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Our Winter Wonderland

The snow keeps a commin’. It snowed all day yesterday, and then late in the evening, around midnight it changed to freezing rain. This morning we were greeted by a beautiful white crunchy world – a half inch of ice (in some place more, some places less, coated the snow, and everything else.

December 21 Snow

Church was canceled, there was shoveling to be done, and of course some playing. Paul had to show how tough he was by shoveling snow in his sandals, heh. Of course, I wasn’t much better since I ran out in sandals to take pictures and did a bit of shoveling myself.

Shoveling Idiots

There are some definite benefits to having a semi-steep driveway. We created a tobogan run and one adult would stand in the road keeping an eye out for cars, which were few and far between as the roads were sheets of ice covering hardpacked snow. They would give the all clear yell and the other adult would send the kids flying down the driveway and across the road. Paul also towed them around and James especially loved this new experience.

Sledding December 21

And of course, us adults had to have a bit of fun too.

Adults Sledding December 21

And, well, now it is snowing more!


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