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Fall (the season, silly – what were you thinking?)


Trees don their burnt orange frocks
Before midnight winter   stealthily   steels   in.
Leaves dance
A crisp crinkly crunch                 my feet.

Apples polished to a shiny rosy red.
Enameled teeth
into white flesh
With an audible cool crunch and juice,
my chin.

pencils scrape paper;
Inhale the scent of wooded lead
And the dusky pulpy
Pages of books barely opened.

The wind, now bold and brisk,
Bites my cheeks and teases my hair
Into a frenzied flurry of chaos, chasing clouds across the sky.

-J.H. Schmidt

I love fall. I love the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and wet earth as the rain sets in. I love the grins on kids faces as they return to school, and the feeling of slightly more time to get things done.

Back to School-001

Back to School-002

I love the sound of laughter as leaves are raked and piles jumped into. I love pumpkins bright and orange and bouncing behind the tractor on a hay ride. I love the cheering and flushed faces as the kids kick the soccer ball down the field.





This time of year is SO much fun! I can’t wait to go to the pumpkin patch with the kids and rake the leaves. I feel positively giddy! 😀


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Even Cats Think it is Cozy

We have a great stroller – the height of fashion and comfort (ha! The thing is over 8 years old). It seats up to two children – and even more if you let them hang off the sides. Aparantly it even allows for stow-aways in the storage compartment. This is what we found halfway through Little Big Kicks on Saturday.

Surprise Visitor 1

I was told by an observer that at one point the stow-away was lounging on his back as though he was in a recliner made just for him – but I missed that photo op as I was training my camera on the Tsunami in the field.

Surprise Visitor 3

Surprise Visitor 2

Apparantly one of the parents for someone out in the soccer field (there was a lot more than just Little Big Kicks going on) had brought the cat – Paul saw the parent come and fetch ti before he left and joined me at Emily’s soccer game. 🙂


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Dorothy & Elizabeth’s First Game

Also on Saturday, Elizabeth and Dorothy had their first soccer game. Elizabeth cheered from the sidelines while Dorothy demonstrated her never-ending amount of energy. She loved her first game and has now proclaimed soccer as her “favorite sport ever!” She really did well, and the coach made sure that each player had a turn as goalie, which she enjoyed, but not as much as being out there running with the ball.







Elizabeth can’t wait for that boot to come off so she can join in on the fun. 🙂


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Emily’s First Soccer Game

I have decided that soccer is way more fun to watch little kids play than softball. Don’t get me wrong, I loved having Elizabeth in softball and it was very fun, but there is something about watching little kids chase and kick a soccer ball around. It was so much fun. Emily loved her “big game” and played her little heart (or should I say legs) out.

Em Soccer 3

Em soccer 1

Em Soccer 4

Em Soccer 2


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I honestly know nothing about it – well knew nothing about it until Saturday evening. In fact, I had to do a google just now to be sure I was spelling it right. Anyway, a few weeks ago Paul and I were at a work party in which he won two tickets to a Lacrosse game. So, Saturday night we headed to check out this sport called Lacrosse. We had heard about it and new what it was, but beyond that both of us were rather clueless.

We found our seats just before the game began. My very first impression was of a bunch of guys running around on astro turf beating each other with sticks. 😀 But that impression only lasted a second as Paul and I became very engrossed in the game. We had fun trying to figure out the rules and violations that were called, and did a fairly decent job of understanding the game rather quickly. It was really awesome, and we decided that we really enjoy watching lacrosse.

Our team, “Lumberjax” was playing a Canadian team, “Rush” and boy were there some fun wild moments. At one time two players (one from each team) really got into it. The Lumberjax guy hit the ground, then when he tried to get up a Rush guy pushed his head and held it to the ground. Well, rather understandably, that ticked the Lumberjax guy off. Surging to his feet he tackled the Rush guy. Gloves went flying through the air followed by the helmets. By the time the refs were able to break up the fight both players were practically topless. Of course they were both tossed into the penalty box.

Later in the game two lumberjax players slammed a rush player up against the wall. It was the half wall though in front of the Lumberjax team bench, not part of the wall with the high plastic sides. The Lumberjax pushed him until he was unceremoniously dumped in front of all the Lumberjax players sitting on the bench. Boy were the players on the Rush team mad after that. And they came back with a vengence in their game and ended up squishing the Lumberjax into the ground – beat them by 3 or 4 goals in the end.

So, Paul and I (and James too) had our first introduction to Lacrosse and we decided that it is a pretty cool and intense sport to watch. We also decided that Lacrosse ranks along side Football as a sport that Jacob will NOT be allowed to play. 🙂


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Grand Slam

I’ve been sporadic of late – not feeling the very best, which makes writing and such difficult to concentrate on.  Before I get into the post I had planned, I want to list my 3 Beautiful things.  Sariah started doing this every Wednesday and I really like her idea, so I am joining her in finding three beautiful things.

1. After weeks and weeks of rain and gloomy days the skies are blue and the sun is shining.

2. A friend who knew I haven’t been feeling well brought me a case of ginger ale last night – it was truly a beautiful thing

3. Some one left some very beautiful flowers on my doorstep on May Day

Ok, those are my beautiful things, and now on with the post.  I promised photos of Elizabeth once she started softball, and I am finally getting around to it.  She has had a number of games now and is really enjoying herself.  One thing I love about her that she can have fun and remain positive even when she strikes out.

Elizabeth is up to bat

At Bat

It’s a hit!

It's a hit!

Running Home

Coming Home

Playing the Outfield

Playing the Outfield

One thing I really like is they give all the kids the oportunity to try at everything. So here is Elizabeth taking a turn at being the catcher.

Catcher 2


And last of all here is a pic of Elizabeth running to second base – I just love how we caught her “treading air”

Running to second


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Random Friday

We went to our first “real” soccer (football) game last night. We got to see the Portland Timbers play Atlanta, and it was so fun. We took the whole family except for Jacob, figuring he was a little to young for that right now. It was a blast to watch them live. Some of the highlights were seeing a bicycle kick (I’ve always wanted to watch someone do that in real life) and watching the goalie of our team slide under an oponent jumping in the air to save the ball. That was really awesome. All in all we loved it, the kids loved it, and we had an awesome time as a family.


When were dropping Jacob off at our friend’s house, before leaving for the game last night, Emily thought she’d be funny and burst out, just as we were pulling into their driveway, “Jacob’s face is blue!” I think both Paul and I got whiplash from turning around so fast before we realized that Emily was doing her silly laugh. She thought she was making an impossible silly comment (how could someone be blue in the mind of a 4 year old?) but it still took a good ten minutes for our hearts to return to a normal pace.


I have officially walked 12 miles (plus a smidgeon extra) this week in my morning walks! Woohoo! And I have stiff muscles to show for it, but I feel really good too. :)Oh, and I have a walking buddy now, my very good friend Tara, which has been sooo much fun. 🙂


My parents leave next week for their second mission. This time they are going to Tampa Florida and will be gone for 18 months. We’ll miss them of course, but at least this time they won’t be impossibly expensive to call. 🙂


bo l n hjghy hy y h t y hhhhhh h7 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdrryuy jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj b fdfdfdfdfdrfffhfffnggfgfgfkio’;
(That was Jacob saying hi)

Elizabeth was telling Daddy last night about what she had for lunch, “I had a turkey sandwhich! A real live turkey sandwhich!” (We had had turkey on Sunday and were still using up the meat for sandwhiches) Paul says, “did it say ‘gobble gobble” as we have big goofy grins on our faces. Elizabeth begins to laugh, “Well, not live turkey, just real turkey. It didn’t gobble at me.”

I love my kids, they make me giggle 🙂


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My First Baseball Game

The stadium was surprisingly empty considering we were only 20 minutes early. There was a light rain cascading down and we could see the colorful tops of a few umbrellas scattered here and there. The rain wasn’t really enough to warrant an umbrella, not for a true Oregonian anyway. We were in a suite, or a box, however you care to call them, they are essentially the same thing. The food was delicious, and there was a lot of it. We ate, talked and laughed waiting for the game to begin. It was supposed to start at five minutes after seven. The hour sailed by and before anyof us realized it, it was 5 to eight and still no game. Finally they came out and began to sweep the water off the base covers and prepare things for the game. The National Anthem was sung, and the game began.

We made it through 3 batters, two outs, one good hit, and one man on second. The fourth batter was up to bat when the heavens opened and it began to rain in earnest. We watched as the baseball teams ran for cover, the bases were hurriedly covered, and dozens of colors exploded throughout the stadium as umbrellas popped open. We waited for another hour, but the game was cancelled. We had been rained out.

It is rather funny. There has been a lot of talk about wanting to have a professional baseball team in Portland . . . hmmm.

So, my first baseball team was a huge exciting success! 🙂 lol. I mean, the workers (who covered and uncovered the bases and such, don’t know what they are rightfully called) and the mascott provided great entertainment running from base to base slip’n’slidin’ across the large plastic covers. It was quite a hoot. I think the National Anthem lasted longer than the game though. heh. 🙂


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Super Bowl

Paul was driving the kids to church yesterday, I have to play for choir after church so I took a seperate car, and my daughter Elizabeth struck up a conversation:

“We have to watch the game today.”

“What game?” Paul was momentarily baffled because (watch out, this is scandalous, I know) we are not big sorts watchers and never watch the super bowl.

“The one with the Sea Hawks and the Steelers. We have to see who wins, my teacher said so!” Apparantly her teacher had talked to them about the big game and I think there was a canned food drive to go along with it.

“The Super Bowl?” Paul asks rather amazed.

“Yeah!” Dorothy pipes up, “My teacher told us about it too!”

The topic was forgotten as we arrived at church and no one mentioned the conversation to me until about 5:30 when Paul flipped the TV on and switched to the Super Bowl.

“Since when do you watch the Super Bowl?” I asked amazed and chuckling. He related the story and we laughed at how the girls knew more about it than I did and so we watched snippets of the Super Bowl with our girls so they could see who one. At one stage Elizabeth pipes up, “I want the Sea Hawks to win. Come on Sea Hawks, you have to win!!”

“Why do you want the Sea Hawks to win?” Paul asked.

“Their name is nicer. The other one is “Steal” with “ers” on the end and that isn’t very nice!”

Oh, I love the reasoning of children! 🙂 And I watched the Super Bowl for the first time in my life. (I know you are all shaking your heads at how pathetic I am. Hee hee)


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