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Spring is Springing!!!

Well, March has arrived and in Oregon it means that Spring is headed into full swing. We have even had a number of gorgeous sunny days that found me out working in the yard and enjoying the daffodils poking their heads out to feel the glorious warmth of the spring time sun. I started with cleaning off the deck from all the accumulated winter debris and gradually began moving to the walk way around the deck – trimming back the Japanese Maple and clearing out weeds that were beginning to pop out. My next project is to get the back garden ready for our vegetable garden that I am determined to make happen this year. I have quite a bit of work to do there, so with baby it might take me a little while.

Anyway, to celebrate glorious spring I give you our first Daffodils and Crocusses:




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My Bloomin’ Yard

I posted a ton of new photos on flickr of everything blooming in our yard, and when the yard belongs to a botanist who loves gardening there is a lot blooming.  While the yard can be gorgeous, the weeds and work are not.  I had no idea how much work my dad spent on the yard until we moved in.  To say that it is a big job for a mom of 4 little ones is an understatement.  I do what I can, but unfortunately much of the gardens don’t get all the work and attention they need. So along with the gorgeous flowers I am sure that the trained eye will pick out all the weeds too *sigh*.  I won’t post all of the photos here, there are too many, just a few.

Golden Chain Tree in Afternoon Light


Lupine in the Afternoon

Blue Bell profile

Name has left my head - be back soon

Close up Purple Iris

Lilacs from our yard 1

Purple Lupine




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Spring is Springing

Last week I posted photos of some of our first daffodils and crocuses and the kids playing in the park.  This morning I can’t resist, as the the sun rises and the first rays streem through my office window (nearly blinding me in the eye, heh) to post some of the photos I took yesterday.  We have more of our unique daffies blooming now and our ornamental plum trees are in full bloom. For those of you still in full winter, I am sorry if this makes you to jealous…I suppose you can always live vicariously through my photos.  heh 😉

Yellow and orange daffodil

Yellow and orange daffodil close up

White frill daffodil 2

white and orange faffodil

This next daffoldil is my absolute favorite. Last spring, before I had entered the digital camera world, I desperately wanted to post a photo of it when I wrote this post.

Frilly Daffodil 2

And now for one of my favorite features of spring:

Ornamental Plum Tree 5

Ornamental Plum Tree 10

Ornamental Plum Tree 4

Ornamental Plum Tree 1

Happy Spring Everyone!


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I’m Ba-ack

I know, I kow, you were all probably thinking, “just when we’ve seen the last of her…” with a big sigh of relief, I come on and spoil your blissful revery. 🙂  heh.  I think everyone, including me is better again – finally.

By the time Saturday hit I ended up with a fever that lasted three days, Dorothy had an ear infection and everyone else was still trying to recover.  Monday night things finally took a turn and we’ve all been feeling much better, with a few lingering coughs. 

Spring is spiringing and the yard is peppered with daffies and crocuses, we even had glorious sunshine the last two days, and yesterday everyone was feeling well enough we made a late afternoon outing to the park in the warm sunshine.

park 5

Park 4

Park 2

Park 3

Park 1

So, kids are well, I am better, spring is here (though today it is raining), and my lap-top is back. Could life get any better?  Well…..  maybe I should go bake some brownies (and hide them this time).


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SPRING! . . . ?


Gee, it sure looks like spring doesn’t it? It was so warm and sunny. Our daffodils are up all over the yard along with the crocuses (sp.?) and the ornamental plum trees a blooming beautifully. So the question is, why on did I wake this morning to 2 inches of snow?? Usually snow is welcomed, I just don’t want to loose all my purty flowers. And snow, in Oregon, in March? That is very odd in and of itself. But needless to say my kids loved it and built a huge snowman. So, now that I posted my beautiful spring pictures, on Monday I’ll be able to post my winter pictures. heh. 🙂


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