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These Feet Were Made for Walking

And that’s just what they do. The beginning of summer and the rising gas prices has found us trooping around town like champion walkers. If it is in town we walk. Last Friday had us walking to the library – not quite 2 miles round trip. We played in the park across the street and checked out some great books.

Saturday I realized that we needed to head down to Fred Meyers at the other end of town. At the kids urging we loaded up the stroller and away we went. We hit Fred Meyers, the Dollar Store, and a treat at MacDonalds (so they could play in the play area) before trudging our way home again – probably a total of 4-5 miles. With no complaints until we were less than 1/2 mile from home.

Sunday we walked the 1.5 miles to church, with the kids singing primary songs all the way, and then home again, for a total of 3 miles.

Monday we headed to a fresh produce stand on the edge of town – just over a mile away, but ended up making a detour down to Memorial Park – a favorite of the kids – for a picnic lunch and playtime. In the end I thing we walked somewhere between 3-4 miles. We even got to see two trains, much to Jacob’s (and the other kids too – but especially Jacob) delight.

Tuesday we didn’t walk – we picked berries instead and made lots of the jam.

Wednesday we walked down to Blockbuster to return a movie – probably 2 miles round trip or so.

So, water bottles in hand we are marching all over town. It’s healthy, its fun, and it keeps kids busy for large ammounts of time and they don’t get ‘bored’ as easy (What you’re bored? Time to go for a walk or clean the house) – and when it is time to get in the car they are a lot more excited about it and happier to be driving rather walking. 🙂 All in all it is a lot of fun. I am getting nice and tan – and my hair is getting lighter – so I don’t have to spend money and have my friend do highlights – see its a win win situation. 

The other really fun thing about our walks is that I have had to figure out some things to do to keep the walks interesting.  There are a number of games we can play as we walk, but so far the thing the kids like the best is listening to stories. So as we are out traipsing all over town I am telling them all the crazy stories from my childhood and youth.  I often get requests for repeats, “Tell us about the time you swung on the rope and landed on the rotten egg.” or “Tell us about when you swam in the yucky pond.”  It is a lot of fun to tell them stories and what it was like for me as a kid, and I hope it makes our walks that much more memorable.

And that is what has had me so busy – I’ve been walking all over town, pushing a loaded double stroller, with three little girls trailing behind, running ahead, or clustered around me listening to stories, as the case may be.


One other cool thing I forgot to mention about our Strawberry picking trip:  I was chatting in Spanish with some of the moms there.  At one point one of the moms asked me where I learned Spanish and I told her I learned Spanish when I served a mission in Chile.  “I wondered,” she said, “because you speak Spanish with a Chilean accent.”  I speak Spanish with an accent – a Chilean one! Woot!! Over ten years, and I still have got my chilean accent – I can’t describe how happy that makes me.  😀


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