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Raking Up Leaves is Fun to Do…

For now anyway, I am sure the excitement will wear off soon, cause they’ve just barely begun to fall. Luckily Paul has a leaf blower which helps out – A LOT. Murdoch seems quite intrigued by the leaf blow too – he tries to fight the air to “bite” the nozzel – pretty hilarious to see his gums flapping in the breeze.

So, today, while I took a nice little walk with Robert and James, everyone else got started on the leaves. My walk was wonderful, by the way, I was even joined by a neighbor and it was awesome to get to know her better. I am loving out neighborhood and the people in it! Anyway, back to the leaves… When we got back the leaf raking party was in full swing and James was all to excited to help out.


Raking Leaves 2010 1

Oh, and I think James had just as much fun with the leaf blower as Murdoch did…

Raking Leaves 2010 2

And of course in the midst of all that hard work there was plenty of play!

Leaf Jumping 2010 1

Oh, and each kid as they flew through the air to jump in the leaf pile was shouting “WAHOO!” So, you have shout it in your mind – or even better out loud – as you look at each picture in the collage – it will complete the visual experience. Seriously. Do it. NOW. 😀

Leaf Jumping 2010 2


I love Autumn! I love the trees and the leaf piles. I love the giggly kids as they fly through the air to jump in the leaf piles. I love pumpkins and apples and cider. I love the crispness to the air and crunch of leaves underfoot. And to think, we’re just getting started – there’s lots more Autumn to come. Yay!!


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Family Work Day

As promised the pictures from our leaf raking party. One of the neighborhood friends even helped out – she was hiding behind Dot for one of the pics, so if it looks like Dot has an extra arm and rake, that would be the reason why.   🙂

Autumn has to be one of my favorite seasons, I enjoy so much I don’t even mind raking the leaves.  I suppose there are times, such as now, when I would rather not – actually the raking isn’t so bad, it’s just trying to pick the piles up afterwards. But I enjoy the crisp cool afternoons with all the family out having fun working together.

Dot Raking

Jacob Raking

Emmy Raking

Lizard Raking

Gathering leaves

Jacob and Em bagging

Of course to a two-year-old the idea is to rake leaves – and where do you find the most leaves? Why in a pile of course!


Family Raking

The Girls Raking (with friend hiding behind Dot)

The kids were really disappointed when it rained all day yesterday because they wanted to rake some more leaves – the good thing is that the wind was blowing so hard I think most of the rest of the leaves came down off the trees – so now we can rake once again and maybe for the last time…


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