to make sense of it.  🙂


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