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Wading Through the Mire

I have discovered that having 5 sick children is way more exhausting than having 5 healthy children.

Dorothy was fever free all day Sunday and her cold had dwindled to nothing so we sent off to school yesterday.  This morning she said she wasn’t feeling so good. She threw-up.  No school for Dorothy today.

On Sunday Emily started with a mild fever at 100 and a slight cough. She bounces between normal and 100, still coughing off and on, at least she hasn’t thrown up.  yet.

Jacob also started in on a slight cold on Sunday with a very slight fever, though it has been sitting right around normal to 99 – he’s got a pretty good cough though.

Last night James was suddenly congested – not nose congested either.  He sounded like he had lost his voice and was breathing through some pretty heavy gunk. No fever though, which is good.  We are keeping a close I on him – needless to say I didn’t sleep all the well.

And Elizabeth, well Elizabeth is throwing curve balls right and left.  Yesterday, when her fever was sitting at 104, I hauled her into the Doctor’s office.  Her swollen lymph node was slightly more swollen, and the one on the other side of her neck was swollen too.  Motrin will knock her fever down for a while, giving her at least some relief, but then it pops right back up again.  The doc gave us another perscription for a different antibiotic to fill if her fever wasn’t gone by this morning. He also ordered a mumps test and a strep test (from the blood work they took on Friday) and did a TB test too. I get the feeling he doesn’t think it is any of those, but wants to rule everything out that he possibly can.  We haven’t heard anything back on the tests yet – but I figure no news is good news. 

Her fever broke last night. She was sweating up a storm as she slept and it hit 97 (wonderful Motrin).

This morning it was back up at 101.  A couple hours later it hit 103.

 I made a trip to the pharmacy (hauling all 5 kids along with me – thank goodness they have a drive up window, and all the kids could stay in the car) to get the new antibiotic.

On the up side, during nap time (mandatory when kids are sick), I sent inmy first three query letters. Woohoo! I’m really doing something.  I expect it will be a long journey, but at least I have put my feet on the path.


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Mystery Illnesses – blech!

We walked in the door Thursday evening after soccer practice and were greeted by Dad. The kids were thrilled as he tickled each one as they entered and gave them a squeeze. As he gave Liz a squeeze he bumped her neck.

“Ow! That still hurts!”

Excuse me? But what still hurts? Turns out that the area where her lymph node is has been hurting (only noticible when pushed on – and then you have to push on it HARD for it to really hurt at all) since the beginning of September. Okay, so why wasn’t I notified of this issue? Apparantly she mentioned it to Paul at the time, but only as “my neck hurts a little” and was written off as a stiff neck. Nothing more was mentioned.

It wouldn’t have been that big a deal if, when we felt it, we hadn’t found a rather large lump. I know lymph nodes swell up from time to time. But she hadn’t had any fever, sore throat, nothing. She was eating normally, and had normal energy level. And, since we didn’t feel her neck back in September, we had no idea if it had appeared recently, or been there for two months. And had it grown? Who knows.

One thing we did know, was that I was getting her in to se the doctor at the next available moment. So, Friday I hauled her in. Dot was home sick with a sudden cold, but Liz was still as healthy as they come. The doc check it out and frowned. Then he checked her ears and throat, felt it again and frowned some more. “the size of a pea or a lima bean, doesn’t concern me,” he said. “The size of acorns and walnuts conerns me.” He gave another frown and looked at me. “This is a good sized acorn.” He grilled me on fevers, sore throats, and all those things I mentioned earlier. And frowned some more at my answers. He rattled off a number of possibilities, most of which include symptoms and sent us over to the hospital for blood tests.

I was a nervouse wreck waiting for those test results. I don’t do well with waiting. And one of the tests was too scary to think about. So I tried to occupy myself as much as possible. Meanwhile, Elizabeth went back to school and Dot and the boys hung out with me.

The doctor called just after his office closed, two of test results were in and, thank goodness both were negative – the one for mono, and the one looking for lymphocytes (double thank goodness). The white blood cell count was slightly elevated, indicating that she could be fighting an infection, so he called in a strong antibiotic that she gets to take two times a day.

Saturday morning she woke up and this time she did have a sore throat – and a fever. She’s been hanging out at 103 since then. The thing is, I have no idea if it is related to the swollen lymph node or not, because when it happened she was fine, and EVERYONE in the family is catching this nasty cold. Granted, the others have only had a fever as high as 100, and it only lasted a day or so. But, I would assume that it is related, you know the saying – “Don’t borrow trouble” – and believe me we don’t want to. Oh, and the other good thing is that the lump doesn’t seem to be getting bigger – though I don’t know that it is getting any smaller either – time will tell. After all, it has only been 2 days, and I have no idea how fast these things go, etc.

So, I have the whole family home from church today. Dot doesn’t have a fever anymore, but she still has a pretty bad cough and sore throat, Emily has a fever at 100 & cough sore throat, Jacob has the same as Emily. James isn’t sick yet (though he had a slight cough this morning) but I didn’t figure on his needing to attend church figuring he’s got the germs already, lets keep him home so as not to get others sick. Liz is – well the same as listed above.

I will check in the doctor about Elizabeth’s fever and stuff tomorrow and see what he says – until then we’ll just ride it out and assume the lymph node was swollen because she was getting a cold.

I am off now to seperate a batch of squabbling sick kids… 🙂


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Batten Down the Hatches . . . We’re in For a Rough One!

I drug my sleeping body out of bed, ran a brush through my unkempt hair, and threw on my exercise clothes. The mound of laudry that had appeared in two days from overnight accidents was enough to send into a grouchy mood. I shuffled out to the kitched, fighting off the grouchies, and worked on breakfast and dishes while the kids got dressed for school.

“Mommy, I feel sick,” Emmy’s nearly inaudible voice crossed the counter to my ears.
“You okay honey? ”
“Yeah, but I don’t want to eat.”
I hand her a bowl for just in case and sent her off to the couch. 10 minutes later she proclaimed herself better and came back to eat. She was full again after two bites. I debated about whether I should go walking. “Are you sure you are up to riding in the cart while I walk?” I asked for what seemed to both of us the millionth time. “I’m sure mommy. I don’t even feel sick anymore.”

In the end she convinced me. After a 10 minute search for my keys (which I remembered had been carted into my bedroom and found underneath a sock on my dresser) we were on our way. I had maybe gone half a mile when I had the thought to check on her. I pulled an earphone out (it wasn’t very loud, but she talks pretty soft sometimes) and leaned my head around so I could see in.

“Oh, honey, why didn’t you tell me you threw up.”
She whispered something inaudible.
“Are you okay?” I asked
“No,” she said, looking pale and miserable. Luckily we were only a 1/2 mile from home and we made it back quickly. After she was showered and glad in fuzzy toed pajamas we watched “Curious George” from under mounds of balnkets. (poor kid)

A couple hours passed and she proclaimed that she was hungry. I suddenly realized that no one had been sick in a while and that we were completely out of ‘sick food’. “Are you up to going to the store?”

“Yes mom.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes mom.”
“Are you really sure?”
“Yes. See mom,” she holds up her shiney clean bowl, “I haven’t thrown up!”

I got the kids in the car and went to grab my keys. Ummm . . . where were my keys?
“Not again,” I groaned. “This can’t possibly happen twice in one day.” I looked everywhere, under couches, in couches, behind couches, in the bathroom, in the trash can, in the toilet, and still no keys were found. “I have to find my keys! Aaahh!” I cried in frustration while chomping on the side of my tongue.

I picked up the phone and called Paul to see if he knew where my spare was. “I cand fine my key.”
“I ost my key agin, cand fine my pare, we need ick foo, an I it my ongue.”
Midst numerous chuckles I finally get an answer, “The last I saw your spare it was hanging in the key spot.”
“It ot ere! I-” I stepped outside to look at the cart. “Oh.”
“What?” he continued laughing.
“I et em on op of e cart en I was etting Em aken are of.”
He then bursts out laughing, and I realize that I have now wasted another 20 minutes hunting down keys and such. I finally make it out the door, get to the store, buy the sick food I am in need of (and I stock up on it, if one kid is sick, the others are sure to follow), go to the bank and make it home with out any major (or minor) catastrophe.

So here I am, no school for the kids for the next three days and I feel like I am getting down in the trenches as the onslaught of tummy bug settles in for a long battle. But I am armed at least and prepared . . . well, maybe not quite . . .

maybe I should stratigically place some more clean shiny bowls around the house . . . just in case. 🙂

(Oh, and the swelling on my tongue has finally gone down so I’m not talking funny anymore) heh.


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